Security Camera

Best PTZ Outdoor Camera

BY ALI H · APRIL 9, 2016

There are various models of PTZ Outdoor camera available in the market you can purchase, choose the best PTZ camera to meet your business need. PTZ camera is one of the best solution to cover larger area that allows you to control the camera easily including panning horizontally up to endless 360 degree, and tilting vertically up to 90 degree and more detail objects by zooming in.

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Best 16 Channel DVR-NVR System

BY ALI H · FEBRUARY 28, 2016

For small businesses, 16 channel 1080p DVR or NVR system is appropriate to meet your business need. Now which one is best 16 channel DVR or NVR system to meet your business among multiple vendors offer the stuffs including Lorex, LaView and GW Security ?

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Cheap Home Security cameras

BY ALI H · MAY 24, 2015

Which one is suitable for your home when you should find cheap home security camera? Don’t spend hundreds of bucks for home security camera unless you require a complicated multispots area to cover.

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Best Wireless Home Security Cameras

BY ALI H · MAY 24, 2015

A single solution, easy to install security camera in home that can be connected to wifi network is sometimes confusing to choose. The idea is to be able to view remotely via mobile devices, no clutter of wires to install and easy to configure.

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Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras

BY ALI H · MAY 29, 2015

One of most popular surveillance cameras is outdoor wireless security camera including Arlo and Uniden series, easy to install and maintain.

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Amcrest Vs Lorex Wireless Security Camera

BY ALI H · JUNE 17, 2015

Various models of wireless security camera kits you can find in the market and sometimes make you confuse which one to choose. Amcrest and Lorex are two of them that offer you wireless security camera kits, popular outdoor wireless security camera kit in the market with affordable price.

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Amcrest Vs Lorex Surveillance System

BY ALI H · DECEMBER 16, 2015

CCTV is one of best solution for surveilance with its analog camera which offers high speed no compression image quality. Integrating multiple cameras to the DVR system with capability of remote viewing is a better solution.

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Amcrest IP2M-841 Vs Vimtag 361


Amcrest IP2M-841 and Vimtag 361 are popular wireless IP camera devices for home, small office or any indoor surveillance system that can be viewed remotely via Android and iOS. Both are popular and affordable IP cameras for home.

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Top 10 Baby Video Monitors and Cameras

BY ALI H · JUNE 2, 2015

Are you parents who want to always keep an eye how funny your baby’s playing or sleeping in his / her room while you have to keep working in another room in your home? Installing the video baby monitor is the solution should you want not to miss how they grow ..

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