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Most Popular and Affordable Swann vs Reolink Security Camera

Swann and Reolink are reputable brands in the security camera industry, offering high-quality products with different features and price points.

In this article:

Reolink vs Swann in Generals

Swann is a global company that specializes in security monitoring solutions for homes and businesses. The company was founded in 1987 in Australia and is currently headquartered in the United States. Swann’s product line includes security cameras, video doorbells, security systems, and more.

Reolink is also a global company that specializes in DIY security camera systems for homes and small businesses. The company was founded in 2009 in Hong Kong and is currently headquartered in China. Reolink’s product line includes indoor and outdoor cameras, video doorbells, and security systems.

Both Reolink and Swann are available in global market. Both Swann and Reolink are widely available on online marketplaces like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, as well as through their own websites. Both Swann and Reolink products can be purchased in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and few Asian countries.  

Product Type’s Comparisons

Swann cameras are known for their high-quality video and audio performance, and their ease of use. Swann’s cameras are typically priced in the mid-range to high-end, with prices ranging from around $100 to $400 per camera. Swann offers both wired and wireless camera options, as well as indoor and outdoor cameras.

Both Swann and Reolink cameras support the integration with with smart home platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This allows users to control their cameras using voice commands and to view live feeds on compatible smart displays.

Reolink cameras are known for their high-quality video and audio performance, and their affordability. Reolink cameras are typically priced in the mid-range, with prices ranging from around $50 to $200 per camera. Reolink offers both wired and wireless camera options, as well as indoor and outdoor cameras.

Both Reolink and Swann offer solar-powered camera options which are today become popular to save the energy, the sustainable energy from nature. These cameras use solar panels to recharge their batteries, which eliminates the need for external power sources and allows them to be placed in more remote locations.

In conclusion, both Swann and Reolink are reputable brands in the security camera industry, offering high-quality products with different features and price points. Ultimately, the choice between the two brands will depend on your specific needs and budget.

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Let’s see how their products are compared including video camera doorbell, and popular surveillance 16channel kits.

Reolink vs Swann Doorbell

The video doorbell camera is a highly popular security product for homes. With bunch of numerous models available in the market today, customers can choose from a wide range of options provided by both popular vendors such as Arlo, Ring, and Google and those products from less-known vendors.

Now, let’s delve into a comparison between two products offered by Swann and Reolink in their doorbell camera category.

Swann Doorbell
Swann Doorbell
Reolink doorbell series

Reolink currently offers two types of doorbell camera products based on their power source: wifi doorbell and POE doorbell. The wifi or wireless doorbell is powered by a rechargeable battery and is not related to data connectivity, as the name suggests. On the other hand, the POE doorbell model is powered by PoE (power over ethernet) technology that uses a single network cable for both power and data transmission. Both Reolink doorbell models have identical specifications and features, except for the type of power source connectivity.

We’ll take the reolink wireless doorbell camera to compare with Swann wifi doorbell. Table 1 below shows you spec and feature comparison between Reolink doorbell and Swann.

Video resolution

Reolink is a relatively new player in the doorbell camera industry. As a breakthrough, Reolink offers a product with a high-quality 5MP image sensor, delivering a maximum video resolution of up to 5MP (2560 x 1920) pixels at 20 fps. In comparison to others, most of which come with 1080p video resolution or a maximum of 4MP (2K) resolution, including the Swann product that only offers 1080p resolution, Reolink’s 5MP image sensor provides twice as much image detail. Moreover, with a 180-degree wide view angle, Reolink’s doorbell camera ensures full-body coverage of anyone standing at your door, from head to toe.

Reolink doorbell 5MP
Reolink doorbell 5MP
Power Source

Swann doorbell offers wire-free product, meaning the power is rechargeable battery instead of wired ac/dc power source. The advantage of a doorbell camera with battery power is that it doesn’t require any hardwiring or connection to the home’s electrical system. This makes it easier to install and more flexible in terms of placement. With a battery-powered doorbell camera, homeowners can place the camera wherever they want, without worrying about the location of electrical outlets or the need for a professional installation. Additionally, battery-powered doorbell cameras are portable, which means that homeowners can move them to a different location if needed. Finally, battery-powered doorbell cameras often have a rechargeable battery that can last for months, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.

