Reolink 4K Security Camera System vs Lorex Which One Gives You Best Value

Reolink, which is a security camera vendor from China, is now gaining popularity with affordable products. Although the product is cheap, it provides specs and features that are not inferior to those from major vendors such as Dahua and Hikvision, and when compared to Lorex, they are almost the same.

Reolink introduces few models of 4k security camera with smart AI human and vehicle motion detection and features active deterrent. If you compare with Lorex products, which one of Reolink vs Lorex 4k camera gives you best value to support your property surveillance system.

Reolink vs Lorex 4k Active Deterrent

One of the security camera features to prevent intruders from committing further criminal acts to enter your property is to deter them by giving warnings in the form of flashing strobes, sirens and voice. This types of security camera is known as active deterrent camera.

Reolink introduces new Reolink rlc-811 active deterrent camera with 4k resolution that comes with 5pcs of white LEDs that can be triggered by motion detection, the human and vehicle detection with its AI algorithm to recognize human and vehicle to reduce false alerts.

On the other hand, Lorex, which is a big security camera company that has been very popular, since 2018 Lorex has been acquired by giant security camera company Dahua from China. Lorex has released few models of active deterrent camera products and one of the newly released ones is Lorex e892dd2.

Which of these two camera models is superior in terms of technical specs and features knowing that the price difference between the two products is quite large?

Reolink RLC-811 active deterrent camera
Reolink RLC-811 active deterrent camera

Reolink rlc-811 vs Lorex E892DD2

Reolink rlc-811 is a bullet model outdoor poe security camera, while Lorex e892dd2 is designed with turret model outdoor poe security camera. Which one gives you the best value?

You can refer to the following spec comparison table between these Lorex vs Reolink 4k security camera to help you get the insight of the spec differences between the two products.


With motorized zoom lens you can customize the camera’s view angle from a narrow to a wide angle without having to manually change the focal length. Why? Because the view angle of the camera with optical motorized zoom can be customized while on the fly with the camera app on mobile device. Or you can customize the view angle via the recorder unit if the camera is connected to the recording (NVR) unit. That is the camera with motorized varifocal lens. You may also find that there are certain camera models come with manual varifocal lens, so you have to change it manually by opening the body to adjust zoom using a screwdriver.

Lorex  e892dd2  active detterrent camera
Lorex e892dd2 active detterrent camera

Reolink RLC-811 comes with motorized varifocal lens with 5x optical motorized zoom, while Lorex only comes with fixed lens.

Reolink lens also features wide aperture ranging from f/1.6 ~ f/3.3, see that if you compare with Lorex fixed lens with f/2.0 aperture you can find that Reolink lens is still more advantage with wider aperture. 

In terms of lens use, Reolink provides added value by using a varifocal motorized lens compared to Lorex which only uses a fixed lens. Varifocal motorized lenses have a more complicated mechanical level difficulty than fixed lenses and are generally more expensive. However, Reolink provides affordable price for this 5x optical varifocal lens camera.

Event trigger

Both cameras are also equipped with spotlights to illuminate bright light surrounding to render color night vision. In total darkness both cameras can provide b/w night vision, although in ambient light they can still record color.

Reolink comes with 5pcs of white LEDs (6500 color temperature) up to 450 lumens bright enough illuminate your drive away. Lorex only comes with one spotlight, enough to render color night vision.  

In addition, these spotlights function as intruder deterrents. When an intruder enters your property, the spotlights are triggered and turned on while sounding the siren or can be triggered via your mobile app.

Lorex e892dd2 is not designed for DIY model camera, it’s a professional security camera for high security business offices since this camera comes with richer security features including human and vehicle motion detection same as reolink does, face detection, object missing and object left behind. All those events will trigger the spotlights and siren (can be manual or auto trigger siren) and you can also customize with two way voice.

Look more details on the following spec and features comparison table between reolink vs lorex 4k active deterrent cameras below.

Table 1 Lorex vs Reolink 4k security camera

Camera modelReolink RLC-811Lorex E892DD2
Image sensor1/2.8″ CMOS Sensor8MP/4K 1/2.8″ image CMOS sensor
LensVarifocal lens f=2.7 ~ 13.5mm F=1.6  ~ 3.3, with IR cut2.8mm F2.0 Fixed lens
View angleHorizontal: 105° ~ 31°;  Vertical: 55° ~ 17°108°
Zoom5x optical zoomN/A
Resolution8MP (3840 x 2160) at 25 fps4K(8MP)@15fps, 5MP@30fps, 1080p@30fps, 720p@30fps
with HDR
Spotlights5pcs /4W/6500K/450 lumens range up to 30m (98ft)Spotlights white light
SirenBuilt-in sirenBuilt-in siren
Night vision 4pcs IR LEDs 28mil/850nm range up to 30m (98ft);Color Night Vision with CNC technology with ambient light,
for low light condition switched to night vision range up to
150ft (46m) away and up to 98ft (30m) in complete darkness.
AudioTwo way audio with microphone and speakerTwo way audio with built-in speaker and microphone
StorageMicro SD card slot (Max. 256GB)N/A
OutdoorIP66 weatherproofIP67 weatherproof with aluminum alloy housing
PowerPoE: IEEE 802.3af, 48V active; DC Power: DC 12.0V⎓1A, <12WPoE (Power over Ethernet Class -802.3af)/12V DC connect
to NVR system
Smart eventHuman / vehicle detectionPeople / vehicle motion detection with face detection;
object missing and left behind; Active deterrent with
light + siren + two way talk
Works with smart homeWorks with Google assistant and AlexaWorks with Alexa and Google Assistant
Dimension76 mm x 238 mm x 84 mm101 mm x 184 mm x 74 mm
Weight838g1.10 lbs (490g)
Price (Oct 2021 in Amazon)$109.99$179.99

