Reolink vs Amcrest Security Cameras

Even though Reolink is no longer a newcomer to the security camera market after so many years helped enliven the security camera market, it is now not underestimated by observers of surveillance systems because its flagship products are competing with products from large vendors such as Hikvision, Lorex or Amcrest. Reolink offers products at lower prices than other products with the same spec from other vendors.

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Reolink vs Amcrest

This time we will compare the technical specs of Reolink vs. Amcrest for some of their featured  products with dome, bullet, wifi and PTZ cameras. We take the featured product from reolink from each of the bullet, dome, ptz models and compare it with similar products from Amcrest and we see how the prices differ from the two camera models.

1. Reolink vs Amcrest wifi camera

For home or indoor needs, Reolink released several camera models and especially home wifi cameras. This time we take one of the flagship products in new wifi camera namely Reolink E1 Pro and we take the comparison product from Amcrest which is IP4M-1051.

 Reolink vs Amcrest wifi camera
Reolink vs Amcrest wifi camera


Look at table 1 below, the resolution is the same as 4mp @ 20 fps and both are equipped with fixed lenses with different focal lengths. And of course the shorter the focal length, the wider the angle of view.

With night vision feature the two products are also almost the same visibility even though there is difference in the number of IR LEDs used. Both are also for indoor needs with Panning and Tilting capabilities such as wifi camera models in general.

Dual band

Both Reolink and Amcrest are both equipped with built-in dual band WiFi adapter, however the technology used is different. Amcrest uses dual band wifi technology with standard wifi5 (802.11a / b / g / n / ac) while reolink is only limited to 4th generation of wifi technology (802.11a / b / g / n).

We know that most of the new wifi routers are already equipped with wifi ac connections, even the latest generation of wifi technology is wifi6 as in netgear rax80 wifi6 router.

This time Amcrest is technically far superior to Reolink E1 Pro, while the price is certainly Reolink cheaper. However, if your home WiFi network is still based on 802.11b.a / b / g / n standards, reolink is still more economical than Amcrest.

Table 1 Reolink E1 pro vs amcrest ip4m-1051

Model Reolink E1 Pro Amcrest ip4m-1051
Resolution 4mp (2560 x 1440) @20 fps 4mp (2688 x 1520) @20 fps
Lens ½.7” CMOS image sensor with fixed 4.0mm lens f/2.0 ½.9” 4mp progressive scan CMOS 2.8mm fixed lens with ambarella chipset  f/2.0
Zoom N/A N/A
Field of view angle 87.5° 120°
Night vision 8pcs IR LEDs range ~40 ft(12m) 12pcs IR LEDs range ~32ft (10m)
Audio Two way audio with built-in mic and speaker Two way audio with built-in mic and speaker
Storage Micro SD Card Micro SD card
Connection Dual band wifi 802.11a/b/g/n with 2T2R MIMO antenna Dual band wifi 2.4GHz(802.11b/g/n) ; 5GHz(802.11ac/a /n)
Panning and tilting 355° panning and 50° tilting 360° endless panning and 90° tilting
IP rated N/A; Indoor use N/A, indoor use
Price $55.00 $89.99

To learn more spec and manufacturer’s details click the product link below which is also a shopping link on Amazon.

Click here to shop Reolink E1 Pro

Click here to shop Amcrest ip4m-1051

2. Amcrest vs Reolink dome cameras

Now we turn to the dome camera models from these two vendors, pay attention to the comparison table of amcrest vs reolink below for the dome camera models. Amcrest released a 4k resolution dome camera, but Reolink only released a 4k camera with a bullet model which we will discuss later.

For that we compare Reolink RLC-422 with a resolution of 5MP with Amcrest IP5M-1176 with the same resolution of 5MP.

Amcrest vs Reolink dome cameras
Reolink rlc-422 vs amcrest ip5m-1176

Motorized zoom

With the same resolution and the same frame rate, Reolink RLC-422 has the advantage of a varifocal lens with 4x optical motorized zoom that is not owned by Amcrest IP5M-1176 which is only equipped with a fixed lens.

One of the disadvantages of the reolink RLC-422 is that there is no IK10 vandal-resistant protection as in Amcrest, but it does not reduce the benefits of this reolink while the current price has begun to fall so that it is only a little difference.

Table 2 Reolink rlc-422 vs amcrest ip5m-1176

Model Reolink rlc-422 Amcrest ip5m-1176
Resolution 5mp (2560 x 1920) @20 fps 5mp (2592 x 1944) @ 20fps
Lens Varifocal lens 2.7mm ~ 12mm 1/3” CMOS image sensor f/1.6 with auto focus   2.8mm fixed lens Sony IMX322 progressive image sensor with Ambarella S2Lm chipset
Zoom 4x optical motorized zoom 16x digital zoom
Field of view angle Horizontal 90°~31° Horizontal 96°
Night vision 24pcs IR LEDs range ~ 100ft(30m) 24 IR LEDs range ~98ft (30m)
Audio N/A N/A
Storage Micro SC Card ~64GB Micro SD Card ~128GB
Connection POE 12v DC (802.3af) POE 12v DC (802.3af)
IP rated  IP66 weatherproof IP67 weatherproof and IK10 vandal resistant with metal aluminum housing
Price $94.99 $104.99

Click the following product link to learn more spec detail and shop on Amazon.