Unlike Swann that is powered by battery, Reolink doorbell is powered by DC or AC using wired power source. The more flexible model is reolink PoE doorbell which uses single network cable to transmit both power source and network data.

Data connectivity

Most doorbell cameras offer remote access, allowing you to access their camera when they’re away from home. To achieve this, the doorbell camera needs to be connected to your home internet network either wirelessly or through an Ethernet port.

The Reolink doorbell is equipped with both a wireless adapter and an Ethernet port, allowing you to connect to home network either via wifi or a network cable. In contrast, the Swann doorbell is equipped with a wireless adapter for wifi connection to the home wifi network. However, unlike Swann, which connects to a single 2.4GHz band, Reolink offers dual-band wifi, enabling wireless connection using the cleaner 5GHz radio band.

Today you can find most wireless routers come with dual band either based on legacy wireless ac standard or recent wifi 6 standards such as Google Nest Pro or Deco xe75, or popular cable modem routers combo.

Smart Detection

Reolink supports human detection instead of just standard motion detection that prone to false alerts, and the best part is it records 6-seconds color clip just before the alert is sent to your mobile device. You can use this later as an evident in case of indication of crime. Swann doesn’t give pre recording clips like Arlo, but Swann offers more accurate detection by using its’ true detect technology that senses the heat & movement of people, cars, and large animals for reliable alerts and reduce false alarms.


The Reolink doorbell camera comes with a built-in micro SD card slot that can support up to 256GB of storage. This allows you to store video footage locally on the camera, without the need for a separate storage device. On the other hand, Swann offers similar memory slot but lower capacity up to 32GB.

Both Reolink and Swann support connection to compatible NVR system, so you can also store the video footage on the NVR storage for playback later when needed. Both Swann and Reolink doorbell cameras are compatible with a range of smart home platforms, including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This allows you to control your doorbell using voice commands and to view live video feeds on compatible smart displays.

With local memory storage, you don’t need to subscribe cloud storage like Arlo or Ring to store video clips for later playback. See also most popular doorbell without subscription.

Take a look more spec details on the following comparison table below.

Table 1 Reolink vs Swann doorbell camera

Doorbell ModelReolink Wifi Doorbell CameraSwann Doorbell Camera
Image sensor1/2.7″ CMOS SensorUnspecified
Lensf=2.26mm F=2.0, with IR cutUnspecified
View AngleHorizontal: 134° Vertical: 97° Diagonal: 180°180 degree
Resolution2560 x 1920 (5 megapixels) @20 fps1080p full HD
Aspect Ratio4: 31: 1
Night VisionIR LEDs night visionIR LED auto night vision range up to 16ft (5m)
Power Options12-24VAC 50/60Hz, DC 24VRechargeable 6500mAh Lithium Battery with micro USB cable WIred: 5V DC / 12-24V AC
ConnectivityDual band wifi / One 10M/100Mbps RJ452.4GHz Single band wifi (wireless range up to 65ft/20m*)
Smart DetectionMotion detection/person detection; visit notificationTrue Detect™ Heat-Sensing
Pre recording before alertsYes, 6-second video footage prior alertsN/A
AudioTwo-way audio, noise reduction, echo suppression with Built-in 2 microphones & a speaker2 Way Audio with built–in Microphone & Speaker Audio Range Up to 16ft/5m
StorageMicro SD card slot (Max. 256GB), works with Reolink NVRSecure Cloud & 32GB Micro SD Card included
Doorbell ChimeReolink Chime US/ EU/ UK Version with 10 ringtonesSwannBuddy™ Chime Speaker Unit with 2x AA batteries (included)
OutdoorYes, water resistantIP65 weatherproof  
Dimension133mm x 48mm x 23mm2.1″ x 1.25″ x 5.5″  55mm x 32mm x 140mm
Weight96 grams7.5 oz / 213g
Works withGoogle Assistant, Alexa, Hey GoogleHi Google, Alexa

Overall, both Reolink and Swann doorbell cameras are great options for anyone looking to add a video doorbell to their home security system. They offer high-quality video and audio performance, as well as a range of useful features that can help enhance the security of your home.

