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Popular Security Camera with Spotlight

blink floodlight camera

Security camera with spotlight is very useful in helping us recognize objects that move into our property area to view clearer and even some camera models can trigger the camera to record this event in color, no longer black and white as in general.

This spotlight is used to add ambient light within the frame in addition of the IR LEDs so the view and recording results look clearer, moreover it can be recorded in color. A camera needs goof light to be able to record with perfect image display, the more light the better the results and the higher the camera speed.

Top Security Camera with Spotlight

What are the popular security cameras with spotlight and get good customer rating in the market? Here are some camera models that are available in the market today.

1. Swann swnhd-885

Swann swnhd-885 is one of the security cameras with spotlight offered by Swann, and this camera is designed with 4k resolution. This product does not work alone, you need a Swann NVR-8580 recorder unit.

Swann 4k security camera with spotlight

If the camera detects heat of a human, the camera will trigger spotlight On and also trigger to record in color, not just in black and white like night vision camera in general. And of course with high resolution capabilities up to 4k so that the image detail allows you to see the license plate and faces more details and clearly.


  • Bullet model 4k (3840 x 2160 pixels) resolution security camera with two spotlights  
  • 93° wide view angle
  • Color night vision with spotlight range up to 115 ft(35m), in total darkness with IR LEDs range up to 150ft (45m) in black and white, with ambient light range up to 200ft (60m)
  • PIR thermal and motion sensor range up to 32ft (10m) with face detection, line Crossing detection, intrusion detection, person detection & others  
  • Two way audio with built-in speaker and microphone and siren  
  • IP66 rate weatherproof with aluminum body housing
  • Doesn’t support POE nor wifi
  • Connect to Swann NVR 8580 only

Swann swnhd-885 is one of the best security camera with spotlight products available in the market today and this product is tagged with the price of around $145.

2. Arlo Ultra

Arlo has been popular with the wire-free security camera, the wifi security camera powered by battery so it doesn’t need a power cable so you can install the camera in a place that is difficult to install a power outlet. From the first model with only 720p and 1080p resolution, Netgear has released Arlo Ultra with 4k resolution (8mp).

Arlo Ultra System Kit

One of the improvements from the previous Arlo series besides the 4k resolution is the addition of spotlight and also record in color night vision as in the Swann product dicussed above. When compared with Swann above, of course, Arlo is more flexible in installation outdoor, wifi connection and also battery powered, so it is practically wire-free camera.


  • Ultra high resolution 8.0mp / 4k (3840×2160) @15 fps with wide 180 degree field of diagonal view angle
  • High performance ½” image sensor with 12x automatic digital zoom following the object
  • Like a pro auto tracking and zoom the moving object and follow it with auto zoom
  • Night vision support with high powered IR LED; comes with integrated motion activated spotlight to enhanced night vision in color
  • Record with audio inclusion – it come with two way audio communication with built-in Microphone and speaker
  • Wireless connection to the Arlo Ultra base station with dual band 802.11b/g/n/ac wifi technology and Bluetooth low energy 4.2
  • IP65 weatherproof housing
  • Can work only with Arlo Ultra base station (VMB5000)
  • Still costly compared with other similar products

One add-on camera is tagged with as much as $250, you need to purchase the Arlo Ultra base station to make it work.

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 3. Amcrest ADC2W

Amcrest released its first security camera with spotlight product, however unlike the two products we discussed above Amcrest only released a similar product with 1080p standard resolution. Compared to Swann and Arlo there are indeed different technical specs. Both Swann and Arlo models above are high-resolution 4k spotlight cameras and color night vision, two very significant technical specs.

Amcrest adc2w 1080p camera with spotlight

Amcrest adc2w is released at a more economical price under $ 100, with a resolution of 1080p @ 30 fps real time speed, smoother than Arlo with 4k resolution but limited up to @ 15 fps. Arlo which is powered by battery is not possible to provide speeds up to 30 fps.

Amcrest adc2w also has a spotlight spec that can be triggered by motion detection and also a strong siren, but does not provide color night vision.


  • Full HD 1080p Wifi outdoor security camera with spotlight, @30 frame per second (fps) real time speed.
  • Comes with 2.8mm fixed lens with wide 133º degree view angle and 16x digital zoom.
  • Night vision with IR LEDs range up to 33ft (10m) and comes with built-in spotlight
  • Motion detection with 110dB siren
  • Support two way communication with built-in speaker and microphone
  • Available micro SD card slot up to 128GB
  • Single 2.4GHz radio band for wifi connection to your existing wifi network
  • IP65 rated weatherproof
  • Limited up to 1080p resolution, but 230 fps for real time speed
  • Not color night vision

Amcrest adc2w is Onvif compliant you can connect to any third party Onvif NVR system, or Blue Irish. Or you may connect to large number of channel Lorex or GW Security 32 channel NVR system.

4. Dzees Spotlight Camera

Another new release by Zumimal is Dzees spotlight camera with 1080p resolution and color night vision like Amcrest when spotlight is turned on triggered manually or triggered by human (AI) motion detection. However, unlike Amcrest that comes with 1080p @30 fps, this Zumimal Dzees comes with lower frame rates up to @15 fps.

Dzees spotlight camera

In addition of two way audio communication, Siren is also available that can be trigger manually via your mobile device with the app.


  • Wire-free Spotlight Security camera with 1080p resolution @15fps and Supports H.265
  • Wide 95 degree horizontal view angle (120 degree diagonal)
  • Comes with spotlights and remote activated siren
  • Color night vision with spotlight manually ON or triggered automatically by motion detection
  • Or black / white night vision with IR LEDs
  • Supports two way audio with noise cancellation
  • Powered by 6700mAh battery or solar panel
  • Local storage micro SD Card


  • Lower frame rates @15fps @1080p

One thing that makes this Dzees spotlight camera is special is that it supports AI (artificial intelligent) human detection.

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