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Amcrest IP5M-1176E vs Hikvision vs GW Security

Amcrest introduces new models of 5mp outdoor POE cameras – the Amcrest IP5m-1176E bullet model and Amcrest IP5m-1173E dome model camera. Amcrest IP5m-1176e comparison Previously Amcrest introduced two models of dome and bullet model with lower resolution of 4mp with intelligent digital varifocal zoom lens i.e. Amcrest IP4m-1056e dome model camera and Amcrest IP4m-1054e bullet model POE camera.   The newer model is higher resolution of 5mp camera in addition of 4k security camera Amcrest IP8m-2493 4k camera. see also...

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5MP IP Varifocal Security Camera

GW Security and USG offer various models of 5MP IP security camera you can select, varifocal security camera to allow you adjusting the focal length to fit your angle of view. Why 5MP with varifocal lens The requirement of 5MP IP camera in businesses and industrials is reasonable since larger mega pixel IP camera provides you larger image and more details video data to view.   High resolution details Zooming in larger image is still sharp and good detail as...