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Ring Stickup Cam vs Reolink Which One is More value

Ring redesigned its ring stickup cam to support various power options you can opt which one is suitable to meet your home security needs. How these ring stick up cam series are compared with reolink outdoor security cameras?

Ring Stickup Series

Ring and Arlo are most popular brands when it comes in mind in purchasing home security cameras either indoor or outdoor. However, both ring and arlo do not design their camera with local memory storage to playback your video footages, however you have options to subscribe their service plans for cloud storage and unlock all available provided features. No wonder that you can find bunch of security camera models come with local memory storage available in the market today without having to subscribe cloud storage to playback the footages.  

Ring introduces various models of home security camera products including Ring camera doorbell, ring spotlight cam, ring floodlight camera, and ring stickup cam series, one of most popular outdoor security cameras in the market. See also comparison between Arlo and Ring floodlight cameras.

What Ring stickup cam does?

Ring stickup cam delivers full HD 1080p camera resolution, supports color night vision with fixed lens and wide 110 degree view angle to cover the entire property.

All new Ring tick Up cam
All new Ring tick Up cam

Full HD

Is 1080p camera resolution sufficient to monitor your property? Definitely it is, the higher video resolution of security camera the more detailed the image will be, even when you need to zoom in to see objects up close. If the coverage of the house property being monitored is not too wide, then the live view without zooming in is sufficient with 1080p resolution, you can still see detailed images without zooming in.

However, if you need a surveillance camera that is capable of covering exceedingly wide area and capable of zooming in objects in distance with greater detail, 1080p resolution camera is not appropriate. What you need is a 2k or 4k resolution camera with optical zoom feature to get detailed objects in the distance.

Ring stick up cam is quite small; with a sturdy stand you can place it anywhere either indoor or outdoor. Especially for the battery powered model, there is no need to think about the power cable connection when it comes to place it in a strategic location for security surveillance where it is difficult to pull the power cable.

What about event alerts? Ring offers fantastic motion detection software that sends motion detection events with customized motion detection zones; you can live view locally or remotely via your Smartphone when you are on the go. 

As general, ring stickup cam gives you peace of security surveillance camera you can give a try and install it either indoor or outdoor. 


  • Indoor or outdoor security camera with Full HD 1080p resolution and super wide angle 130 degree diagonal; 110 degree horizontal and 57 degree vertical
  • Color Night vision support with advanced motion detection you can customize and motion activated notifications
  • Two way audio with built-in speaker and microphone with noise cancellation
  • wireless (802.11 b/g/n) single radio band connection @2.4GHz, dual band for elite series
  • Mount everywhere with integrated mounting base/ stand for desktop placement or on the wall or ceiling
  • Works with Alexa for voice command
  • Free 30-days trial cloud storage, available Ring protect plan
  • No local memory storage for playback the event video footage, you need to subscribe ring protect plan to unlock complete features

Power options

With the redesigned of ring stickup cam, Ring offers four series of either indoor or outdoor security cameras. What makes all these four camera series different? The main difference is the way each of the series receive power. You have various power options including battery power, solar power, plug in or POE. 

Table 1 below shows you four series of ring stick up cam, the battery model, the plug-in model, the solar power model and elite series model. You may also find that the elite series is the POE model that comes with the mounting bracket. The other three series don’t come with the mounting bracket, you need to purchase separately when you need to mount the camera on the ceiling or on the wall.  

Table 1 Ring Stick Up Models

Ring Stick Up modelsBatteryPlug InSolar Power series  Elite series
Quick Release battery packYesOptionalYesN/A
Indoor / Outdoor Power AdapterOptionalNoNoN/A
Solar PanelOptionalNoYesN/A
powered by an AC adapter to AC outletNoYesNoN/A
POEN/AN/AN/AYes , comes with PoE Adapter or Indoor / outdoor power adapter
Connectivity : 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHzYesYesYesEthernet or 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz or 5GHz
placed on flat surfaces; optional mounting bracketYesYesYesComes with mounting bracket

All the other specs and features are the same for all ring stickup cam series except the power option, and the elite series comes with POE you can either connect using UTP cable both for power source and data by connecting to POE adapter, or you can use indoor / outdoor power adapter.  

