Reolink vs Lorex 4K 8 Channel POE NVR


A few months earlier Reolink introduced the B800 bullet camera model with 4k resolution, the first 4k security camera released by Reolink along with compatible 8 channels POE NVR system. To add its inventory in the 4k class Reolink introduced a new Reolink D800 dome model 4k security camera. See also related article Reolink vs  Lorex 4k 8 channel camera system kit and various models of Reolink vs Lorex outdoor security camera featured products.

Reolink 8 channel poe nvr system
Reolink 8 channel poe nvr system

This time we will discuss this camera model which is sold in a 4 camera bundle along with its compatible 8 channel PoE NVR and then compare this bundle with the 8 channel 4k POE NVR system kit released by Lorex, the new released of NVR and bullet model 4k cameras.

Reolink RLK8-800D4  

In this bundle, Reolink offers RLK8 4k 8 channel POE NVR system that comes with 4pcs of D800 dome model 4k security camera. We have discussed the nvr unit before, or you can later read in spec’s detail in the product link below, and this time we will discuss more about the Reolink D800 4k security camera that accompanies this product bundle. However, for better understand the difference between the 8 channel poe nvr system, take a look at the following table.

Lorex 8 channel poe nvr system
Lorex 8 channel poe nvr system

Table 1 Reolink vs Lorex 8 Channel POE NVR

NVR model Reolink RLK8 Lorex N841
Model 8 channel 4k with built-in 8-port POE switch 8 channel 4k with built-in 8-port POE switch
Hard disk 2TB preinstalled hard disk, expand up to 4TB /port – maximum capacity 8TB 1TB preinstalled hard disk, up to 10TB
Synchronous playback 1ch @8MP; 4ch @4MP 4ch @8MP
Smart features N/A Smart feature: person and vehicle detection; active deterrence; Google assistant and Amazon alexa support  
Price with 4pcs camera $660.00 $530.00

Reolink offers 2TB preinstalled hard disk, compared to Lorex that comes with only 1TB hard disk. And the good things with Lorex N841 are person / vehicle detection and the smart features to support your smart home including supporting Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. See also the smart Google Nest Cam IQ with Google Assistant.

D800 4k Camera

The D800 is designed with a dome model, similar to a turret camera model such as the Amcrest ip8m-t2499 or the newer model Amcrest ip8m-mt2544. This camera is not a turret model that is generally designed to be able to provide further night vision range than the dome models in general. This camera supports night vision with 18pcs IR LEDs to illuminate up to 100ft range.

Flexible direction

This camera is not a PTZ camera that can be controlled remotely for horizontal panning or vertical tilting in a motorized way via your NVR or your mobile device, but you can adjust the position manually because this camera can be rotated horizontally up to 360 degrees as well as vertically up to 70 degrees as needed in the right direction. See also best PTZ outdoor security cameras.

Comparing with the bullet cameras in the Lorex 8 channel POE NVR bundle in this comparison, the camera cannot be adjusted manually either horizontal or vertical direction. Then you have to put it in the right position within the frame where the camera will cover.


Both models of cameras are offering up to 4k resolution, however different frame rate. Reolink D800 offers 4k resolution @20 fps. On the other hand Lorex offers 4k resolution @15 fps, or 2k resolution @20 fps. See that with the same frame rate @20 fps, Lorex offers lower resolution @ 2k.

Night vision

In terms of night vision, the advantage of Lorex with its color night vision capability outperform Reolink  which can only view and record in black and white even though there is ambient light. In a full darkness, Lorex can provide a longer range than Reolink.

Briefly, the differences between the two 4k cameras in each of the 8 channel PoE NVR bundle kits can be presented in the following comparison table.

Table 2 Reolink vs Lorex 4k security camera

Camera model Reolink D800 Lorex E861AB
Resolution 4k @20 fps 4k @15 fps / 2k @20 fps / 1080p @30 fps
FOV 87 degree 111 degree
Lens 4.0mm f/4.0 fixed lens with ½.7inch 4k CMOS image sensor 2.8mm f/1.6 fixed lens with 4k 1/1.8inch CMOS image sensor
Night vision 18pcs IR LEDs range up to 100ft Color night vision in ambient light, darkness with IR up to 130 ft
Rotation adjustment ~ 360 degree horizontal, ~70 degree vertical with manual adjustment Fixed
Audio Microphone for audio recording N/A
Onvif Can work with Reolink 4k NVR system Onvif
Price $75.00 $150.00

See that individual price each of the camera is different; Lorex E861ab is tagged with twice as much bucks as Reolink D800.

From the camera side which one is suitable to meet your needs, if in ambient light you still hope to be able to view in color then the Lorex bundle is your choice.

Click the following product’s link to learn more detail as well as link to shop in Amazon.

The price difference between the two product Reolink vs Lorex 8 channel poe NVR system kits is around $130 with Lorex is more expensive.

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