SENS8 Home Wifi Camera System with Siren

Lots of new introductions of home cameras coming on the market today and mostly come with paid storage service plan including Ezviz and Ring Stick up. Should you require smart eye catching home wifi camera without having to hurt your wallet you may consider SENS8 Home Wifi Camera.

What this product does

Wondering that your house is at risk of intruders having asmart home wifi camera is a must, not just for security reason, the camera isalso nice for checking on your loved ones while you are away includingmonitoring your babies and pets. SENS8 home wifi camera takes care of your homesecurity.

SENS8 Home Wifi Camera with Siren

Home protection

SENS8 home camera detects all unusual motion activities andtriggers recording just 5 seconds before a triggered event. The video footageis then stored either in your local memory camera or sent to free Dropbox orGoogle drive. The only triggered event is recorded and stored so you don’t needto check lengthy hours of searching of empty room with no activities, justrecord motion detection event only. The same motion detection feature likethose competing products such as Ring Stick Up cam and Ezviz Ezguard camera.

Automation armed

The good thing with SINS8 home wifi camera is that it is armed automatically soon as your hand phone (with SENS8 app installed) is about half a mile away from home, and when you are back home the camera will disable automation mode as soon as your phone picks up home wifi network. Or you can arm it manually via Alexa command when you are getting bed.  

So what if your power is out? No problem your camera isequipped with built-in battery back-up in case the power is out of service.


  • Nice looking design wifi home camera with 1080p resolution with solid aluminum body
  • Fixed lens with 140 degree field of view angle
  • Night vision support with ambient light sensor
  • Automatic arm / disarm with 95dB siren and speaker
  • Motion detection with false alarm and smart alerts
  • Built-in eMMC 8GB local memory storage saving up to 800 clips, supports upload to your Dropbox or Google drive
  • Two way audio and supports Alexa
  • Humidity and temperature sensor

What else do you need for affordable home security camera system? SENS8 is one of best solution you may consider.

Click here to learn more detail SENS8 home camera system

Note that this product is ideal for homes, should you require up to 16 cameras for businesses or offices you may consider 16 channel or more with cameras. See here Laview vs Reolink vs Lorex 16 channel camera system or you may also consider GW Security 8 channel vs Reolink camera system.

 Are there similar products in the market? Lots, and here couple of them Ring Stick Up and Ezviz Ezguard.

Ezviz Ezguard

Unlike SENS8 which is designed for indoor,Ezviz Ezguard wifi camera is designed for either indoor or outdoor usage with IP66 rated waterproof and dustproof solid housing. Ezviz Ezguard delivers the same 1920×1080 resolution @30 fps.

ezviz ezGuard 1080p wifi outdoor camera with siren and strobe

It comes with fixed lens 2.8mm with 103 degree FOV (as opposed to SENS8 with 130 degree) and it supports night vision range up to 98 ft (30m). it also has 98dB siren activates automatically when motion detection is triggered.

Not just loud siren, Ezviz Ezguard comes with strobe light in addition of siren. SENS8 doesn’t come with strobe light.

Click here to learn more details Ezviz Ezguard

Ezviz Ezguard is tagged with cheaper price than SENS8.

Ring Stick Up Camera

Unlike Ezviz and SINS8 that trigger the motion detection event with automatic siren and or strobe, Ring Stick Up camera doesn’t trigger the siren automatically but you can remotely activate it.

All new Ring tick Up cam

Resolution is the same, 1080p with wider view angle up to 150 degree.

Ring Stick Up camera connect to your internet network using either wired POE or wireless dual band connection, it also designed for either indoor or outdoor with IP66 rated weatherproof and dustproof.

Click here to learn more details Ring Stick Up camera

See here comparison between Ring Stick Up vs Amcrest vs Ezviz home wifi cameras.

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You may like similar product with outdoor support – TP-link Kasa KC200 vs Arlo Pro wifi camera system, same as 1080p resolution with 8xdigital zoom, dual band wireless ac speed up to 150Mbps. See also comparison with Ezviz – TP-link Kasa Outdoor vs Ezviz.

You may also like higher resolution, twice as high resolution as SENS8 camera – the Amcrest ip4m-1051 and Foscam R4. Both Amcrest and Foscam are Panning and tilting capable cameras for indoor.

For bullet model outdoor POE cameras you may consider Reolink RLC511w and Amcrest ip4m-1054 outdoor camera.

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