Reolink vs Lorex IP Security Camera

If you want to find a comparison between reolink and lorex cameras, of course you understand that nearly most reolink camera products are sold cheaper than lorex cameras.

Is it true that the quality of reolink cameras is lower than that of lorex so that they are sold cheaper?

Of course this is not always the case, because customers are more critical of the cameras they buy at higher prices, so when they are less satisfied with the camera then they provide unfavorable testimony.  And vice versa if the camera purchased is cheaper, it tends to give good 5 star testimonials when satisfied with quality comparable to the price they pay.

Lorex vs Reolink

Now we will see a comparison of the two reolink and lorex products, and here we limit the comparison of security cameras which are arguably a good class from each vendor for dome, bullet, and PTZ cameras models.

Compared to lorex, Reolink offers fewer product variations. We take a featured product from Reolink to be compared with one of the lorex products which spec and features are closest as a reference to help you to choose with the existing price difference.

The comparison we present here is only limited to the main features, not in detail. For spec details you can follow the provided product link with a link to buy on Amazon at the latest prices.

Reolink vs Lorex Dome camera

Until now reolink has not produced dome cameras with 4k resolution, so we take one of the reolink dome products with 5mp resolution, namely Reolink rlc-422. For comparison reolink vs lorex, we take one of lorex new series – lorex lnd3374sb.

Frame per second

You may pay attention to the resolution and the frame per second (fps), see that with the same @30fps reolink is superior than lorex. And in addition, the optical zoom is also different.

 Table 1 reolink vs lorex dome camera

Model Reolink rlc-422 Lorex lnd3374sb
Resolution 4-Megapixel(2560×1440) @30 fps 3.0Megapixel (2048×1536) @20 fps 1080p @30 fps
Lens 1/3 inch CMOS 2.8~12mm varifocal lens 1/3 inch 2.7~12mm varifocal lens
Zoom 4x optical motorized zoom 3x optical motorized zoom
Field of view angle 36~100 degree 33~93 degree
Night vision   24 IR LEDs range ~ 65ft 2 IR LED range ~140ft (43 meters)
Audio N/A N/A
Local Memory Storage N/A N/A
Price $94.99 $154.99

Click here to shop in Amazon (Reolink rlc-422)

Reolink vs Lorex bullet camera

For the bullet camera model, we take the latest product from Reolink with 4k resolution, which is lorex b800. And for lorex it will be a little bit difficult to find an equivalent considering so many 4k products with bullet models. For that’ why we take the most adequate one, lorex lnb8111, or maybe another one of the new models is lorex lnb9232s.

Take a look at the following lorex vs reolink comparison table. If we compare with lnb8111, the reolink b800 spec is almost close to reolink with slightly faster fps. We try to compare it with lnb9232 which has a higher fps spec than Reolink and see how much the price difference is.

Long range night vision

One thing that lorex is superior here is long range night vision and in color, not in black and white like night vision cameras in general. But you still need ambient lights within the frame.

Table 2 Reolink vs lorex bullet model camera

Model Reolink b800 Lorex lnb9232s
Resolution 8.0Megapixel (3840×2160) @20 fps 8.0Megapixel (3840×2160) @30 fps
Lens ½.5 inch CMOS f=4.0mm Unspecified
Zoom N/A N/A
Field of view angle 97 degree 111 degree
Night vision 18pcs IR LEDs range ~100ft (30meters) Color night vision Range ~275ft (84 meters)
Audio Built-in microphone Built-in microphone
Storage N/A N/A
Price $74.99 $239.97

You may also like comparison reolink vs lorex camera system kit, reolink rlk-410 with 16 channel nvr system compared with lorex 8 channel 4k nvr system plus 8pcs lorex lkb353a cameras.

Reolink vs lorex ptz camera

For reolink with PTZ camera model that we can get is reolink rlc-423 which is the POE wired-connection version, there is also a wifi version which is reolink RLC-423WS. What about the ptz camera model at Lorex side? We take one of the newly released products, namely lorex lnz44p4bw ptz camera.

Vandal resistant

With $50 price different, what you’ll get here. Lorex looks more superior than reolink, see that resolution is 4mp @30fps real time speed, color night vision, and vandal resistant. however, reolink comes with built-in audio.

Table 3 Reolink vs Lorex PTZ camera

Model Reolink rlc-423 Lorex lnz44p4bw
Resolution 5Megapixel (3072×1728) @ 20 fps 2k / 4Megapixel (2592×1520) @30 fps
Lens ½.9 inch CMOS Sensor 2.7~12mm 1/3 inch CMOS sensor 2.7 ~11mm
Zoom 4x optical zoom 4x optical zoom; 16x digital zoom
Field of view angle 98~33 degree 104~33 degree
Night vision 6pcs IR LEDs range 190ft (60 meters) Color Night Vision (CNV) with ambient light, no IR LEDs
Audio Audio In interface N/A
PTZ speed 100° per second panning and Tilting 0~355° panning and ~90° tilting Panning ~355 degree, 0~90 degree with 100 degree / second panning speed
Housing IP66 weatherproof IP66 weatherproof and IK10 vandal resistant solid metal housing
Price $229.99 $279.99

The listed price might be different with the current price, click the link below for current price, spec detail and link to shop in Amazon.

Reolink vs Lorex wifi camera

Lorex does not have many high-resolution wifi camera collections as I would like to compare it with reolink RLC-511W. For that reason I don’t take rlc-511 but I take a new wifi camera product from Reolink that will be released soon, namely RLC-211W. While for lorex, I also take a new wifi camera product LW4211 which has already been released on the market.

And note that lorex vs reolink wifi camera here is physically nearly the same.

Table 4. Reolink vs lorex wifi camera

Model Reolink rlw-211w Lorex lw4211
Resolution 2Megapixel (1920×1080) @15fps 2Megapixel (1920×1080) @10 fps
Lens ½.7Inch 4.0mm CMOS sensor ½.7 inch 2.8 mm color CMOS
Zoom N/A N/A
Field of view angle 85 degree 118 degree
Night vision 18pcs 850nm IR LEDs range ~ 100ft(30m) 18pcs IR LEDs range up to 115 ft(35m)
Audio Built-in microphone Built-in microphone
Storage N/A N/A
Connection 802.11b/g/n @2.4Ghz 2.4GHz
Housing IP66 weatherproof IP66 weatherproof with aluminum alloy metal housing
Price Coming soon $149.99

Dependent DVR

Probably reolink would like to compete lw4211 with RLC-211W. And indeed both are not IP cameras but analogs,  lorex lw4211 comes with the transceiver unit where the transceiver needs to be connected to the DVR unit with a coaxial cable. While reolink rlw-211w camera can only work with RLK4-211WB4-S system that will coming soon too.

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