Reolink Argus Pro Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Reolink offers Argus – a wire-free wireless outdoor camera with rechargeable battery and solar-powered camera.

What this product does

When you require outdoor camera which easy to install, probably you need the camera which is wire-free, no hassle of preparing network cable and data cable to run between the camera and the router or internet network in home.


Like Arlo by Netgear which is wire-free wireless outdoor camera, Reolink Argus is powered by rechargeable battery or solar-powered. No hassle of running power outlet when you need to place the camera outdoor where preparing power is difficult or not possible.

Reolink Argus with rechargeable battery and solar-powered
Reolink Argus with rechargeable battery and solar-powered

Wifi connection

On the other hand, Argus camera is also equipped with single 2.4Ghz band wifi connection based on 802.11b/g/n to allow you connect to your home wifi router or access point. It’s independent, no need of dedicated wireless base station like Arlo. Connect easily to your existing wifi network based on wireless n or ac for optimum connection.

Full HD resolution

Argus camera is built with fixed 3.26mm lens providing you up to 130 degree wide field of view angle, very wide view angle for outdoor placement such as at porch or on the wall outdoor. The resolution is full HD 2mp (1920x1080p), enough for home monitoring system. most home wireless outdoor camera is built with 1080p resolution lens such as Netgear Arlo wire-free, TP-link Kasa outdoor and Ezviz outdoor camera.

No worries of harsh weather environment, this camera is built with IP65 rated weather proof housing.


  • Full HD 1080p wireless outdoor camera @15 fps
  • 130 degree wide field of view angle
  • Night vision supports range up to 36ft
  • Wire-free camera with rechargeable battery or solar powered
  • Comes with wifi adapter based on 802.11b/g/n, works independently without dedicated base station
  • IP65 weatherproof housing
  •  Support micro SD Card slot memory storage up to 64GB
  • Reolink app for remote view with your mobile devices

To learn more spec and manufacturer’s detail and price in Amazon, click the link below:

Click here for Reolink Argus wireless outdoor camera

Argus vs TP-link Kasa

Reolink Argus is a wire-free outdoor camera, easy to install in a location where power outlet is not available, or running power cable to outdoor is a hassle. What are the competing products in its consumer segment product? Lots out there, and take one of them which is slightly different – the TP-link Kasa outdoor camera.

TP-link Kasa wireless outdoor with siren camera

Resolution is the same, 1080p full HD however the frame speed is different. Kasa offers higher frame rate, real time frame rate @30 fps, twice as fast as Argus.

The wifi connection is also different, Kasa offers dual band wireless ac as opposed with Argus which is only single band 2.4Ghz wireless N wifi connection.

Power is also different, with Argus you have rechargeable battery and optional solar powered while Kasa uses power adapter you need to provide power outlet around where you place the camera.

When Siren is essential for you Kasa offers you activated 80dB siren to get the intruders away out of your property.

See also comparison between Arlo vs Reolink Argus wire-free cameras

 Table 1 Reolink Argus vs TP-link Kasa

Model Reolink Argus TP-link Kasa Outdoor
Resolution 1080p @15 fps 1080p @30 fps
Lens 3.26mm fixed lens 3.12mm fixed lens
Field of view angle 130 degree 130 degree
Night vision Yes, range up to 26ft (~9m) Yes, range up to 30 ft (~10m)
Audio N/A Two way audio with Built-in microphone and speaker up to 20 ft away clear sound
Storage Yes, micro SD card up to 64GB 2 days free cloud storage
Power Rechargeable battery and optional solar powered Adapter Input: 100-120VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.2A Adapter Output: 5.0VDC, 1.0A
Wifi connection 802.11b/g/n single band dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band up to 150Mbps(802.11n); 433Mbps(802.11ac)
Outdoor Yes, IP65 rated housing Yes, IP65 weatherproof
Siren N/A Yes, 80dB activated siren
Price $ 94.99 $109.99

For wire-free wireless outdoor camera – Reolink Argus is ideal with battery or solar powered to eliminate hassle of running power and data cable to the camera.

Click here for TP-link Kasa Outdoor camera

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