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Best Value Nexigo n980p vs Logitech Brio Webcam Which One is Better

Nexigo has become a popular brand that has released many affordable webcam products that can compete with big brands like Logitech. Nexigo released the N980p webcam with frame rate of up to 60 fps.

Nexigo n980p

Previously we discussed one of Nexigo product series which has also been compared with Logitech. Check out the article Logitech Brio vs Nexigo n940 – one of Nexigo product that supports up to 1080p @60 fps.

Nexigo n980p vs n940

Compared to the Nexigo n940 series which is a newly released product with a record resolution twice as high as the N980p and also the n940p features 3x digital zoom @ 1080p. However, n980p comes with fixed lens with wider view angle, 120 degree view angle as opposed to only 90 degree. So n980p is ideal for video call with groups of people in a small meeting room. One of the n980p’s cons compared with n940 is that it doesn’t support autofocus like n940 does.

One more thing that is also absent on the n980p series is the privacy cover. However, when not in use, you can rotate the lens 180 degrees downward so that the camera is facing upside down to the screen of the computer / laptop monitor.

Nexigo n980p
Nexigo n980p


  • High speed webcam up to 60 fps @1080p resolution
  • HD fixed lens with manual focus, large f/2.1 aperture for optimum light absorption for crisp image quality and wide 120 degree view angle
  • Comes with built-in Dual channel Omni-directional stereo microphones with Noise reduction
  • Flexible clip mount you can adjust by rotating horizontal up to 360 degree and up to 180 degree vertical


  • No privacy cover, however you can rotate the lens upside down when not in use
  • No zoom feature
  • Manual focus

Nexigo n980p supports all platform including Windows and Mac, and supports all video conference software including Zoom, Skype, Line etc. Nexigo n980p is tagged with affordable price less than $70 in the market, one of best webcam for zoom or any VC software.

Nexigo n980p vs Logitech Brio

If with the absence of zoom features and less high resolution does not meet your business needs for a conference room with several meeting participants, then you may consider Logitech Brio that supports up to 3x digital zoom and 4k resolution.

Logitech Brio
Logitech Brio

As a reference, table 1 below shows you spec comparison between the two webcam series.


Logitech Brio can support up to 4k resolutions with frame rates up to 30fps. For higher frame rates, you can use lower resolution of 1080p @ 60 fps as in the Nexigo n980p. You can even use a lower resolution @ 720p with a speed of up to 90 fps.


N980p neither supports zoom lens nor autofocus; you need to manually adjust the zoom for best view. You compare it with Logitech Brio that supports 5x digital zoom and autofocus. Brio can also supports three modes of view angle: 65 degree, 78 degree or 90 degree.

Take a look at more detail on the following spec comparison table between Nexigo n980p and Logitech brio.

Table 1 Nexigo n980p vs Logitech brio

ModelNexigo n980pLogitech Brio Webcam
Video resolution2MP (1920 x 1080) @60fps, 1MP (1280 x 720) @60fps,  0.3MP (640 x 480) @60fps4K/30fps (up to 4096 x 2160 pixels) 1080p /30
or 60 fps (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels) 720p/30, 60, or 90 fps (up to 1280 x 720 pixels)
Image sensor1/2.7 inch 2.0 Megapixel CMOS image sensorUnspecified
LensHD Lens with manual focus f/2.1Glass lens with auto focus
ZoomN/A5x digital zoom
Field of view angle120 degreethree view angle modes:  65°, 78°, and 90°
Audiobuilt-in Dual Omni-directional microphones with Noise reduction microphone2x Omni-directional microphones with noise cancellation, Mic works with Microsoft Cortana
Privacy coverN/Aflippable lens shade
Ring lightN/A, but features NexiGo Auto-Brightness TechnologyN/A; RightLight 3 technology with HDR
Connection typeUSB 2.0USB 3.0/ 2.0 or type C connection
Mounting typeFlexible clip mount with 360 degree horizontal rotation and 180 degree vertical rotationAdjustable clip for LCD screen, notebook, or tabletop by using the removable clip or embedded tripod thread

With full HD resolution @ 60fps, and manual focus is appropriate to meet your business need, Nexigo n980 with lower budget is ideal for your business. When higher budget is not the problem, Logitech brio with 4k resolution @30 fps can be considered. Click the link below to shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

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