Reolink with 5MP resolution is tagged with lower price than Swann doorbell. Click the product’s link below to learn more details each of the products, to see current price and best deals in Amazon (#ads).

Now, let’s compare the recent security camera system kits offered by both vendors and which one is suitable to meet your business need..  

Swann vs Reolink 8 Channel Kits

Swann recently launched a security camera kit called the SWNVK-876808, comprising an 8 channel PoE NVR security system and 8pcs NHD-875WLB security cameras. These cameras come equipped with digitally enhanced upscaling technology that enables them to provide 4K resolution and zoom capabilities. In this article, we’ll be comparing this security kit with Reolink’s 4K security kits, which are priced similarly to Swann’s.

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The following paragraphs compare both the NVR system and the included security cameras in the each of the kit.

Swann SWNVK-876808 security kit
Swann SWNVK-876808 security kit
Swann vs Reolink NVR System

The Swann NVR-8580 is a reliable 8-channel POE NVR system that offers exceptional resolution of up to 4k, utilizing the highly efficient H.265 compression format. With this cutting-edge format, you can save up to 60% more space than the H.264 compression format, making it a smart and economical choice for your security needs.

Included in this comprehensive package is a generous 2TB of hard disk storage, capable of storing your video footage from snapshot alerts for months on end. The system automatically overwrites the oldest footage when the hard drive reaches its storage capacity. However, if you require more space, you can upgrade to a maximum of 6TB of hard disk storage capacity, ensuring that you never miss a crucial moment.

Reolink’s RLK8-812B4-A is another excellent option for those in need of an 8-channel security camera kit. The package comes with four high-quality cameras, and if necessary, you can add up to four more to connect to the recording unit, bringing the total to eight cameras.

To help you compare the technical specifications of the two systems, we have included Table 2 below. As you can see, both Swann and Reolink’s NVR systems offer similar features, including an 8-port POE switch, VGA and HDMI video output ports, and a few minor ports.

However, Reolink’s system stands out with its ability to support two SATA ports, allowing you to install up to 6TB of hard disk storage on each port (for a maximum of 12TB). In contrast, Swann’s NVR system only has one SATA port, which supports a maximum of 6TB of hard disk storage. Nevertheless, both systems come with a pre-installed 2TB hard disk for ample storage right out of the box.

Table 2 Swann 8Ch vs Reolink NVR

NVR SystemNVR-8580RLN8-410
Video input8 channels with built-in 8-port POE switch8 channels with built-in 8-port POE switch
ResolutionUp to 4k (8MP) with H.265 compression formatUp to 4k (3840 x 2160)
Video outputVGA, HDMI up to 4KVGA (1080p), HDMI (3840 x 2160)
StoragePreinstalled 2TB, up to 6TBPreinstalled 2TB, up to 12TB (6TB each)
playbackFrame Rate up to 15fps @ 5MPSynchronous Playback Up to 4 Channels

Technically Reolink NVR system offers more advantage with larger storage capacity you can expand up to double storage capacity as opposed to Swann.

Reolink vs Swann Outdoor Cameras

Each kit is equipped with several security cameras that come equip with spotlights to provide ambient light illumination so that the camera can render color night vision. What distinguishes each camera please refer to table 3 below.

Upscalling 4k technology

The Swann NHD-875WLB security camera is a cutting-edge device that offers unparalleled 4K resolution. Utilizing digital upscaling technology, this camera produces images that are comparable to those captured by 4K security cameras with a 4K CMOS image sensor, such as the Reolink rlc-812a.

