Outdoor wireless security camera

Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras

One of the camera models that makes it easy for us to the need of outdoor placement is an outdoor wireless camera model, easily installed because it does not require a data connection cable from the camera to the recorder unit or your internet network but via wifi connection. However, you still need the power cable for the camera, unless your camera model is wire-free model such as Arlo and Reolink Argus wire-free cameras.

Outdoor wireless security cameras

An area’s security system starts by monitoring the entry point to your property, the outer ring of your property where intruders may enter from this entry point. So that’s why a tight surveillance is needed to see the possibility of intruders entering via this entry point, it’s like an early alert of the intruders entering your property.


By placing the security camera outdoor, make sure your camera is resistant to all weather changes, whether hot, cold, rain or snow, it’s a weatherproof camera. Even certain camera models are equipped with heavy duty metal body with lightning protection, however this model is usually wired model,

Ideally for placing camera outdoor, it should be weatherproof and is not easily tampered by the intruder. Some camera features a IK10 which is a vandal-resistant, and most have IP66/IP67 rated feature which is water resistant.

Wifi connection

The camera with wireless connection feature is also essential to eliminate the clutter of the wire around the camera, furthermore the setup is easier. However, few high end models do not come with wifi connection. Recent models camera with high resolution up to 4k have been equipped with wireless ac technology, a 5th G of the wifi technology which is typically dual band.

Various models

The following products are most popular wireless outdoor security cameras for homes and for small businesses.

1. Kamtron Wire-free camera

Kamtron released a wireless outdoor camera with 1080p resolution with a wire-free camera model and is powered by 2-Lithium battery. With a battery power supply you no longer need to provide power outlet around the camera, while connecting the camera to your network using WiFi connection so that your camera is cable-free, a wire-free camera.

Kamtron wireless outdoor camera
Kamtron wireless outdoor camera

For home needs it is very practical, but generally a camera with battery power cannot provide optimal features including panning, tilting and zooming that do require more power to drive the mechanical parts of the PTZ camera.


  • Sharp and bright 1080p resolution outdoor camera, smoother stream in real-time, ideal for home, corridor, retail store or hotels
  • Comes with built-in microphone and speaker for two way audio communication
  • Powered by two rechargeable Lithium batteries for extended battery life (up to 6,000mAh)
  • Smart PIR motion sensor and IR night vision range up to 32ft (10m), reduces false alarms to react to only mammals and other humans
  • Local memory storage up to 128GB micro SD card, and cloud storage is also available with 1024bit RSA identified encryption
  • IP65 weatherproof
  • Wifi connection with single 2.4Ghz band
  • Many people complaining with motion detection features (see reviews)

This camera model is relatively new (note the product image) and now you can find many similar camera models on the market with the brands Heimvision, Conico, Amzsun, Zumimall, etc. I don’t know which camera was first released to the market and then followed by other vendors. Which one is best outdoor wireless camera among these similar model? click the following link to see how good each of the rated they got in Amazon.

2. Arlo by Netgear

Until now Arlo has released several wire-free cameras, including Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Ultra and then followes by Arlo Pro 3. For wire-free models, Arlo was the first wire-free camera model introduced by Netgear which was then followed by other models.

We take one of the Arlo models which is designed with 2x higher resolution than the other models released by Kamtron, Heimvision etc.

Arlo Pro 3
Arlo Pro 3

Arlo product includes two items at least, one item acts like a base-station per location and can includes up to 5 cameras. And today, some models of new Netgear Wireless AC routers are compatible with Arlo, so you don’t need a base station anymore.

Arlo Pro 3 Highlights

  • Wire-free camera with 2k (4mp) resolution with HDR support, twice the resolution of those Kamtron, Heimvision, Conico etc
  • Wide 160 degree diagonal view angle, covers all corners of your front view
  • Features auto tracking following the moving object with digital zoom (12x digital zoom)
  • Comes with 6500K, 42Lux spotlight to support color night vision with high powered infrared LEDs 850nm
  • Comes with built-in smart siren and built-in microphone and speaker
  • Built-in wifi n (802.11b/g/n) single 2.4Ghz band
  • 3 months Arlo smart service and 30 days rolling cloud storage
  • Powered by battery with 3~6 months life time
  • Arlo smart service is a trial, you need to take smart plan when the service is expired. Or you may stop cloud service, stop intelligent alerts and smart features
  • Connect only to Arlo base station or any compatible Netgear wifi routers

Click the link below to learn more spec details, current price and rated in Amazon.

Click Arlo Pro 3 for details and Shop in Amazon

3. Amcrest wire-free System

Since Netgear released Arlo wire-free camera system, many security camera vendors have released similar products including Amcrest, Reolink, Kamtron etc. Amcrest released a wire-free home security camera system consisting of a smart hub plus you can add one or more up to 6x Amcrest wire-free cameras.

