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Most Popular Amcrest vs Reolink PTZ Camera Which One is Better

Hikvision and Dahua business class products are rare in the market, many business players turn to camera products released by Amcrest, especially amcrest ptz camera. Meanwhile, for consumer needs, many consumers look to reolink products which are tagged with affordable prices. How do amcrest vs reolink ptz cameras compare?

Amcrest vs Reolink PTZ Cameras

So far amcrest has released many product updates from 1080p to 4k cameras including business class amcrest ptz cameras which were originally limited up to 1080p resolution, and now you can find few models of PTZ camera products with 2k and 4k resolutions.

Likewise with reolink, there have been many changes in DIY products including reolink ptz cameras which are equipped with optical zoom and spotlights.

We will take the two flagship products of business class amcrest PTZ camera and compare them with the two flagship products of consumer class reolink ptz camera, although they can also be suitable for small to medium business needs, of course according to your business needs and capacity.

Amcrest PTZ Cameras

Amcrest introduces few models of ptz cameras and i’ll take two recent models of amcrest ptz cameras, amcrest ip4m-1083ew-ai and amcrest ip8m-2899ew-ai which are business class ptz outdoor security cameras. Table 1 below represents spec comparison table between these two amcrest ptz cameras.

Amcrest ip4m-1083ew-ai PTZ camera
Amcrest ip4m-1083ew-ai

Camera Lens

Both of these amcrest ptz series have in common the use of the same Sony Starvis image sensor to provide good performance in low light conditions, only the megapixel sensor capacity differs. The lenses of each camera are different in terms of the varifocal lens which provides different optical zoom as well, but the maximum aperture is the same width (f/1.6).

AI Features

Unlike previous camera products, security cameras are now equipped with intelligent AI (artificial intelligent) features, which can distinguish motion detection triggered by human, animal or vehicle.

In the past, most security camera products were not able to distinguish various motions between human, pets, fallen dry leaves, or vehicle, all of which could trigger false alarms. Those are all security cameras of the past and now most of the security cameras can distinguish humans, animals or vehicles with a smart feature commonly known as AI (artificial intelligent) as well as face detection is also supported. However, to enable face detection feature you need to connect these products to any AI compliant NVR system.  

Both models of amrest ptz security cameras are equipped with this AI features, and leave the old product behind and start selling at a lower price than the initial release of this product to the market.

Amcrest ip8m-2899ew-ai PTZ camera
Amcrest ip8m-2899ew-ai
Enable smart AI

These AI features need to be enabled and of course when this camera is connected to an NVR that supports AI features. Go to the smart detection menu and click on the enable check box and you can choose to activate the object, either Human or Motor Vehicle. And select the sensitivity dropdown menu which can be low, medium, or high. If you want to return to just standard motion detection, click the Reset Defaults button.  

Read more spec comparison between the two models of amcrest ptz cameras that support AI features.

Table 1 Amcrest ptz cameras

Amcrest ptz camera modelsAmcrest ip8m-2899ew-aiAmcrest ip4m-1083ew-ai
½.8” Starvis CMOS image sensor  Yes, 8MPYes, 4MP
Video resolutionUp to 4k (3840 x 2160) @25 fpsUp to 2K (2560 x 1440) @30 fps
Minimum illumination: Color: 0.0005 Lux@ 1.60Lux@ F1.6, 0 lux (IR light on);YesYes
WDR: 120 dBYesYes
Night visionAuto (ICR)/Color/B/W; 4x IR LEDs range up to 328ft (100m)Zoom Prio/Manual/SmartIR 4x IR LEDs range 492ft (150m)
Lens5mm ~ 125mm f/1.6 – f/3.64.9 mm ~ 156 mm Max. Aperture f/1.35 – f/4.4
Field of viewH: 53.1°~3.4°; V: 30.4°~1.9°; D: 59.3°~3.9°H: 61.6°–2.1°; V: 35.1°–1.3°; D: 68.2°–2.5°
Optical Zoom and 16x digital zoom25x Optical zoom  32x optical zoom  
PTZ: Pan: 0°–360° (endless) Tilt: -15°–90° (auto flip 180°)YesYes
Storage: NAS; Local PC;Micro SD Card (Up to 512GB)Micro SD Card (Up to 256GB)
6000V lightning proof; surge; voltage protection Outdoor ratedYes, IP66Yes, IP67; IK10;
Dimension10.62″ × Φ6.30″ (269.9mm x Φ160mm)Φ7.48″ × 13.07″ (Φ190 mm × 332 mm)
WeightNet Weight 6.61 lbs. (3 kg)Net Weight 10.36 lbs. (4.7 kg)
General intelligent and artificial intelligentYesYes