While Swann does not provide detailed information about the image sensor, focal length, and frame rate, as Reolink does in its comprehensive data sheet, this may be due to the unique upscaling resolution technology employed by Swann. It’s possible that these different specifications are a result of the innovative technology used by Swann, and further details may not be relevant.

Reolink 8 channels 4k Kits
Reolink 8 channels 4k Kits
Smart alerts

The Swann Nhd-875wlb security camera features a heat and motion sensor as one of its smart alert systems. This advanced technology can accurately detect human body heat or vehicle movement, reducing the likelihood of false alarms.

In contrast, the Reolink rlc-812a security camera utilizes AI technology to detect humans and vehicles, rather than relying on standard motion detection methods. This cutting-edge feature provides even greater accuracy in identifying potential security threats.


Both security camera models are equipped with four white LED spotlights designed to provide ambient light and enable color night vision. The Swann NHD-875WLB is programmed to activate its spotlights and illuminate the surrounding area up to 32ft (10m) when it detects heat and motion. In the absence of the spotlights, the camera’s black and white night vision capabilities are still impressive, extending up to 140ft under normal circumstances.

In contrast, the Reolink rlc-812 series also features four white LED spotlights, similar to the Reolink Lumus series. Users have the option to schedule the spotlights to turn on and adjust their brightness according to their preferences. Unlike the Swann model, the Reolink rlc-812 series does not include IR LEDs for black and white night vision. Instead, it relies on ambient light when the spotlights are turned off, providing color night vision with the help of surrounding illumination.

Although it lacks a loud siren, the Swann security camera with its powerful spotlight LEDs can still act as an effective deterrent, dissuading potential intruders and discouraging them from carrying out their intended crime. See also GW Security AI 8 channel vs Lorex active deterrent system.

Take a look at the following table 3 that shows you spec comparison table between Swann Nhd-875wlb and Reolink RLC-812A 4k security camera.

Table 2 Swann vs Reolink 4k Camera

Security cameraSwann NHD-875WLBReolink RLC-812A
Image sensorUnspecified1/2.49″ CMOS Sensor
Resolution4K (3840 x 2160)3840 x 2160 (8.0 Megapixels) at 25 frames/sec (fps)
LensUnspecified4.0mm fixed lens f/1.6
view angle80 degree85 degree horizontal, 44 degree vertical
Night vision130ft/40m (total darkness) Up to 32ft/10m (Color with Sensor Light)Color night vision with spotlights; if you turn off the
spotlights the camera will use ambient light for color night
vision; No IR LED for b/w night vision
Spotlight4x White LEDs4pcs 3.5W/ 6500K /400 lumen
SirenN/ABuilt-in siren triggered by motion detection or manual triggered
Smart eventTrue detect PIR heat and motion sensor PIR sensor up to 23ft (7m)Smart Alarm Motion detection; human and vehicle detection
AudioOne way audio with built-in microphoneTwo way audio with built-in microphone and speaker  
Local memory StorageN/AMicro SD Card socket up to 256GB
Power   POEIEEE 802.3af, 48V Active; DC 12.0V=1A, <12w
HousingIP66 ratedIP66 weatherproof
Included # cameras8x Swann Nhd-875wlb cameras4x Reolink RLC-812A cameras ( you can add up to 4 more cameras)
Price in bundle (Nov 2021)$799.99$589.99 (with 4 cameras); $779.00 (with 8 cameras)  

Swann SWNVK-876808 security kit with 4k resolution upscaling technology, color night vision and active deterrent feature is tagged around $800. Reolink with 4 cameras is tagged around $590; you may also opt to get 8pcs of cameras and is tagged with the price around $780.

This Reolink 8 channels security camera system kit is getting very popular with excellent customer rated in Amazon (#Ads). Click the product’s link below to read more details and shop in Amazon (#ads).

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