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Quanmin Body Temperature Cameras vs Hikvision

One of the needs of a business or corporation that wants to keep business continuation to run in the new normal amid Covid-19 pandemic is to implement health protocols in order to avoiding cross infection and preventing any individual who is experiencing a fever from entering your business facilities. Quanmin provides solutions with various models of thermal body camera modules that combine thermal module device with visual camera that complies with new normal health protocols, and one of them is Quanmin QM-AI Camera-0513 which is ideal to support concurrent detection up to 50 faces at a time.

Quanmn AI Thermal body temperature camera
Quanmn AI Thermal body temperature camera

Hikvision is one of big vendors that also introducing various models of body temperature camera and we’ll take one of them to compare with this Quanmin thermal body camera product.

Quanmin QM-AI Camera-0513

We have previously discussed that a thermal camera module must have several features that can prevent cross infection such as non-contact; face recognition; real time alert; and for the needs on a larger scale, it must be able to recognize dozens of faces at once with a visual display of each individual captured by the camera along with the display of each person’s body temperature. Quanmin QM-AI Camera-0513 is one of thermal body temperature cameras supports those features that comply with the health protocols. Quanmin QM-AI Camera-0513 is one of best thermal body temperature cameras in the market that becomes one of competing products for Hikvision.

Non contact

This product can be placed in front of the entrance that does not need to queue like other thermal camera models that screen each individual in a queue because this module can screen up to 50 faces concurrently at a time without having to make contact with the camera module with a safe enough distance to comply with social distancing to prevent cross infection.

Face recognition

By using a large monitor screen you can monitor the movement of people who enter, for example at the airport entrance, there will be screen with two overlay screens, one side of screen is the visual display with facial focus of each individual with body temperature notation either normal or above normal body temperature with displayed alerts and alarms so that health official can take further action to any of these abnormal individuals.

Take a look at the following video introduction of this product:

Real time Alert

When one or more people show body temperature exceeds the normal limit or the person has a fever with high body temperatures, the camera system will provide a kind of alert with certain alarms that you can set so that health official can immediately take the necessary action so as to avoid cross infection.

This Quanmin thermal body temperature camera supports alert and alarm you can customize as needed to comply your business policy regarding health protocol amid Covid pandemic.


  • Quanmin Thermographic bullet model body temperature camera with high sensitive thermal imaging and optical visual sensor and graphical processing unit
  • Silicon oxide uncooled infrared Sensor module with 256X192 resolution; Size:12μm
  • Temperature Accuracy ±0.3℃ with temperature target range 35℃~38℃
  • Optical module ½.8” 2MP CMOS sensor with minimum illumination 0.005Lux@F1.2(Color; 0.001Lux@F1.2(B/W)
  • Output resolution is 1920 x 1080p (2MP) @30 fps with H.265 compression format support
  •  >80dB WDR and 84 degree field of view (horizontal) and 45 degree vertical
  • Artificial Intelligent (AI) with facial recognition with embedded deep learning algorithm; capture up to 30 faces at a time; no repetitive capture
  • Supports Onvif
  • Weatherproof with IP67 rated

Included with tripod this product is tagged with more economical price compared with similar product in the market such as Hikvision. In Jun 2020 this product is tagged with the price around $5,000 in Amazon. Click the link below to learn more spec details and link to SHOP in Amazon.

Click here to SHOP Quanmin binocular thermal body temperature camera

Now, let’s see how this product is compared with one of Hikvision thermal body temperature camera.

Quanmin vs Hikvision thermal body camera

This product is one of the competitor products from one of the Hikvision products which has the same spec and features, but Hikvision is sold with $ 600 more expensive than Quanmin. What are the main differences between these two products?

Hikvision DS-2TD2617B-6/PA thermal body temperature cameras
Hikvision DS-2TD2617B-6/PA thermal body temperature cameras

Consider the following two comparison tables below where Table 1 is the thermal module comparison of Quanmin vs. Hikvision, while Table 2 is a comparison table of visual modules between Quanmin and Hikvision.

