Reolink vs Lorex 4k 8 Channel NVR System Kit

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Reolink offers various models of network video recorder (NVR) security camera system with reasonable price you can afford to support your home or business. And this product I would like to review here is the first Reolink 8 Channel NVR System with 4k support. We’ll compare it later with Lorex 8 channel NVR system kit.

On the next page you can find various models of featured products from Reolink and compare each of them with similar products from Lorex and you can choose which one suits your business needs.

1. Reolink vs Lorex 8Chn

Reolink RLK8-800B4 is camera security system kit consists of Reolink 8 channel NVR system plus 4pcs of bullet model 4k security cameras. The first product offered by Reolink that supports up to 4K security cameras. You may connect other Reolink 5MP cameras such as Reolink RLC-511w POE outdoor cameras.

For the needs of a security system using 4 cameras is sufficient to support your home security system or small business . One camera can be installed at the porch, one camera behind the house and one camera on the left and right of the house. Or wherever you put the camera in a place that requires supervision. See also comparison between Lorex and Reolink 4K security camera.

Reolink RLN8 8 Channel 4k Camera Kit
Reolink RLN8 8 Channel 4k Camera Kit

RLN8 NVR System

This NVR system is an 8 channel system with 4k resolution support, and it comes with 2TB preinstalled hard disk drive and you can expand up to 4TB disk capacity. A storage system that is large enough to store your video footage with motion detection setup that records footage when motion is detected.

This kit comes with 4pcs of bullet model 4k security cameras (Lorex B800) using UTP network cable connect to the NVR unit, the good thing is that the NVR unit comes with built-in 8-port POE switch. Most NVR systems comes with built-in POE switch, and typically only up to 16-port POE for larger number of channels the NVR unit can support. Separate POE switch is required when more ports are needed, generally for NVR units with 32 channels or more.

Unlike those NVR units that is Onvif compliant, that can connect to any third party cameras, Reolink is not Onvif. So it is suitable to Reolink cameras only, not Onvif compliant. 

B800 Camera

Lorex B800 is  the first model of 4k resolution camera that Lorex releases to the market. While you can find bunch of camera models with 4k resolution in the market you can choose including Lorex lnb9272 4k security camera, or Amcrest 4k ip8m-t2499 turret model camera.

How good is the quality of this camera? amazing quality with high resolution 4 times as the quality of the camera with 1080p resolution that most people use so far. Objects in the distance are still clearly visible with zoom in without reducing image quality such as blur or noise.

forget about difficult camera settings and configurations, with the existing app you can easily configure all camera functions like motion zones, sensitivity or alerts etc. Don’t bother with port forwarding settings or all kinds of DNS settings, all are plug and play.


  • 8 channel NVR system with 4K supports
  • Built-in 8 POE switch
  • Preinstalled 2TB SATA hard disk, expand up to 4TB and external eSATA disk
  • Smart motion alerts
  • Comes with 4pcs B800 bullet models 4k outdoor POE cameras
  • High resolution 3840×2160 (8.0 Megapixels) @20fps
  • fov 97 degree / 4.0mm focal length
  • built-in audio interface
  • 18pcs IR LEDs range up to 100ft (30m)
  • IP66 weatherproof cameras


  • cameras system is not Onvif compliant, works only with Reolink cameras 
  • no optical zoom

Optical zoom lens is essential when you need high quality image detail results when you zooming in the object in distance, very sharp and clear no noise or blurred when compared with digital zoom results.

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Reolink vs Lorex

If there are limitations offered by Reolink such as not Onvif and the camera does not have built-in microphone (audio interface only), try with the new release Lorex LNK71082t85b, although it also has drawbacks that might not suit your needs.

Lorex LNK71082t85 8 channel  system kit
Lorex LNK71082t85 8 channel

To make it easier to understand where the differences are, I present a specs comparison in the form of the following spec comparison table.

Both NVR systems are 8 channel can support up to 4K resolution, with built in 8-port POE switch. The maximum storage capacity is different, Lorex offers 2TB larger maximum capacity than Reolink.

The number of included camera in the product kits is also different. Lorex offers twice number of POE cameras than Reolink, however Reolink offers higher camera resolution (4K) as opposed to Lorex (5MP).

Now, If you want your night vision footage in a color unlike most camera with night vision in general which is in black and white, then Lorex cameras has the CNV (color night vision) technology feature as long as there is still ambient light within the frame. Reolink doesn’t feature color night vision.

Table. 1 Reolink vs Lorex

  Reolink rlk8-b800 Lorex lnk7102t85b
NVR system 4k 8 channels 8 channels 4k – all channels
Built-in POE switch 8-port POE 8-port POE
Storage Preinstalled 2TB, up to 4TB SATA disk with external eSATA port  Preinstalled 2TB, up to 6TB SATA
Included cameras 4pcs bullet POE cameras 8pcs bullet POE Cameras
Camera resolution 8.0MP (4k) @20 fps 5.0MP @15 fps
FOV 97 degree 105 degree
Audio Built-in audio interface IN Built-in audio microphone
Night vision 18pcs IR LEDs range up to 100ft (30m)   IR night vision range up to 130ft (40m) in ambient lighting and 90ft (27m) in total darkness
Price (Amazon Jul 2019) $550.00 $774.00

Try to distinguish it with a few differences and of course the number of cameras offered by Lorex is twice that of Reolink even though slightly different in resolution. But more money must be spent on Lorex.

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NEXT Page! Click the following link Reolink vs Lorex IP Security cameras in various models, dome, bullet , ptz and wifi cameras between Reolink featured products and similar products from Lorex. You can find that Reolink offers affordable products without sacrificing the performance.

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