See that prices are costly, however for business purposes these models are ideal for outdoor like parking yards, airports, high security process plants, marine projects and still more.

Click here to learn more details Amcrest ip4m-1083ew-ai in Amazon (#ads)

For homes or small businesses, you may consider two models of reolink ptz cameras that are affordable with AI features too. See also reolink argus pro for outdoor home security cameras and amcrest video camera doorbell.

Now take reolink rlc-823A which comes with 4k resolution and features human / vehicle detections. This model is appropriate for properties with less spacious area, and with 5x optical zoom is ideal.

Amcrest ip8m-2899ew-ai vs Reolink Rlc-825

So far, Reolink is still focusing on security camera products and in the last two or three years time its products have begun to compete with similar ones from big vendors including Amcrest which has long been established in the security camera market to date. DIY security camera products with affordable prices become selling point for consumers; moreover their ratings in some of online stores are also excellent.

Table 2 below shows spec comparison between amcrest ip8m-2899 and reolink rlc-823a.

Reolink released two PTZ camera models, the reolink rlc-823a and reolink rlc-523wa as an addition to similar product reolink rlc-423 that is quite successful in the market. RLC-823a is the wired model with 8MP resolution while the RLC-523wa is the wireless model with 5MP resolution. Both of these two models come with the same 5x optical zoom. See also Reolink vs dahua vs hikvision ptz cameras to learn more details Reolink rlc-823 vs rlc523.

Reolink rlc-823 PTZ camera
Reolink rlc-823 PTZ camera

For home or small office needs, these two PTZ camera models are ideal with 5x optical zoom feature which is quite adequate. If the 5x optical zoom is not enough for your needs, you may consider a similar product offered by amcrest ptz camera with its ip8m-2899w-ai series that comes with 32x optical zoom.

You can refer to the following spec comparison table below to help you understand which one is suitable to your business requirements.  

Camera and lens

This time, Reolink made a breakthrough by releasing an outdoor PTZ camera with 4K resolution. This is certainly a breakthrough when there are not many professional PTZ cameras on the market with 8mp resolution, except for cameras with 2k resolution and 1080p at most. However, most professional cameras are packed with sturdy builds with 10x optical zoom, 15x or even up to 36x motorized optical zoom and more and mostly are tagged with costly prices. 

Reolink rlc-823 comes with 5x optical zoom varifocal lens and 8mp resolution image sensor; of course this is very beneficial for the needs of your large home or small office. With 8mp resolution and with full 5x zoom in you can still get very sharp image quality.

Amcrest ip8m-2899 ptz camera comes with 8MP resolution too, same as the one offered by reolink, however this amcrest ptz camera is equipped with varifocal lens with 25x optical zoom and is ideal if you place it in high places to be able to monitor very wide area from a height knowing that the IR LEDs deliver illumination range up to 328ft (100m).  

With TVS 6000V lightning proof protection and Surge protection, you don’t need to worry anymore for this camera to install on a high tower for better spacious coverage. Moreover, the camera’s ability to zoom in up to 25x optically is perfect for that need.

Smart event detection

Reolink rlc-823 and amcrest ptz are featured with AI human and vehicle detection features, thereby reducing false events due to detection from pets or falling leaves. To enable the AI features you need to connect the AI compliant NVR system.

