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Google Nest Cam Outdoor vs Arlo Pro Which One Gives You Best Value

nest cam outdoor

Google offers latest model of Nest Cam outdoor, smart security camera with battery power. On the other hand most popular Arlo offers new Arlo Pro 4 that connects direct to your home wifi. Which one is best value between Arlo Pro 4 and Google Nest Cam outdoor?

Nest Cam Outdoor

Google has grown stronger with its electronic devices division after acquiring Nest Lab in 2014 for $3.2 billion. One of the most popular products in the security camera field is the Nest cam, with the latest product being the Nest cam outdoor. This google nest cam outdoor is powered with battery, and can be used indoors too. Coming soon are the wired Nest Cam indoor and Nest floodlight cam outdoor.

US Products

Most of the products released by Google are sold at relatively expensive prices, but the quality is indeed equivalent to the money you spend including Nest cam products. Despite being flooded with Chinese products with relatively cheaper prices, most people still prefer US products that prioritize quality.

The nest cam outdoor competitor products are security camera products from Netgear, a California based company with its Arlo Pro series. And the recent product offered is Arlo Pro 4 wire-free camera. We will discuss below few popular models of Arlo security camera products and we will compare to Nest cam outdoor.

Nest Cam Outdoor
Nest Cam Outdoor

Both Arlo and Nest cam products are tagged with more expensive prices compared with Chinese products such as Eufy. See also Comparison between Arlo vs Eufy floodlight cameras.

What this product does

The nest cam outdoor is a very smart security camera that can distinguish human, animal or vehicle from any motion detection controlled by a 110-degree PIR sensor with range of up to 25ft. Every event triggers alerts with a snapshot image to your mobile device and if you miss an event you can look back at the last 3 hours with free service.

If the connection to your wifi network drops or there is a power outage, don’t worry for 1 hour backwards you can see events stored in local memory, the built-in memory. There is no local memory slot like micro SD card with bigger capacity something like 64GB ~ 256GB that you can insert to store video events without cloud plan. Eufy give you this local solution up to 30 days event, no cloud storage plan.  

Put the camera outdoors because this camera is weatherproof and is powered by rechargeable, and data connection to the network with built-in dual band wifi adapter. If you need 24/7 live view then Nest Aware service is available. However, the camera must use a wired connection, not wire-free powered by battery because with live view it consumes a lot of power. You also have 30 days of event video history. If you don’t subscribe nest aware you have free 3 hours event video history. See also affordable Blink vs Arlo security cameras.

As a summary, the following list highlights of google nest cam outdoor.


  • Crisp 1080p @30 fps recording resolution with HDR feature and H.264 encoding
  • ½.8 inch 2MP CMOS image sensor
  • Fixed lens with wide 130 degree diagonal field of view angle and is 16:9 aspect ratio and you can zoom in with app
  • Comes with 8 pcs of high power 850nm IR LEDs for night vision with HDR
  • Two way audio communication with high quality speaker and microphone with noise cancellation
  • PIR sensor with single motion detection 110 degree field of view range up to 25ft (7.5m)
  • Smart different alerts for human, animal and vehicle or you can upgrade with Nest Aware plan
  • 802.11a/b/g/n wifi connectivity support dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz and support latest WPA3 security encryption
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Security features including On-device Machine Learning, auto firmware update, up to 128-bit AES encryption etc
  • 6 Ah Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with 3.3ft ft charging cable and USB-A power adapter
  •  IP54 rated weatherproof
  • Need to subscribe Nest aware to unlock all nest features
  • No local memory storage like micro SD Card, but only built-in memory for 1 hour event storage when power outage

Now we compare this nest cam outdoor with most popular Arlo. Which Arlo to compare since Arlo have various models of wire-free cameras?

Arlo wire-free cameras

Arlo releases few series of wire-free outdoor cameras, and the last three products are Arlo Pro 3, Arlo Pro 4 and Arlo Ultra 2. What are the differences between those three recent products? Arlo Pro 3 and Pro 4 are 4MP resolution, while Arlo Ultra 2 doubles resolution as Pro 3 and Pro 4. For spec differences you can refer to table 2 below.

