Powerlead Vs Auto-Vox Front and Rear Dash Cam

Powerlead Rexing Puda D003 and Auto-vox M2 are popular front and rear dash cam products for your vehicle. They are not just for car’s accessories, moreover is for safety in addition for video recording for your driving adventure.

Powerlead Rexing Puda D003

Powerlead offers various models of dash cam products including this Rexing Puda D003. This is one of best front and rear dash cam products you may consider for your vehicle. You can attach the dash cam unit using the included suction cup and stick firmly on the windshield and pointing the camera to the front view. the design of the model is different than those most popular dash cam products which are designed to replacing the rearview mirror of your vehicle without taking down the original rearview mirror.  Best seller Auto-Vox M2 and Rexing X80 are two of the dash cam products with rearview mirror design.

What this product does

Powerlead Rexing is wide angle high resolution of dual camera both front and rear view, combination of 170 degree front view camera for recording your travelling experiences and 120 degree rear view camera for safety backing up. The video recording can be stored locally with TF card up to 32GB   memory space to let you playback the footage later and in case of collision the system can automatically record the current video and lock it for future traffic disputes.

Memory space of 32GB is typical storage space for most types of camera including outdoor POE PTC camera, most popular dash cam memory and other indoor camera for homes such as Arlo Q, Amcrest and Vimtag. With this Powerlead Rexing you can add TF card memory from 8GB up to 32GB memory space.


  • Dual camera, front and rear with 2.7 inch screen display
  • High resolution of 1080p front view camera and 720p rear view camera
  • 170 degree wide angle front view camera, 120 degree wide angle rear view camera
  • Accident auto detection feature and lock current video file to local internal memory microSD card up to 32GB
  • Multi function: Night vision, video recording and reviewing, Accelerometer, Mobile vibration monitoring, H.264 File compression.
  • Safety First: High Quality Li-polymer 3.7v 110mah battery can bear high/low temperature
  • One year warranty and 30 days free exchange
Powerlead rexing puda dash cam
Powerlead rexing puda dash cam

With the price tagged more expensive than other competing products this front and rear dash cam model must demonstrate better features and performance against them. Auto-Vox M2 demonstrates that the product is so popular and becomes best seller in Amazon up to today, can Powerlead Rexing enchant users at least to learn more detail what this product does?

Powerlead Vs Autovox

People tend to choose the product that has become the trend today, a product which many people spread word-of-mouth about the product. Auto-Vox M2 is designed like the rearview mirror, you don’t even need to remove the original mirror. You can bind the blue-screen mirror to the original rearview mirror.  This model will save the space of your interior car, no clutter of addition devices. On the other hand with PowerLead Puda D003 you need to place the dash cam unit attached on the windscreen.


Both products offer the same camera resolution each of front with 1080p and rear camera with 720p, no difference. However, the view angle for front camera is different. Aoto-vox M2 is not designed with night vision feature. Well, that makes sense since the cameras work always with either sun light at day time or car’s light at night time.

Auto-vox M2 has nice feature that assists you backing up the vehicle easily and safely, when the R-gear is engaged and at the same time the reverse lamp turning on to illuminate rear view so the camera have enough light to capture the rear view at night.


I like the way Auto-Vox designs the display with its 4.3 inch screen. With forward gear active, you can see both front view image and rear view image inserted at the top side. when you engage the R-gear the screen will automatically occupy the rear view image to help you easily backing up the vehicle in a safety manner assuring no kids, no pets no other stuffs behind the car.


Both Auto-Vox and Powerlead front and rear dash cam products come with DVR (Digital Video Recording) function with the internal storage microSD card up to 32GB. The good thing is that the system will automatically lock the video record file when collision happen, this will become evidence in case of traffic disputes.

Take a look at the following spec comparison table to help you understand the differences between the two products.

Table 1 Powerlead Vs Auto-Vox M2

 ModelPowerLead Rexing D003Auto-Vox M2
FunctionCar DVR

Night vision; accelerometer, mobile vibration and monitoring


Car parking assist system – automatically display rear view when R-gear is engaged

PlacementAttached on the windscreenBinding the unit to the original rearview mirror
Front camera resolution and view angleHD 1080p

170 degree wide angle

HD 1080p

140 degree wide angle

Rear camera resolution and view angleHD 720p

120 degree wide angle

HD 720p

120 degree wide angle

Screen display2.7 inch TFT4.3 inch blue screen
StoragemicroSD card (8GB – 32GB) – memory not includedFree 32GB microSD card
Night visionYesN/A
G-sensorUnspecified; but  video will automatically locked and saved in case of collision happenYes, video will automatically locked and saved in case of collision happen
Mic for audio recordingYesYes


For simplicity and functionality reasons Auto-Vox M2 offers you solution for front and rear dash cam to help you record the video during the journey, moreover for safety reason the system assists you see rear view when backing up the vehicle.
Even though with the absence of couple of features that offered by Powerlead such as Night vision and accelerometer, Auto-Vox M2 which is tagged with the halve price that of Powerlead is a good solution for your vehicle dash cam.

Please note that Auto Vox introduces new Auto Vox M3 with much better performance, wider view angle and much better night vision.
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