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Best Value Reolink vs Foscam Outdoor Security Camera Systems

Both Foscam and Reolink released several IP security camera models not as many as the models released by large vendors such as Hikvision, Lorex, or Dahua. Reolink releases many products that can be compared to products from other vendors with the same or close to technical specs but are sold at more economical prices, and the performance is not worse compared to other products that are more expensive.

Reolink vs Foscam

This time we will compare Reolink’s products with Foscam, both of which are targeted a lot for consumers’ needs, not for business or enterprise needs, like most products produced by Hikvision, Lorex or Dahua, although they also release products aimed for consumers or small business needs.

We take each of the mainstay products from Foscam from the PTZ model, dome or wifi and look for similar products offered by Reolink’s flagship products.

Foscam released one of most demand floodlight cameras products with its Foscam floodlight camera, while reolink so far doesn’t release floodlight camera. Let’s take ptz cameras from each of foscam and reolink to compare.

Reolink RLC-423 vs Foscam FI9928P

Let’s take Foscam FI9928p PTZ outdoor security camera – one of featured products in PTZ offered by Foscam and compared it with Reolink RLC-423 – one of best PTZ outdoor camera offered by Reolink. See also reolink vs dahua ptz cameras.

Reolink RLC-423WS wireless dual band PTZ camera

Color Night Vision

Reolink RLC-423 is a hot product that sells well in the market with good performance and affordable price especially the resolution offered is 5mp / 2k with a range of IR LEDs that can reach up to 190ft (60m) in full darkness, very suitable for outdoor needs with a wide coverage of your property. Actually this product has similar model with wifi – the Reolink RLC-420WS, however this product is now absolute for some reason and the wired version is still remained and becomes one of best POE PTZ camera with 5MP resolution available in the market together with Amcrest ip4m-1053 4MP POE PTZ camera.

You can also find it possible with full color in ambient lights; take a look at the following time-lapse video full day taken in Madeira Island, Portugal.

Foscam FI9928p on the other hand is only 2MP (1080p) resolution @25 fps and the good thing is that it comes with built-in Sony Starvis CMOS that can also support color night vision in ambient light / low light condition.


Although Reolink RLC-423 is a wired POE model, Reolink actually has released the wifi series (Reolink RLC-423WS) but this product is now absolute no longer in production and the POE version is still maintained, considering the performance of the RLC-423 POE PTZ camera is good with good ratings too. On the other hand Foscam fi9928p is a wireless PTZ camera with a single band 802.11n standard.

Now take a look at the following spec comparison table (table 1) between these two products.

Table 1 Reolink vs Foscam

ModelReolink RLC-423Foscam FI9928P
Lens½.9” CMOS sensor f=2.7~12mmF=2.8~12mm, Sony Starvis CMOS sensor
supports color night vision
Field of View angle98~33 degree horizontal view angle and 54~22 degree vertical view angle40~105 degree
Zoom4x optical zoom4X optical zoom and 6X digital zoom
Resolution5.0MP (3072×1728) @25 fps2MP (1920×1080) resolution @ 25 fps
Night vision6pcs IR LEDs range up to 190 ft (60m)6pcs IR-array lights, IR range up to 196 feet
(60 meters) and support color night vision near darkness / low light conditions
PanningEndless 360 degree; speed 2.5~180 degree /s (adjustable speed)Panning ~355 degree;
Tilting0~90 degree; speed 1.5~90 degree /sTilting ~90 degree
Remote accessP2P supportQR Code scanning
EnclosureMetal aluminum housing with IP66 rated weatherproofIP66 rated weatherproof with aluminum shell housing
StorageMicro SD Card 32GB; Reolink NVRWaterproof external Micro SD card up to 128G
AudioAudio In interfaceSuperior two-way audio with external mic and speaker
ConnectionPOE support 802.3atSingle band Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Price (Nov 2018)$229.99$229.99

From these two product models we can see the main difference in the resolution of the Reolink RLC-423 which is twice as high as Foscam fi9928p. For the needs of home Foscam with two-way audio interface with an additional microphone and speaker is good while Reolink is only available one audio In interface.

To learn more spec details and SHOP the product in Amazon, click the product link below to SHOP the product in Amazon (#Ads).

Click here to SHOP Reolink RLC-423 (#ad) in Amazon

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Foscam D4Z vs Reolink RLC-522

Now we compare the two new products from Foscam and Reolink with the dome model. Foscam D4Z (in other countries this product is named VZ4) is tagged with the price around $120 and is not much available in the market, while Reolink Rlc-522 has been around for a while at an economical price compared to other products in its class.

Foscam D4Z (VZ4) 4MP Wifi PTZ camera

Panning Tilting

Both of these products are mechanically different, the Foscam d4z is a PTZ camera with motorized optical zoom to allow you panning and tilting as needed remotely with the app, while the Reolink RLC-522 is a dome camera with manual rotation you need to adjust as needed to which view angle the camera is going to point within your property, it cannot do the panning and tilting but zooming only.

Reolink RLC-522 with 3x optical zoom

Foscam D4z resolution is slightly lower than rlc-522, but the optical zoom is 4x instead of 3 offered by Reolink rlc-522 with 5MP resolution. Reolink offers longer distance infrared range up to 100ft, copared with Dz4 which offers infrared range up to 64ft.

There are always two different sides to the strengths and weaknesses of each of these camera features. One-way audio compared to two-way audio on Reolink, Foscam with wifi connection while Reolink with POE support. Look at table 2 below that shows you spec comparison table for Foscam vs Reolink.  

Table 2 Foscam vs Reolink

ModelFoscam D4Z / VZ4Reolink RLC-522
Lens½.7” CMOS 2.8mm ~ 12mm½.7” 2.8mm ~ 8mm with auto focus
Field of View32° ~ 100°48° ~94°
Resolution4.0MP (2304 x 1536) @20 fps5.0MP (2560 x 1920) @30 fps
Zoom4x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom3x optical zoom
Night Vision2-pcs IR LEDs range up to 64ft (20m) with auto /
manual IR mode
18-pcs IR LEDs range up to 100ft   with Auto-switching IR-cut filter
PTZMotorized panning 360° endless horizontal 
~90° tilting and 4x optical zooming
Manual rotation panning 360° endless horizontal rotation  ~70° tilting
AudioTwo way audioAudio In recording with built-in microphone
ConnectionDual band wifi with external antenna
IEEE802.11b/g/n/ac ~150Mbps wireless N and ~ 433Mbps wireless ac
POE 802.3af 48v Active
IP RatedIP66 weatherproof and IK10 vandal resistantIP66 weatherproof
StorageLocal Micro SD card ~ 128GBLocal Micro SD Card ~ 64GB
Smart featureWork with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant Unspecified
PriceComing soon$85.00

Foscam dz4 has been released, however the availability is rare in the market. While the RLC-522 with 3x optical zoom @ 5MP is sold for only $ 85, cheap in its dome cameras class with 3x optical zoom.

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