The price different is much, Reolink can work stand alone with local memory storage. Lorex e892dd2 is professional cameras that need to connect to NVR system. you can also connect reolink rlc-811 to Reolink NVR system or any compatible Onvif nvr. However, when you connect this reolink camera to nvr, it’s time lapse feature cannot work like it can when work stand alone with reolink app.

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See also Reolink vs  Lorex 4k 8 channel camera system kit and various models of Reolink vs Lorex outdoor security camera featured products.

For your homes or small business needs, the Reolink rlc-811 is very adequate, can work stand alone with the Reolink app, or connect to a compatible 4k nvr system. Lorex e892dd2 is an add-on camera that requires a connection to the nvr unit.

We’ll see now two popular surveillance kits offered by reolink and lorex with 8 or 16 channel security camera kits. Assess your business requirement for security camera system needs and see which one is suitable to meet your need.

Reolink RLK16-810B8 vs Lorex

In this bundle, Reolink offers RLN16 4k 16 channel POE NVR system that comes with 8 pcs of RLC-810 bullet model 4k security camera. Rlc-810 is not an active deterrent security camera; it’s a 4k bullet model security camera with fixed lens instead of varifocal lens like rlc-811.

The reolink rlc-811 as discussed above so far are not sold in 16 channel kit, however you can use this as add-on camera to rln16 NVR system.

On the other hand, we take one of Lorex 4k active deterrent security camera system kits that also include two pcs of Lorex e892dd2 cameras. Or you can add more of this add-on camera to connect to the kit. We have discussed the spec comparison between the two models of active deterrent cameras as shown on table 1 above, now we need to compare the NVR systems offered in the kits.

Reolink 16 channel 4k kit
Reolink 16 channel 4k kit

Channel #

Both of these two active deterrent outdoor 4k security camera system kits are so far very popular in the market. Reolink rln16 is a 16-channel nvr system with 16-port POE switch, while Lorex n84283 is an 8-channel NVR system.  

If your needs are up to 8 cameras, it’s better to choose a 16 channel nvr system, because when there is a need for one or more cameras later in the future you don’t have to bother replacing your existing 8 channel nvr system.

Disk capacity

For high security needs in business offices or process plants with very high security level, the need for high capacity video footage storage that can be stored up to several months or years is very critical.

Lorex Active deterrent 4k kits
Lorex Active deterrent 4k kits

For small and medium-sized businesses that require adequate capacity, reolink rln16 provides 2x SATA disk interfaces that you can install up to 12TB of maximum disk storage, which is quite sufficient. However, for high risk critical business, it is better to use large storage with multi layer backup security with RAID technology such as the Dahua or Hikvision 32 channel nvr system. See also best 32 channel NVR / DVR systems.

For your home or small business, Lorex provides storage solutions up to 6TB, half the capacity of what Reolink rln16 offers.

Table 2 Reolink vs Lorex NVR

NVR modelReolink RLN16Lorex N84283T
Model16 channel 12MP with built-in 16-port POE switch8 Channel 4k Fusion NVR system with built-in 8-port POE switch
Hard disk3TB Seagate hard disk preinstalled, 2x SATA interface expand up to 6TB /port – maximum capacity 12TB3TB preinstalled hard disk – 1x SATA up to 6TB
Synchronous playback1ch @12 MP; 4ch @8MPUp to 4 channels, synchronized
Smart featuresSupports human / vehicle detection, supports Google assistant and AlexaSupports human and vehicle detection, Google assistant
VGA and HDMIVGA up to 1080p; HDMI up to 4KVGA up to 1080p; HDMI up to 4K
Audio output1-Channel RCA1-Channel RCA
Price$949.99  (with 8 pcs Reolink RLC-810 outdoor camera)$799.99 (includes 6pcs Lorex E892AB active deterrent cameras) + optional 2pcs Lorex e892dd2

Which security kit is suitable to meet your business? Both security kits give you 8 security camera solutions. Lorex provides you active deterrent security camera systems, either with Lorex E892AB active deterrent cameras or plus optional 2pcs Lorex e892dd2. However, the storage capacity is half that of Reolink.

Reolink in this security kit doesn’t come with active deterrent cameras; however you can add two or up to 8 more active deterrent cameras (reolink rlc-811) to the system because this kit is 16 channel NVR system.

Click the product’s link below to read more details and shop the product in Amazon (#ads) and other product options.

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