For doorbell, you may also like to see comparison between Amcrest doorbell vs Ring doorbell.

Ring Stick up cam vs Reolink

Reolink offers wide range of security cameras and recording systems, this Chinese brand is getting popular with its low price strategy without sacrificing the quality and performance. Let me take one of reolink product that is comparable to one of ring stick up series, it is the reolink argus 3 pro.

Which ring stickup model is to compare? We can take one of them, the plug-in ring stickup cam series which is commonly used.

Reolink argus 3 pro
Reolink argus 3 pro

Table 2 below represents spec comparison table for ring stick up cam plug-in model and reolink argus 3 pro.

Camera features

Ring and argus offer cameras with different video resolution. see that ring offers full HD 1080p @ 30 fps resolution, while reolink provides twice the resolution of ring cameras. Technically a camera with a high resolution is more profitable, especially when you zoom in on your Smartphone with camera app, a 4mp resolution camera is sharper when zoomed in. In terms of resolution, reolink argus with 4mp resolution outperforms ring stickup series which are only 1080p.

Night vision

Ring promises color night vision, only if there is enough ambient light around the camera, if the ambient light is not sufficient it will only provide b/w night vision. Unlike Ring, reolink argus 3 pro comes with two spotlights up to 230lm for color night vision. You can setup it to continuously turn on to provide ambient light thus providing color night vision. Or motion detection that triggers the spotlight so that it can provide color night vision.


When the camera detects motion, typically the camera will record a few seconds of video events and save the video footage into the micro SD card local memory storage. What if the camera does not have local memory storage? The data is usually stored on the recorder unit (NVR unit) or stored in the cloud.

Ring does not provide local memory on the camera or on the hub station but provides cloud storage services that you can access from anywhere even when you are on the go. In contrast to reolink argus that comes with local storage memory storage solutions with micro SD cards you can install up to 128GB.

 You can read more details with the following specifications comparison tables 2 below.

Table 2 Ring Stick up cam vs Reolink

Security Camera modelRing Stickup Cam Plug-inReolink Argus 3 Pro
Image sensorCMOS image sensorStarlight CMOS Image Sensor
LensFixed wide angle lensFixed lens
View angle130°diagonal, 110° horizontal, 57° vertical122 degree diagonal
Resolution1080p @30 fps2560 x 1440 (4.0 MP) at 15 fps
SpotlightsN/A2 spotlights 2W/ 6500K /230 lumens
Night visionColor night vision with ambient lightB/W night vision with 6 IR LEDs (14mli/850nm) up to 33ft (10m) / Color night vision with 2 spotlights up to 33ft
AudioTwo way audio with noise cancellationHigh-quality speaker and microphone for 2-way audio
StorageNo local memory storage, ring protect plan with cloud storageSupports up to 128 GB micro SD card Supports Reolink Cloud
OutdoorYes, weatherproofIP65 weatherproof
Connectivity802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHzDual band 802.11 a/b/g/n
PowerBarrel Plug (indoor/outdoor power supply included)6000mAh rechargeable battery DC Power: 5V/2A power adaptor Can be powered by Reolink Solar Panel
Event triggerAdvanced Motion Detection with Customizable Motion Zones, send alert notification to your mobile devicePerson detection/ vehicle detection; motion triggered recording ; audio alerts with customized siren
Service planRing protect plan, including cloud storage you can access from anywhereReolink Cloud storage option
Works with AlexaYesYes, Hey Google
Price (Jan 2023)$99.99$139.99 (with solar panel)

Reolink with double resolution as high as ring stickup cam and local memory storage to me are more advantage and no need to subscribe annual cloud storage. Ring stick up cam with ring protection plan is worth trying for cloud storage accessible everywhere and unlock more features.

Click the product’s link below to learn more details each of the product and see best deals in Amazon (#ads).

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