Besides different specs and features, as general all the three products have the same specs as highlighted below:


  • All the three products come with fixed lens, not varifocal lens but the size of image CMOS sensor is different
  • All the three products come with 12x digital zoom you can zoom in from mobile device with arlo app installed, the field of view angle different for  Arlo Ultra 2
  • All three products support digital version of WDR (HDR) to challenge two extreme light conditions (bright and shadow) in the same frame for best image balance
  • The maximum recording resolution up to 2K / 4MP, but for Arlo ultra up to 4K. all support H.264 and H.265 compression format
  • Come with spotlights: 42Lux @1m with 6500K color temperature
  • Color night vision with spotlight ON and support B/W night vision with high power IR LEDs with IR Cut filter
  • Full duplex two way audio with built-in speaker and microphone
  • Single band wifi 802.11b/g/n connectivity
  • Battery power up to 6-months life
  • Motion detection with PIR sensor, 130 degree horizontal view angle with auto tracking and auto zoom in for motion detection live view
  • All come with built-in siren
  • With smart home, all the three products can work with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.
  • Weatherproof, water and dust resistant
  • Product dimension is the same,   89 mm x 52 mm x 78.4 mm
  • Require cloud storage plan to playback recorded video event footages, no local memory storage except connect to Arlo hub with USB disk

You can see details of the spec differences on the following table 2 below. See that arlo pro 3 vs arlo pro 4 is different about wireless connectivity to the existing wifi network. Arlo Pro 4 doesn’t need to connect to smart hub, it can connect direct to your existing wifi network in home, same as google nest cam outdoor.

arlo pro 4
Arlo Pro 4

Arlo Pro 3 is cheaper than Arlo pro 4 only if you already have compatible Arlo smart hub, it’s an add-on camera to your 4k compatible smart hub. Arlo pro 4 connect direct to your existing wifi network, it is more expensive than arlo pro 3. See also best value Wyze vs Arlo outdoor cameras.

All other features for arlo pro 3 and arlo pro 4 are the same; so only direct connection to your wifi network for arlo pro 4 is different. Arlo Ultra 2 also needs to connect to Arlo smart hub, cannot connect direct to wifi network.

For Arlo pro 4 vs arlo ultra 2 you can find from the last two columns below. See that arlo ultra 2 comes with maximum 4k resolution, double resolution as arlo pro 3 and pro 4. 

   Table 2

Wire-free Arlo modelsArlo Pro 3Arlo Pro 4Arlo Ultra 2
Image sensor4MP 1/3” image sensor4MP 1/3” image sensor8MP, 1/2inch 
Fixed Lens view angle160 degree diagonal160 degree diagonal180 degree diagonal
Recording resolution4MP (2560 x 1440); 1080p; 720p4MP (2560 x 1440); 1080p; 720p8MP; 4MP; 1080p; 720p
Motion sensorSingle motion sensorSingle motion sensorDual motion sensor
AudioTwo way audio full duplex with noise and echo cancellationTwo way audio full duplex with noise and echo cancellationTwo way audio full duplex with dual microphone array with wind and noise & echo cancellation
ConnectivityWifi 802.11b/g/nWifi 802.11b/g/nWifi 802.11b/g/n  and Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.2
PowerRechargeable battery – 6 months battery life, full charge 3.5hrsRechargeable battery – 6 months battery life, full charge 3.5hrsRechargeable battery – 6 months battery life, full charge 2.9 hrs
Connect directly to wifi network?NoYesNo
PriceFrom $119.99From $179.99From $249.99

Now, we take arlo pro 4 and compare it with nest cam outdoor. You may also like Nest doorbell vs Arlo doorbell.

Arlo vs Google Nest Cam Outdoor

Arlo and Nest are two popular security camera brands with good performance and smart plan and integrated with emergency security service such as 911. Which one gives you best value to these most popular wire-free outdoor security cameras?