However, if you need other smart features for higher level of security surveillance needs, Amcrest ip8m-2899 provides a more comprehensive AI technology including perimeter protection, smart motion detection, face detection, and smart capture in addition of smart motion detection including video tampering, scene changing, illegal access, storage anomaly and network disconnection. These features are required for surveillance with very tight security systems such as bank buildings, military facilities, high level of security process plants etc.  

The Amcrest ip8m-2899 is physically shows larger dimension and the weight is heavier than reolink rlc-823, with sturdier body amcrest with tower mount is perfect for outdoor.

Take a look more details in the following comparison table, see that business class Amcrest ip8m-2899 is more powerfull and richer features than consumer class reolink rlc-823.

Table 1 Reolink vs Amcrest ptz camera

PTZ modelReolink RLC-823aAmcrest ip8m-2899
Image sensor1/2.8inch 8MP CMOS sensor½.8” 8MP Starvis CMOS image sensor  
Minimum illuminationUnspecifiedColor: 0.0005 Lux@ 1.60Lux@ F1.6, 0 lux (IR light on);
WDRDigital WDR (HDR)True WDR 120dB
LensVarifocal lens 2.7~13.5mm f= 1.6~3.3, zoom moduleVarifocal lens 5mm ~ 125mm f/1.6 – f/3.6
Zoom5x optical motorized zoom25x Optical motorized zoom; 16x digital zoom
Field of view angleHorizontal: 96°-27° /  Vertical: 69°-21°H: 53.1°~3.4°; V: 30.4°~1.9°; D: 59.3°~3.9°
Resolution3840 X 2160 (8.0 MP) at 25 fpsUp to 4k (3840 x 2160) @25 fps
Night visionIR LED: 4pcs/ 28mil/ 850nm range up to 190ft (60m)Auto (ICR)/Color/B/W; 4x IR LEDs range up to 328ft (100m)
Spotlights3pcs/ 5700K/ 945 lumensN/A
Smart alertsSmart Alarm: Motion detection/ person detection/ vehicle detectionHuman and vehicle detection with adjustable sensitivity, face detection is also supported
Audio Two way audio with Built-in microphone and speaker two way audio interfaces
StorageMicroSD card slot (Max. 256GB)MicroSD card slot (Max. 512 GB)
PowerPoE IEEE 802.3at, 48V Active DC Power: DC 12.0V⎓2A, <24WDC 12V/3A, PoE+ (802.3at); 13W, 21W (IR on)
ConnectivityEthernet Port10/100 MbpsRJ45 10/100Mbps Base-T
ProtectionIP66 weatherproof with metal aluminum housing6000V lightning proof; surge; voltage protection Outdoor rated IP66 weatherproof
Event alertsHuman and vehicle detectionMotion detection, Video tampering, Scene changing, Network disconnection, IP address conflict, Illegal Access, Storage anomaly
AIHuman and vehicle detection Perimeter Protection, Smart motion detection, Face detection, Smart capture
PTZPan: 360°, Tilt: 0° ~ 90° Pan Speed: 2.5°-150°/s (Speed can be set) Tilt Speed: 1.5°-60°/s (Speed can be set)Pan: 0°–360° (endless) Tilt: -15°–90° (auto flip 180°)  
DimensionΦ136 mm  x 201 mm10.62″ × Φ6.30″ (269.9mm x Φ160mm)
Weight1.8KgNet Weight 6.61 lbs. (3 kg)

Prices listed may be different with current price in some online stores including Buy and Amazon. This amcrest ptz camera is tagged almost three times as expensive as reolink ptz camera. Click the product’s link below to learn more details in Amazon (#ads).

Most of the security camera products released by both reolink and amcrest are DIY products that can work stand alone or require connection to recorder unit (NVR). We will compare an 8 channel kit that comes with 4 cameras which are quite popular in the market so far, each vendor offers surveillance system kit at a reasonable price that doesn’t burden your budget for the needs of 4 cameras.

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