NexGadget 1080p Wireless Security Camera

In addition to some existing wireless camera products, some vendors introduce new products to compete with them. Know what they do? They make better features and some of them have richer features than the competing products and though cheaper. However, not all new comers are successful with their products compared with existing products.

Regarding wireless home security camera, NexGadget offers high resolution of 1080p wireless PTZ camera, a wireless home security camera which is currently successful in some of retail stores.

What this product does

Most home wireless security cameras with desktop form factor including this NexGadget have similar model with small robot look with rotating head such as Reolink dual band C2, or Amcrest IP3M-941, and affordable Yi Home 1080.

360 degree endless

Like other wireless home security camera with PTZ features, NexGadget 1080p is capable of panning with horizontal rotation of up to 350 degree, almost endless 360 degree covering the whole room with the addition of 112 degree wide angle professional lens. and, the camera can also perform tilting vertical rotation of up to 100 degree.

This product is for indoor homes, even though you can use for small businesses. For large scale businesses, you may consider POE outdoor PTZ cameras with high resolution and multiple optical zoom lens. See also top 5 HD camera with optical zoom.


NexGadget is a 1080p high resolution video camera with 3D intelligent noise reduction, it’s clear and real image result. 1080p is appropriate resolution for homes, and you can access the live view or playback via mobile devices. Every camera tasks can be performed via mobile devices with free app.

PT capable

NexGadget like other home wireless PTZ camera is capable of rotating horizontally up to 350 degree and tilting up to 100 degree vertically. Business class PTZ cameras with optical zoom instead of digital zoom (some models support both digital and optical zoom) typically support endless panning up to 360 degree such as Q-See and GW Security. See also top 5 IP camera with zooms. They are typically connect to NVR system such as 16 channel NVR system or high scale 32 channel NVR system.

nexgadget 1080p camera
NexGadget 1080p Wireless Camera


  • Wireless home camera with 1080p resolution
  • All configuration and management tasks can be done via mobile devices
  • Support QR Code scan, setup via Smartphone (both Android and IOS) tablet, Mac or PC
  • Comes with 1/3” CMOS image sensor with 112 degree wide field of view angle
  • Panning up to 350 degree horizontal rotation and 100 degree vertical rotation
  • Two way audio with built-in Mic. and speaker
  • Built-in wireless adapter single 2.4Ghz band connect to your wifi network
  • Single stream with H.264 compression format
  • Motion detection and snapshot
  • Available memory micro SD Card storage up to 64GB (not included)

This product is tagged with the price  under $100 sits in the same prices with other competing products in the market such as Reolink and Yi Home.


To understand how good the features of this product is compared with Reolink C2 and Yi Home 1080p wireless home cameras, take a look at the following spec comparison table.

Table 1 shows you spec comparison between NexGdget and Reolink while table 2 shows you spec comparison table between NexGadget and Yi Home.

See that regarding the resolution, Reolink C2 is superior over NexGadget and Yi Home. Moreover, Reolink comes with 4x optical zoom and dual band wireless adapter that allows you connect to dual band wireless network in homes.

Table 1 NexGadget vs Reolink

ModelNexGadgetReolink C2
Lens1/3” CMOS image sensor1/3″ CMOS sensor with varifocal 2.8~8mm lens 4x optical zoom
Resolution1080p4MP (2560×1440 pixels)
Field of view angle112 degree48~92 degree
Night VisionYes, range up to 20 ftYes, with 8x IR LEDs range up to 40 ft
ConnectionEthernet Port; Wireless 2.4Ghz bandEthernet port to internet; Dual band Wifi adapter (802.11 a/b/g/n)
PTZ supportPanning up to 350 degree horizontal rotation and 100 degree vertical rotationPanning: up to 355 degree; Tilting up to 105 degree; 4x optical zoom
AudioTwo way audio with built-in Mic. and speakerTwo way audio with built-in Mic. and speaker
StorageAvailable memory micro SD Card storage up to 64GB (not included)Local storage with micro SD Card up to 64GB; Reolink NVR
Remote viewYes, free app availableYes, free app available

Table 2 NexGadget vs Yi Home

ModelNexGadgetYi Home 1080p
Lens1/3” CMOS image sensor2.6 mm focal length  with LDC (lens distortion correction) technology
Field of view angle112 degree112 degree
Night VisionYes, range up to 20 ft8x 940nm IR LEDs range up to 10 ft (3m)
ConnectionWireless 2.4Ghz bandBuilt-in 802.11b/g/n single 2.4GHz band
PTZ supportPanning up to 350 degree horizontal rotation and 100 degree vertical rotation345 degree panning and 115 degree tilting


4x digital zoom

AudioTwo way audio with built-in Mic. and speakerTwo way audio with Crystal Clear Dual Microphones
StorageAvailable memory micro SD Card storage up to 64GB (not included)Up to 32GB micro SD Card local storage and Yi Cloud storage service
Remote viewYes, free app availableYes, Yi Cloud service available

You may need to learn more details about each of the product, click the following links for more manufacturer’s description, spec, current price and more.

For homes and small businesses, you may consider top 5 8-channel wireless NVR system kits and Zmodo 8 channel wireless camera system.

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