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Affordable Color Night Vision Reolink Lumus vs Lorex

reolink lumus

Reolink has released Reolink Lumus outdoor security camera with spotlight, 1080p resolution with color night vision. How good is it compared with Lorex active deterrent camera?

Reolink Lumus

Besides Reolink Argus 3 which provides color night vision with spotlight, Reolink also released Reolink Lumus with color night vision capability and also the completeness of spotlight and siren. If Reolink Argus 3 is a battery powered outdoor security camera, Reolink Lumus uses a DC adapter as power and spotlight needs.

Reolink Lumus with spotlight
Reolink Lumus with spotlight

Full HD

Reolink Lumus is equipped with a fixed lens 2.8mm providing a wide 100 degree horizontal field of view angle, wide enough to cover most area of your property with full HD 1080p resolution. You can live view with your mobile devices or playback your footage from motion detection events stored on micro SD card memory storage or any cloud storage plans with a resolution of 1080p @ 15fps.

for covering the whole areas 360 degree endless, you may consider PTZ camera and much better with auto tracking feature such as reolink argus pt with auto tracking camera.

1080p is appropriate for home needs, however should you require higher resolution you may consider outdoor security camera with 2k resolution such as Lorex c581da analog security camera.

Lorex c581da active deterrent cameras
Lorex c581da active deterrent cameras

Night vision

One thing that is very necessary when the night comes where the light is reduced or completely darkness is the ability of the camera to provide clear night views. In total darkness the Lumus uses 6pcs IR LEDs to provide B / W night vision. However, Lumus with spotlight can provide color night vision either automatically due to triggered by motion detection or manually so you can enjoy color night vision with spotlight that also provides lighting around the yard, the shed, or backyard of your home up to 33ft distance.

If you need a longer IR distance up to 135ft then you can consider Lorex c581da in a package with its 8 channel DVR unit so you can connect up to 8 security cameras. With Lumus you can have it work alone without connecting to the recording unit, but with Lorex c581da you need to connect it to the DVR unit (compatible with D841 / D841B dvr unit), cannot work alone like other popular IP cameras including new Arlo Pro 3 with spotlight, or Amcrest shl26 with spotlight or any new models of wire-free cameras.   

See also Reolink vs Lorex 8ch 4k security camera system or Swann vs Annke 8 channel color night vision kit.

One more thing that needs to know with the Lorex kit is that there must be hard disk storage on the DVR unit in order to store video footage from motion detection events, because this analog camera does not have local memory storage like on IP cameras in general.

The following spec comparison table shows you spec comparison table between Reolink Lumus and Lorex c581da analog cameras.

Table 1 Reolink Lumus vs Lorex

ModelReolink LumusLorex C581DA
SystemIP cameraAnalog HD (CVI)
Camera resolution1080p full HD @15 fps H.2645MP(2592 x 1944) @20 fps
Image sensor½.8” CMOS sensor½.7” CMOS sensor
Lens2.8mm, f/2.0 with IR Cut2.8mm, f/1.6
View angle100 degree horizontal98 degree horizontal
Night visionColor night vision with spotlight On 6pcs IR LED range up to 33ft (10m)Color night vision with ambient light IR LEDs range up to 135ft (41m)
Spotlight180lm, 6500KUnspecified
AudioTwo way audio with built-in microphone and speakerOne way – with built-in speaker
Smart event & alertPIR with 100 degree view angle up to 21ft (7m) – motion detection, Email Snapshot, siren and customized voice alerts Motion detection, Email snapshot, siren
StorageMicro SD Card slot up to 64GBN/A, connect to DVR storage, Works with D841 / D841B DVR
PowerDC 5.0V/2ADC 12V
Data connection802.11b/g/nCoaxial cable with BNC terminator
HousingIP65 water[roofIP67 weatherproof with Polycarbonate housing
Price$59.99$69.99 add-on cameras / $363.00 (4pcs camera, dvr + 2TB HD)

When you require only one or two cameras with spotlights, Lumus is more practical than Lorex with its DVR unit. However, if your business needs require up to 8 cameras with higher resolution, and night vision range up to 135ft, then you should consider Lorex c581da and D841 recording units with hard disks installed because it is more practical even though you need a coaxial cable to connect each camera to recording unit.

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