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Best Value Spedal AF962 Webcam with Ring Light vs Nexigo

Spedal introduces Spedal af962 one of best webcam with ring light with 5 level of digital zoom with a button. How does this Spedal af962 compare with Nexigo n930e?

Spedal af962

One of the factors that makes image quality bright and sharp with less noise is a proper lighting and of course the high resolution of the camera. Low light around the object the camera is capturing will result in under exposure image quality, full of noise. Spedal offers AF962 – one of best webcam with ring light to add light to objects resulting bright and good image quality.

Adjustable lighting

Unlike the RightLight technology used on Logitech webcams which can compensate and correct the available surrounding light to produce balanced image, the Spedal af962 uses a ring light around the lens with white LEDs array. See also Logitech Brio vs Nexigo n940 with RightLight technology.

Spedal af962 cam with ring light
Spedal af962 cam with ring light

Three level lighting

The Af962 lets you set and select three lighting levels to apply to objects by simply pressing a button on the camera. Choose one of the best additional lights according to the light needs of the object (your face / body) that is facing the camera for streaming, online gaming or online video conference calls using Skype or Zoom software. See also best webcams for zoom meeting.  

Nexigo n930e is also one of webcam with ring light products that also comes with three level of ring light you can select by touching the button on the camera. Nexigo comes with 12pcs of white LEDs array installed on the ring light.

Nexigo n930e webcam with ring light
Nexigo n930e webcam with ring light

5x digital zoom

One of the advantages of the Spedal af962 is the 5x manual digital zoom feature that allows you to choose the best view angle according to your needs.

For example, when you are stream video online, you need a wide view angle so your whole body is seen on the camera frame, or when you are performing Zoom meeting with colleagues you need a narrow field of view angle so that only the face to the shoulders is visible, then you can select the view angle by pressing the zoom button on the camera manually.

If you compare Spedal af962 with Nexigo n930e, you can find that Nexigo only offers you single field view angle, no zoom feature. So when you are meeting online with video call or streaming video online, then you need to arrange your position in front of the camera with the best viewing angle as needed.

Take a look at the following spec comparison table between Spedal and Nexigo.

Table 1 Spedal vs Nexigo webcam with ring light

ModelSpedal af962Nexigo n930e
Image sensor½.7” CMOS image sensor1/2.7″ CMOS 2.0 Mega Pixels
Video resolutionFull HD 1080p @30 fps2MP Full-HD (1920×1080) @30 fps
LensFixed, 6-layer glass lens autofocus with f/2.1 apertureFixed lens with autofocus
Zoom5 levels digital Zoom in and out with one
button manually for best view angle
AudioDual automatic noise cancellation microphoneBuilt-in noise cancellation microphone
Field of view angle80 degree with 5 level manual adjustable75 degree diagonal
Privacy coverN/AYes, sliding
Mounting typeScreen mount, clip on the screen monitorClip on monitor / laptop
Ring lightthree-step ring light Yes with 12 white LEDs, three lighting level with touch control
ConnectivityUSB Plug and PlayUSB plug and play

Prices tagged are almost the same between Spedal and Nexigo, just slightly different. Click the link below to shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

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