Amcrest wire-free system
Amcrest wire-free system

The wire-free camera model is powered by battery that can last up to 6 months on a single charge, and the resolution is 1080p @20 fps.


  • Amcrest wire-free security camera system with Smarthub plus one or more wire-free cameras (up to 6 cameras)
  • Smarthub base station with 802.11n up to 50m (164ft) range with 2×2 MIMO technology
  • Smarthub USB storage up to 2TB, optional Amcrest cloud storage
  • Full HD 1080p wire-free camera @20 fps and wide 110 degree view angle (130 degree diagonal view)
  • IR LED up to 16ft (5m) distance
  • Battery power up to 6 months life
  • Two way audio communication with built-in Mic and speaker
  • Wifi 802.11n connection to the base station
  • IP65 weatherproof

When you compare with similar model of Amcrest ADC2W which comes with built-in spotlight and 110dB siren, this wire-free camera doesn’t feature spotlight and siren. Both models of this wire-free camera and the adc2w cameras can be connected to Amcrest NVR system, follow this link how to setup that.

Should you require large volume of cameras for industrial purposes, you may consider 32 channel NVR system, some models come with varifocal lens to allow you manually adjust the zoom to fit your field of view, or connect new models of security camera with motorized optical zoom cameras.

4. TP-Link Kasa KC200

TP-link has also released several security camera models and one of the most popular ones is the Kasa KC200 series for wireless outdoor camera needs. Unlike the three models discussed above where the cameras are battery powered, the KC200 Kasa is supplied through a power adapter making it possible to provide features that cannot be provided by battery powered camera such as the real time frame rates @ 30 fps (frame per second). If you compare with Arlo with battery powered, Arlo can provide frame rate speed @15 fps.

Kasa KC200 wireless outdoor camera
Kasa KC200 wireless outdoor camera

Another advantage of the Kasa KC200 outdoor wireless security camera is the built-in 802.11ac dual band wifi adapter, the fifth generation (5g) of wifi standard with speeds up to 433Mbps @ 5Ghz band. It is suitable connected to the wireless router in your home wifi network that is equipped with a wifi ac router for example TP-link Kasa Smart Home wifi ac router that was designed for smart home.

With the same resolution of 1080p, the need of outdoor wireless camera using KC200 is very adequate unless you have trouble installing a power outlet around the location where you will place the camera in a suitable location.


  • Wireless outdoor camera with 1080p video resolution @30 fps real time
  • fixed lens 3.21mm focal length with 130 degree super wide view angle
  • support 8x digital zoom @1080p, clear enough to zoom in the object closer
  • Night vision range up to 30 ft(8m)
  • Two way audio with built-in Mic. (up to 20 ft away) and speaker and built-in 80dB audio siren
  • Faster wifi connection with built-in 802.11a/b/g/n/ac dual band up to 433Mbps @5Ghz band; up to 150Mbps @2.4Ghz band
  • Motion and audio detection
  • IP65 weatherproof with adjustable housing and comes with magnetic wall mount and mounting plate
  • Works with Alexa and free Kasa Smart app
  • Free 2-days cloud storage
  • Doesn’t support HDR (high dynamic range) for better image quality between dark and bright.

If there is no difficulty installing a power outlet in the place where you put the camera, then a camera with a power plug-in is more beneficial because it can enable features that require more power such as higher  fps. Click the product link below to learn more spec details and link to shop in Amazon.

Click here for Kasa KC200 wireless outdoor camera

5. Foscam G4

One of the newly launched products by Foscam is the Foscam G4 outdoor wireless security camera which is designed with 2K resolution (4mp) with a classical bullet model, unlike some of the other camera models we have discussed above.

Foscam G4 wireless outdoor camera
Foscam G4 wireless outdoor camera

If you compare it with Arlo Pro 3, which comes with the same 2K resolution, Foscam G4 is a camera with plug-in power rather than wire-free as in Arlo Pro. And this camera can provide features of human, motion and sound detection.


  • Bullet model wifi camera with 2k (4mp) resolution @20 fps, twice as high resolution as the other 1080p cameras
  • Fixed lens with 89 degree horizontal view angle, 112 degree diagonal view angle and comes with 6x digital zoom
  • Comes with 30pcs IR LEDs for night vision up to 66 ft range
  • Supports human, motion and sound detection
  • Support SD Card memory storage up to 128GB, and compatible NVR system
  • Works with Alexa and Google assistant
  • IP66 certified weatherproof to withstand against rain and snow
  • Two way audio supports  

Foscam G4 is 2k resolution, a newer release from its previous 1080p model Foscam G2. Foscam G4 comes with 6x digital zoom, mostly home wifi cameras come with digital zoom instead of optical zoom. Most popular PTZ outdoor camera come with optical zoom ranging from 4x up to 20x optical zoom factor, producing high quality image details. For more economical wireless outdoor camera you may consider Amcrest and Reolink wifi outdoor camera.

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