Meet Owl Pro Webcam for Conference Room vs Logitech Webcams Which One is Better

One of the important features of a webcam for conference room in an online meeting is the ability of the webcam to focus on whoever speaking on the meeting among other meeting participants. Meet Owl Pro is one of the best webcams for conference rooms that meets such demand. How good is Meet Owl Pro … Read more

Eufy Floodlight Cam vs Victure

eufy floodligt camera

Following its success with previous Eufy doorbell video camera products, as well as Eufy wire-free cameras, Eufy has also released the only floodlight camera product which has received a good response from the market as it is rated excellent on some online stores for its brightness, easy to install and good image quality. One of … Read more

Jabra Panacast Webcam for Conference Room vs Meet Owl Which One is Better

Jabra Panacast is one of best webcam with intelligent 180 degree panoramic for small conference room, webcam with three cameras. How Jabra compares with Meet Owl Pro? What this product does Jabra Panacast is one of the best webcams for conference rooms that consists of three cameras to allow you view 180 degree coverage of … Read more

Popular Logitech Brio Webcam vs Nexigo N940 Which One is Better

logitech brio

Logitech introduces Logitech Brio – a business class video conference webcam with 4K resolution at frame rate up to 60fps and digital zoom feature. One of competing product is Nexigo n940 2k with lower price. How do these two products compare? Logitech Brio If your business needs require reliable video communication for employees working from … Read more

Voger MF820 Floodlight Camera vs Amcrest Ash26

voger floodlight camera

Voger offers Voger mf820 Floodlight security camera with color night vision and is tagged with affordable price compared with other well known products such as Amcrest ash26 or Lorex V261lcd. Voger MF820 Floodlight Cam One of the needs of a security camera that is intended to prevent criminal acts when the intruders enter your property … Read more

Top 5 Webcams for Conference Rooms

best cam for conference room

If during this pandemic you spend more time for working from home, of course you need a real-time communication needs to your colleagues in remote office. You need a webcam which is often used for video conferencing using zoom applications or other VC applications. Even though your laptop at home comes with embedded camera, the … Read more

Top 8 Best Cam for Zoom

It has been more than a year since Covid-19 was officially declared by WHO as a pandemic. And the world order is changing in response to this pandemic which requires most people to stay at home including all schools activities and more work from home for most office jobs. One of the most needed devices … Read more