Webcam and CCTV It's All About Security Surveiilance


Cheap Home Security cameras

There are bunch of cheap home security camera systems in the market and you will be confused which one to purchase to meet your home security systems. You do not need to invest thousands of bucks for your home like those security camera systems installed in businesses like in large warehouses, airport, plant industries and more high security area. Which one is best for home For those of you who want to give your home surveillance you can access from...

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What is IP Camera

Basically IP camera is different with CCTV. You can control the IP camera from anywhere around the world from any Smartphone, laptops or other computers as long as you can connect the internet. The need and the way they work are different. What is IP Camera Have you ever heard of IP protocol when you learn about computer networking? That’s the Internet Protocol that is commonly used for communication between nodes within the internet. The node can be any networking...