See the following specs and feature comparison table to help you gain insight into each product.

The camera

Both products do not provide detailed specs of the lens used, what focal length and how wide the aperture. Arlo pro 4 uses a slightly narrower image sensor than a nest; however the maximum resolution applied is twice as detailed as a nest.

With a denser resolution, it certainly provides sharper image details even when we zoom in via a Smartphone with the app; a high-resolution camera is still superior when you zoom in and still sharper.

Arlo Pro 4 provides a wider angle lens with very wide view angle, around 160 degrees diagonal so it can cover the entire area in front of the camera even though it looks a little curved. The Nest is a bit narrower; though still very wide and adequate viewing angles.

Regarding the camera resolution, Arlo gives you better value with higher recording resolution.

Night vision

Both of these camera models provide b/w night vision when it’s dark, although in ambient light conditions can still render color. Arlo provides added value with the presence of a spotlight that can provide light illumination when there is a motion detection trigger. When the spotlight is on, there is light that can provide color night vision. Nest does not provide spotlight, so there is no color night vision unless there is ambient light around.

Besides that, Arlo also provides a loud siren that can be triggered automatically when there is motion detection or you can manually trigger it via your Smartphone.


Both Arlo and Nest can connect direct to your existing wifi network at home. Nest come with built-in dual band wifi means have better and cleaner connection @5GHz radio band when your home wifi supports dual band. Mostly today’s models of home wifi router come with dual band wifi, and all wifi 6 routers come with dual band. In terms of wifi connectivity, Google nest cam outdoor is preference with its dual band connectivity.

Local storage

Nest still gives you limited local memory storage that can storage what you missed when power is outage or wifi disruption so cannot stream to the cloud. It is a built-in memory that can store up to 1 hour event history. That’s ok, you don’t even lost any important event when there is power outage.

Both models offer you paid smart plans, nearly the same. Take more details on the following comparison table Arlo vs Nest cameras.  

Table 3 Arlo vs Nest Cameras

Wire-free modelArlo Pro 4Nest cam outdoor
Image sensor4MP 1/3” image sensor½.8 inch 2MP CMOS image sensor
LensFixed lensFixed lens
View angle160 degree diagonal130 degree diagonal
Zoom12x digital zoom8x digital zoom
Recording resolution4MP (2560 x 1440); 1080p; 720p2MP (1920 x 1080)  @30 fps
Spotlightswhite LED 42Lux @1m brightness with 6500K color temperatureN/A
SirenBuilt-in siren with speakerN/A
Night visionColor night vision with spotlights; B/W night vision with high power 850nm IR LEDs with IR Cut filter8pcs of high power 850nm IR LEDs for B/W  night vision with HDR and 8x digital zoom
PIR sensorSingle motion detection 130 degree horizontal view anglesingle motion detection 110 degree FoV range up to 25ft (7.5m)
AudioFull duplex with built-in speaker and microphone with noise and echo cancellationTwo way audio communication with built-in speaker and microphone
ConnectivityWifi 802.11b/g/n (connect direct to wifi network, no smart hub needed)Standard 802.11a/b/g/n wifi dual band 2.4GHz or 5GHz and WPA3 support;
Power6-month battery power; AC Adapter Input; 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz6 Ah Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery;  
Event triggerMotion detection with live auto tracking and auto zoomMotion and sound alerts; Smart different alerts for human, animal and vehicle
StorageNo local memory storage;Free 3-hour snapshot history when power outage or wifi disruption
Service planwith Arlo secure plan your footage is stored up to 30 days you can playbackNest aware; cloud storage 60 days of video footage event history
OutdoorYes, weatherproof IP65 weatherproof
Smart home supportAlexa, Google assistant, Smart Things; Apple home kitGoogle assistant; Alexa
Price (Oct 2021)$449.99 (3-pack)Starts from $434.99 (2-pack)

With the above spec and feature comparison table, now you have better insights for each of the product. And I still love Arlo pro 4 instead of nest cam outdoor. Click each of the product’s link below to read more details and see more deals in Amazon (#ads).

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