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Swann Enforcer 8Ch Color Night Vision vs Lorex

Active deterrent cameras are very effective at thwarting any criminal attempts when intruders enter your property. And Swann is releasing his new product Swann Enforcer which can trigger a red and blue light “policy-style” floodlight like a police patrol car siren roaring with red, blue and white flashes of light. How good it is compared with Lorex active deterrent camera system?

Swann Enforcer

With the high level of crime targeting our homes, it seems necessary that our homes are equipped with reliable security systems to at least repel intruders who intend to enter our homes before going further to commit crimes of any kind. Keep in mind that a thief who is caught by the householder, then there is a tendency to commit crimes physically and even not hesitate to commit murder. Don’t let it happen, prevent crimes before more serious crimes occur. You may also like another model of Swann 8 channel color night vision.

Swann enforcer 8 channel Kit
Swann Enforcer 8 channel Kit

This time Swann introduced the active deterrent camera system kit in the Swann enforcer 8 channel dvr kit including 8pcs bullet model PRO-1080SL active deterrent cameras.

What this kit does

This kit comes with 8 channel DVR system which records up to 1080p resolution and 8pcs of dome model active deterrent cameras, appropriate for home surveillance system.

DVR-4680 8 Channel DVR

The recording unit of this Swann Enforcer is the Swann dvr-4680 8 channel dvr unit with 1080p resolution and preinstalled 1TB hard disk (support up to 4TB SATA HDD), sufficient to store motion detection snapshot should you need to replay the footage.

BNC connection

With built-in 8-port BNC interfaces and includes 8x 60ft (18m) BNC cables, you just need to run the cables between each of the analog camera to the recorder unit as long as 18m. Should you require longer cable you need to make a customized cable as needed. Creating BNC connection is easier than creating RJ45 UTP connection; moreover you don’t need such kind of crimping tool and only connecting data and ground cable. With UTP cable you need to use crimping tool and you have to connect 8 different colored cables according to the standard from one UTP end to the other UTP end using RJ45 UTP interface.   

Video out

You can use a monitor with a VGA interface or use the HDMI interface to connect to a TV screen to monitor live view or playback footage from a recorder unit that has been preinstalled with 1TB hard disk which overwrites old files.


Like security camera system in general for your home or small business needs, the 1080p resolution of the Swann Pro-1080sl is sufficient and you can enjoy live view or playback the video footage from your mobile device clearly and sharply.

Color night vision

Swann enforcer cameras, like color night vision security cameras in general, require ambient light condition around the cameras that allow these cameras to get enough light for color night vision up to a distance of about 32ft (10m). Some camera models are equipped with white LED light or some kind of floodlight to provide ambient light to record color night vision such as the Reolink Lumus, or Amcrest ash26 floodlight, or Lorex active deterrent which we will compare with this Swann kit.

See also Lorex 16 channel vs Reolink with color night vision.

Take a look at the video introduction of this Swann Enforcer camera with color night vision.


  • 8 channel DVR system with 8pcs of active deterrent security cameras
  • Built-in 8-port BNC interface with included 60ft coaxial cable each cameras
  • Preinstalled 1TB hard disk storage with overwrite old files method
  • 8pcs of Swann Enforcer 1080p resolution with 90 degree view angle
  • Color night vision with Swann Night2Day technology up to 32ft(10m) in ambient light
  • PIR sensor up to 32ft with thermal and motion sensor detection
  • Policy style blue and red flashing light
  • Wired coaxial cable for camera connection to DVR unit


  • No audio
  • No siren, but flashing light

With Swann DVR-4680 8 channel DVR unit with preinstalled 1TB hard disk and 8pcs of Swann Enforcer cameras with color night vision and other stuffs in the box, this Swann kit is tagged around $430.00 in Amazon. With the similar value you can only purchase one unit of Amaryllo auto tracking camera.

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This Swan enforcer camera is only 1080p resolution, if 0180p resolution is not enough to meet your business, you may consider Lorex kit with 4k active deterrent cameras.

Swann vs Lorex kit

This time we provide another option from Lorex, which offers 4x as high resolution as that offered by Swann enforcer. Lorex DK162-88DAE is a 16 channel dvr system package with 8pcs 4k analog cameras which can also provide color night vision. When compared to the Swann kit, this Lorex kit is superior in terms of camera resolution offered, and also the hard disk preinstall is 2TB.

Lorex 16 channel Active deterrent system
Lorex 16 channel Active deterrent system


With the kit price almost twice as expensive as Swann, Lorex provides a camera resolution 4 times higher resolution than Swann enforcer and also Lorex camera is equipped with spotlight and siren as a deterrent  to force intruders to leave your property.


If the Swann enforcer is equipped with a police-style flashlight, the Lorex C881da security camera is equipped with a spotlight and also a siren as an active deterrent to prevent intruders from taking further action to enter your property.

Table 1 below shows you feature comparison between Swann enforcer kit and Lorex active deterrent security camera kit.

Table 1 Swann enforcer vs Lorex kit

Security KitSwann Enforcer kit with 8 enforcer cameraLorex dk162-88dae with 8pcs C881da active deterrent cameras
Recording unitDVR-4680 8 channel 1080p DVRLorex D841A62B 16 channel 4k DVR
Recording ResolutionUp to 1080p (2MP)Up to 4k (8MP)
Storage1TB preinstalled2TB preinstalled – up to maximum 8TB
Smart homeWorks with Alexa and Google assistantWorks with Alexa and Google assistant
Event modeHeat and motion detectionAdvanced motion detection
Cameras resolution1080p (2MP)4k (8MP)
LensFixed lensFixed lens 2.8mm f/1.6
View angle90 degree98 degree
SpotlightPolice style blue and red flashlightYes, LED spotlight
Night visionColor night vision up to 32ft with ambient lightColor night vision with ambient light B/W night vision with IR LED range up to 90ft
Price kit$430.00$697.00

When higher resolution up to 4k security camera requirement exists, you may consider Lorex active deterrent security camera system kit.  

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