Reolink Argus PT vs Zumimal Wire-free Camera

Reolink offers the only wire-free PTZ camera product – the Reolink Argus PT at a very affordable price compared to other PTZ camera products in general. Several newcomer camera products have begun to overshadow Reolink’s products, including Zumimal wire-free bullet outdoor camera.

Reolink Argus PT

At a price below $ 150 Reolink Argus PT outdoor wire-free PTZ camera is one of affordable ptz cameras which is ideal for any surveillance system needs for front yard or back yard of your home, or in front of your office or retail shop business.

Reolink ARgus PT
Reolink Argus PT camera

Remote PTz

With remote panning and tilting and digital zooming capabilities, Reolink Argus pt can reach the whole 360 degree horizontal monitoring areas with color night vision (when ambient light is available). Compare it with ordinary bullet model security camera like Zumimal which only provides a monitoring area only limited to as wide as the specified field of view angle that the camera is manually pointed at.

With a bullet camera with a technical specification of 100 degrees of view angle, to cover the entire 360 degree monitoring area, at least three bullet security cameras are needed, such as the Zumimal wire-free camera. Compare with one Reolink Argus pt camera which can cover all 360 degrees of your monitoring area.

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Color night vision

One of the advantages of the Reolink Argus pt camera is the use of Starlight CMOS image sensor which can provide sharp and vivid image quality in low light conditions. Moreover it can provide color night vision when there is still ambient light, and if it is totally darkness then as usual the camera will provide b/w night vision using 6pcs IR LEDs. Zumimal cannot provide color night vision, with auto light detection when it’s getting dark the camera will switch to record in b/w.

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Both camera models are equipped with a rechargeable battery, making this camera without power cables, they also comes with solar power and dc power adapter options. The battery capacity offered by the Zumimal is greater than the Reolink Argus.

Zumimal bullet wire-free camera
Zumimal bullet wire-free camera

With the wifi connectivity to your internet network, and the battery power or solar cell power both cameras are wire-free model camera, you can place the camera in any strategy location without worrying of running power or data cable to the network.

Take a look at the following spec and features comparison table between Reolink Argus and Zumimal.

 Table 1 Reolink Argus vs Zumimal Wire-free cam

ModelReolink Argus PTZumimal wire-free camera
TypeWire-free PT outdoor cameraWire-free bullet model outdoor camera
Image sensorStarlight CMOS image sensorCMOS image sensor
Resolution1080p HD at 15 frames/sec (fps) with H.264 supports1080p full HD
Field of view angle105 degree horizontal120 degree diagonal  
Night visionStarlight color night vision in ambient light B/W night vision up to 10m (33ft) with 6pcs IR LEDs 4x IR LEDs range up to 55 ft for B/W night vision
PtzPan 355 degree and tilt 140 degree and 6x digital zoomNo, standard bullet camera with axis manual rotation
Power6,500mAh rechargeable battery or powered by solar cell or Can be powered by 5V/2A power adaptor10,500mAh 4x rechargeable batteries  non removable / Zumimal solar power / micro USB adapter 5v 1A/2A
StorageMicro SD card up to 16GBSD card up to 128GB and cloud storage plan is also available
ConnectivityWireless 802.11 b/g/n  with one external antennaWireless 2.4GHz band with 2x 4DB external antennas
AudioTwo way audio with built-in speaker and microphoneTwo way audio communications with integrated microphone and high-power speaker
Housing protectionIP64 WeatherproofIP65 Weatherproof & Vandal Resistant
Price in Amazon$139.99$85.99

With Reolink Argus pt, you just need a single Argus pt camera to cover the whole 360 degree area with panning and tilting capability. With Zumimal, you need at least three bullet cameras to cover the whole 360 degree area. Click the link below to shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

Click here to SHOP Reolink Argus pt

Click here to SHOP Zumimal bullet camera

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