Thermal module

Quanmin and Hikvision use different thermal sensors, Quanmin uses Silicon oxide with lower resolution and smaller pixel sizes compared to Hikvision which uses Vanadium oxide, higher resolution and larger pixel size than Quanmin.

While the temperature range that can be measured is also different, Hikvision provides a wider temperature range than Quanmin. Although when you use it to measure human temperature, the range between 35 ℃ ~ 38 ℃ is sufficient.

Quanmin provides a wider viewing angle than Hikvision in both horizontal and vertical angles.

Table 1 Quanmin vs Hikvision Thermal module

Thermela moduleQuanmin AI 0513Hikvision DS-2TD2617B-6/PA
Thermal sensorSilicon oxide uncooled infrared focal plane detectorVanadium oxide (VOx) uncooled focal plane arrays
Resolution256 x 192320 x 240
Pixel size12um17um
Thermal sensitivity (NETD)≤60mk @25℃ F#=1.0≤40 mK (@ 25° C, F# = 1.1)
Focal lengthUnknown6.2mm
Field of view angleH: 35.0° V: 27.0°H: 25.0° V: 18.7°
Thermal measurement range35℃~38℃86°ꟷ113° F (30.0°ꟷ45.0° C)
Temperature accuracy±0.3℃ w/o Blackbodyw/DS-2TE127-G4A Blackbody: ±0.5° F (±0.3° C) at 4.92 ft to 9.84 ft (1.5 m to 3 m) w/o DS-2TE127-G4A Blackbody: ±0.9° F (±0.5° C) at 4.92 ft to 9.84 ft (1.5 m to 3 m)

Optical camera

In terms of optical camera module, Hikvision provides better quality in terms of video resolution where Hikvision with 4MP resolution provides twice as high resolution as Quanmin, besides that the quality of WDR (wide dynamic range) up to 120dB compared to Quanmin which is only up to 80dB.

The higher resolution provides much better image detail while the greater WDR the better image quality in producing image with broader range of both dark and bright lighting.  

Table 2 Quanmin vs Hikvision Optical Module

Visual CameraQuanmin AI 0513Hikvision DS-2TD2617B-6/PA
Resolution2MP (1920 x 1080) @30 fps4MP (2688 x 1520) @30 fps
View angleH: 84.0°, V: 45.0°  H: 39.42°, V: 22.14°  
Minimum illuminations0.005Lux@F1.2(Color),0.001Lux@F1.2(B/W)Color: 0.0089 lux @ (ƒ/1.6, AGC on), B/W: 0.0018 lux @ (ƒ/1.6, AGC on)
Night vision IR LEDs distance up to 131ft (40m)
AudioReservedIn /Out interfaces
AlarmReserved High temperature limit / low temperature limit / area temperature difference alarmInput: 2-ch In Output: 2-ch relay output with Alarm Action: SD recording/relay output/smart capture/FTP upload/e-mail linkage/audio alarm/strobe light alarm
Local memory storageUnspecifiedmicroSD/SDHC/SDXC card (up to 128 GB)
ProtectionIP67 weatherproofIP66 weatherproof TVS 6000 V lightning protection, surge protection, voltage transient protection
Smart featuresDeep learning algorithm, up to 30 faces detection at a time, face tracking and scoringFace detection and face mask detection Up to 30 faces at a time Pre-recorded Voice alarm
Price (Jul 2020 – Amazon)$5,000.00$5599.00

To learn more spec details click the product link below that includes link to SHOP in Amazon. Hikvision with long years of experiences in security camera, and better spec both thermal and optic modules is preference solution compared with Quanmin even though it is more expensive.

Click here to learn more details Hikvision DS-2TD2617B-6/PA

Both Quanmin and Hikvision DS-2TD2617B-6/PA are thermal body temperature camera products that support artificial intelligent with face recognition and mask detection up to 30 faces at a time.

Both products are very expensive products that are ideal for large businesses such as airport, stadium, or enterprise or corporate facilities. See more details discussion about the urgency of implementing thermal body temperature cameras to support business continuity amid covid-19 pandemic facing the new normal.

See also comparison between Dahua and Hikvision thermal body temperature cameras to select which one is best thermal body temperature camera to support businesses and corporations. 

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