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Sunba Vs GW Security Auto Tracking Camera

SUNBA 805-DG20X SE and GW Security GW200IP are outdoor PTZ auto tracking camera, high speed motion tracking camera for your large homes or small businesses.


SUNBA offers various models of high speed outdoor POE PTZ camera in additions of other models of IP and analog cameras. 805-DG20X SE is one of PTZ outdoor camera with high speed auto tracking feature. With auto tracking feature, the PTZ camera has the ability to follow an object such as a human or vehicle until that object is beyond the view of the camera. Standard PTZ camera such as Sunba 801-22X and Lorex LNZ32P21 doesn’t feature auto tracking system.

Compared with other competing products, Sunba 805-DG20X SE is one of best motion tracking camera available in the market today.

What this product does

Sunba 805-DG20X SE is high speed up to 120 degree per second Dome PTZ camera with high resolution of HD 1080p 2.0MP image details with night vision support up to 150m (490ft) IR distance.

Rich features outdoor camera

Sunba 805-DG20X comes with high performance SONY lens with 20x optical zoom factor. Unlike standard Dome POE outdoor camera and other popular PTZ outdoor camera, this product comes with solid Polymer shell housing with IP66 rated weatherproof and built-in heat dissipation system and built-in fan as dehumidifier as well as windshield wiper blade.

It’s really a complete auto tracking camera with rich features of outdoor camera ready for harsh outdoor environment, ideal for large business area to monitor such as process plant, marine projects and other outdoor placement.

Sunba 805-DG20X
Sunba 805-DG20X


  • Built with SONY image sensor lens ½.8” progressive scan CMOS
  • High resolution of 2.0MP1080p
  • 20x optical zoom factor
  • High speed up to 120 degree /second either panning or tilting
  • Panning endless up to 360 degree and tilting 90 degree
  • Hardware auto tracker feature
  • IP66 rated weatherproof with polymer shell housing, built-in heat dissipation system, fan as dehumidifier as well as windshield wiper blade
  • Night vision with 8x IR LEDs distance up to 150m (492 ft)
  • ONVIF compliant
  • Main stream 1080p with sub stream D1

Auto tracking camera products are typically more expensive than standard outdoor PTZ camera due to the more complicated auto tracker system built in the camera and other features for outdoor placement to withstand against harsh weather environment.

Sunba Vs GW Security

Various models of motion tracking camera available in the market today including GW Security GW200IP that we would like to compare head to head with Sunba 805-DG20x.

GW Security GW200IP is one of most popular auto tracking camera products available in the market today. To help you see the differences (if any) between both products, take a look at the following spec and feature comparison table as shown below.


Both cameras use image sensor made by SONY even though with different lens type, and both have the same varifocal lens ranging 4.7mm ~ 94mm providing 20x optical zoom factor. With optical zoom you can assure the quality of the image detail for small object at the distance when you zoom in with the camera, clear sharp and free noise.

Both camera support night vision with 8x IR LEDs and IR-Cut filter to allow the camera record the video in black and white while the day light shifts to the dark light up to certain distance. Lorex offers some camera models with the CNV technology (color night vision) that allows the cameras record the night video not in black and white but color when there is still ambient light exist. However, when it is completely dark the video records in black and white. See related CNV camera Lorex vs Amcrest 2K POE camera.

PTZ Speeds

The significant difference lies on the Pan and Tilt speeds. GW Security offers panning speed twice as fast as Sunba up to 300 degree per second, while the tilting speeds are the same up to 120 degree per second. The higher panning speed is ideal for tracking the fast moving objects such as the running vehicle.

gw security ptz auto tracking camera
GW Secucrity Auto tracking PTZ camera


Most PTZ motion tracking camera products are designed for outdoor, generally installed on the height of the tower to cover large area. No wonder that the camera should be capable of withstand against any harsh environment such as the wind, water, snow, dust and even against lightening.

See that both PTZ auto tracking camera are ready with all harsh environment with solid housing IP66 rated weatherproof and with additions of heat dissipation system, dehumidifier fan, windshield wiper and more, see more spec details on the links below end of comparison table. It is contrary with the cameras used specifically for indoor such as Arlo Q or Amcrest and other home security camera such as Foscam R2 or Vimtag.

Both Sunba and GW Security motion tracking camera are ideal for businesses such as in airport, marine projects, process plant and more. For homes you may consider Arlo wireless outdoor camera or Lorex and Amcrest wireless outdoor camera.

Table 1 Sunba Vs GW Security Auto Tracking Camera

 SUNBA 805-DG20XGW Security
Lens½.8” Sony progressive scan CMOS Sensor1/2.7″ Sony Ultra low illumination sensor
Resolution2.0MP 1080p (1920 x 1080 Pixels)2.0MP 1080p (1920 x 1080 Pixels)
Optical zoom20x20x focal length: 4.7~94mm
Night vision8x IR LEDs, IR Cut

Distance up to 150m (492ft)

8Pcs Array IR LED night Vision

Distance up to 350ft IR night vision

Compression formatH.264H.264
PTZPanning 360 degree endless

Tilt 90 degree

Panning 360 degree endless

Tilt 90 degree

PTZ Speed120 degree /second either panning or tiltingHorizontal speed 0 ~300 degree /s

Vertical speed 0 ~120 degree /s

Network interfaceRJ-45 10/100MbpsRJ-45 10/100Mbps
HousingIP66 rated weatherproof with Polymer Shell, Built-in Heat Dissipation System, Built-in Fan as Dehumidifier, Windshield Wiper Blade FeaturedIP66 rated weatherproof with Aluminum-Itanium alloy double case construction with heater & fan,  wiper, lightning protection, anti-fog, anti-obscure, anti-shock, anti-surging

Heat dissipation system, dust prevention

ONVIFYes, Blue Iris/ Hik iVMS CompatibleYes
Auto trackingYes, Hardware Auto Tracking systemYes, built-in auto tracker
AudioLaser infrared audioN/A

For more spec details and manufacturer description and current price in Amazon, click the following link for details.

  1. Click here for Sunba 805 spec details
  2. Click here for GW Security for spec details


Sunba 805-DG20X and GW Security GW200IP are popular auto tracking camera products you may consider to cover large area for your businesses. Both motion tracking camera products come with built-in auto tracker system and come with solid housing ideal for outdoor placement.

See also High resolution 4k PTZ Outdoor POE Cameras including USG, Samsung and more.

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