Click here for Reolink RLC-422 5mp

Click here for Amcrest ip5m-1176

3. Reolink vs Amcrest Bullet

Reolink doesn’t have many camera models with 4k resolution except reolink b800 bullet models, maybe in the next few months (when this article is written @ Aug 2019). For that we take one of the Amcrest products with 4k resolution, the amcrest ip8m-2496 as a comparison product from this 4k camera by reolink.

 Amcrest ip8m-2496 vs Reolink B800 bullet camera
Amcrest ip8m-2496 vs Reolink B800 bullet camera


There is a slight difference from the use of the lens, reolink uses a 4.0mm focal length, while Amcrest uses a 2.8mm lens so you can see the difference in the viewing angle which Amcrest is wider. On the other hand amcrest uses a Sony image sensor with the Ambarella S3L33M processor.

There are advantages to reolink with the microphone interface so that you can record sounds at once, only one direction audio.

Table 3 Amcrest ip8m-2496 vs Reolink B800 bullet camera

Model Reolink B800 Amcrest ip8m-2496
Resolution 8mp (3840 x 2160) @20 fps 4k(3840 x 2160) @15 fps
Lens ½.5” 8mp image sensor f=4.0mm f/2.0 ½.5” 8MP f=2.8mm fixed lens with Sony IMX274 Starvis Sensor progressive scanning image sensor, Ambarella S3L33M Chipset
Zoom N/A N/A
Field of view angle 97° 112°
Night vision 18pcs IR LED range ~100ft 2pcs IR LEDs range ~131ft
Audio Interface built-in microphone N/A
Storage N/A N/A
Connection DC12V & PoE (IEEE 802.3af) DC12V, PoE (802.3af)(Class 0)
Housing   IP66 weatherproof with metal housing IP67 weatherproof with metal aluminum casing
Price $74.99 $109.99

From this comparison table we can see a slight advantage of Reolink over Amcrest with the one-way audio interface for listening. Click the product link below for spec details and also shop on Amazon.

Click here for Amcrest ip8m-2496

Click here for Reolink B800

4. Amcrest vs Reolink ptz camera

Amcrest released several PTZ camera models for business needs, but can also be used for homes and one of them is Amcrest ip4m-1053, while from reolink is its flagship product in the ptz model namely reolink rlc-423. See also amcrest ip4m-1053 vs lorex lnz44p4b.

Reolink vs Amcrest PTZ camera
Reolink vs Amcrest PTZ camera

Consider the following table 4 below, with a sharp price difference of around $ 160 this time Amcrest is far superior in almost all spec from the lens used to the accessories.


Although Reolink uses a slightly higher resolution than Amcrest, the optical zoom is much different. With Amcrest IP4M-1053 you can use zoom from a wide angle of 58° to the narrowest angle of 5° with 12x optical motorized zoom.

Night vision

For night vision, Amcrest also extends further up to 330ft while reolink only up to 190ft. for your business needs, Amcrest ip4m-1053 is ideal for covering very large areas such as parking areas, factory areas, mining project areas and marine projects.

Table 4. Reolink vs Amcrest PTZ camera

Model Reolink RLC-423 Amcrest ip4m-1053
Resolution 5mp (3072 x 1728) @20 fps 4MP/1080P/720P/D1(1~50/60fps)
Lens ½.9” CMOS sensor Varifocal lens 2.7~12 mm f/1.6 ½.8” Starvis CMOS varifocal lens 5.3mm ~ 64mm
Zoom 4x optical zoom 12x optical zoom plus 16x digital zoom
Field of view angle (horizontal) 98° ~ 33° 58.2° ~ 4.8°
Night vision 6pcs IR LEDs range ~190ft (60m) 6pcs IR LEDs range ~ 328ft (100m)
Audio Audio In interface Audio Interface: 1/1 channel In/Out Alarm: 2/1 channel In/Out
Storage N/A Memory micro SD ~128GB
Panning Tilting panning endless 360°; tilting ~90° Panning endless 360° and tilting -15° ~ 90° auto flip 180°
Panning speed Panning ~180° /s and tilting ~90° ~200° /s panning; ~120° tilting
Connection 12V DC or 48V PoE (802.3at) 12V DC PoE plus (802.3at)
Housing IP66 weatherproof IP66 weatherproof  with metal aluminum casing
Price $229.99 $389.99

With a very large price difference between Amcrest ip4m-1053 vs Reolink RLC-423, then Amcrest is very worth considering with features that are far superior to Reolink. Click the product link below for more details and shopping on Amazon.

Click here for Reolink RLC-423

Click here for Amcrest ip4m-1053

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