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Best Value Reolink Argus 2 vs Wyze Cam Outdoor Which One is Better

Reolink is popular with its affordable products when budget is one of your considerations in selecting security camera for homes or small businesses. You may like to consider another affordable products offered by Wyze cam outdoor.

Reolink argus

Reolink argus series are affordable wire free security camera products in the market, reolink introduces few models of this type of wire free cameras ranging from most economical products including reolink argus 2 and reolink argus eco, medium products such as reolink argus 3 pro and reolink argus 2k pt, and two models of reolink go series with 4G connection.

Let’s take two series of argus 2e and argus eco which are affordable products in the market you may consider, and later we compare with wyze cam outdoor series which is also cheap products.

Argus 2e vs argus eco

From the lines of Reolink products with battery power, and you can use reolink solar panel option, the two reolink argus 2e and argus eco models are the most economical products to consider. There are slight differences between the two Argus series and table 1 below, which you can use as a comparison reference for these two product series.

Reolink argus 2 e
Reolink argus 2 e

FoV different

Argus eco is designed with bullet model with narrower field of view (FoV) angle about 100 degree as opposed to 120 degree offered by argus 2e which is a dome model. Except the number of IR LEDs for black and white night vision, other specs and features are almost the same including the same 1080p @15 fps video resolution, battery power capacity, two way audio and single band wifi connectivity direct to your home wifi network.

Reolink argus 2e is easy for you to adjust the position of the camera direction without having to use a screwdriver after finish mounted on the wall, only by loosening the bracket on the wall by turning it counterclockwise and bending the camera position and re-tightening the bracket by turning it clockwise. So is with argus eco, similar as argus 2e.

Table 1 reolink argus 2e vs argus eco

Reolink argus seriesArgus 2eArgus eco
1080p @15 fps video resolution with H.264 compression formatYesYes
Field of view angle120 degree100 degree diagonal
6x digital zoomYesYes
PIR sensor range up to 33ft (10m)YesYes
IR LEDs6pcs4pcs
Built-in with customizable sirenYesYes
Single band 802.11b/g/n wifiYesYes
5,200mAh rechargeable battery; Solar power option DC power 5v/2A power adapterYesYes
Supports micro SD card up to 128GB and cloud storage optionYesYes
IP65 weatherproofYesYes
Dimension and weight96 x 61 x 58 mm and 230 gΦ71 x 186 mm and 320 g
Price in Amazon (Sep 2022)$85.00 with solar panel  $85.00 with solar panel
and 32GB micro SD Card

With included solar panel for continuity of power to the battery, no need of plug-in power adapter, both reolink argus 2e and argus eco are tagged with almost the same price, affordable solution for home environment to save energy using sustainable power resources.

Reolink argus 2 vs Wyze cam outdoor

One of the competitors from reoling argus series is wyze cam outdoor, designed with the same 1080p resolution with a slightly wider view angle than the argus 2, however wyze does not support digital zoom like argus. See also wyze cam outdoor vs arlo wire-free cam.

The physical appearance of wyze cam outdoor for some people is likely unattractive, it doesn’t show a stylist body that looks like an old fashion model with a square box shape without a nice touch of art. Compare this with reolink argus 2e with a more artistic appearance with attractive and sturdy curves.

Wyze cam outdoor
Wyze cam outdoor

Night vision

Both argus and wyze come come with IR LEDs to capture black and white night vision. At day time, argus 2e delivers vivid color @15fps and with its daylight sensor will switch to night vision when the dark is coming.

Wyse cam outdoor on the other hand is equipped with fixed lens with wide aperture (f/1.6) and the best part is the embedded starlight CMOS image sensor to render color night vision even in low light condition. With ambient light surrounding the camera you still get color night vision with 1080p video resolution @10 fps, lower frame rate compared to daytime that can deliver 1080p @20 fps.

Local memory storage

The best thing with both of these two models is local memory storage, you need to add micro SD card inserted into the camera. With this local memory storage you don’t need to subscribe cloud storage, cloud storage is only option.

With this memory storage, you can try time lapse feature that indeed require memory storage either locally or remotely via the cloud. Both argus and wyze supports time lapse feature.

With wyze cam, you can open your wyze app, select your camera, tap the ‘more’ below the ‘live stream’ and then select ‘time lapse’. Fill in all the necessary items including the start time, recording duration and so on and set the schedule for this time lapse.

With reolink argus 2 you need to open your reolink app and go to ‘Device setting > Time lapse’. Make sure that you update your camera firmware to the latest version to get this feature available.

Other features are almost the same, such as two way audio, wifi connectivity, built-in siren etc. read more details on the following spec and features comparison table between these two products.

Table 2. reolink argus vs wyze cam outdoor

Camera modelReolink argus 2Wyze cam outdoor
Image sensorCMOS image sensorCMOS starlight sensor
Video resolution1080p @15fps1080p HD @20 fps daytime
Field of view angle120 degree diagonal130 degree
Zoom6x digital zoomN/A
Night visionB/W night vision with 6x IR LEDs 850nm with daylight sensor; range up to 33ft (10m)Color night vision with ambient light @1080p @10fps IR Lights: 4x 940 nm, 4x 850 nm Day/Night Vision
SirenCustomizable sirenBuilt-in motion activated siren
AudioSpeaker and microphone for two-way audioTwo way audio
Power5200mAh rechargeable battery Solar: Can be powered by Reolink Solar Panel DC Power: Can be powered by 5V/2A power adapterRechargeable battery 2x 2,600mAh
Connectivity802.11b/g/n single band wifiSingle band wifi
OutdoorIP65 weatherproofIP65 weatherproof
Base station requiredConnect direct to home wifi networkYes, the kit includes base station connect direct / wifi to home network Connect up to four wyze cameras
Price (in Amazon Sep 2022)$85.00 (1x camera with reolink solar power)$80.00 (1x camera + base station)

Wyze cam outdoor with starlight image sensor is promising in capturing color night vision with ambient light, or in very low light environment. Reolink argus 2 with reolink solar panel is also affordable kit you may consider, the same 1080p resolution as wyze cam. Click the product’s link below to learn more details each of the product and customer’s review in Amazon (#ads).

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