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Amcrest IP4m-1053 4MP Outdoor PTZ Camera vs Lorex

Amcrest introduces IP4m-1053 4MP Outdoor PTZ Camera with 12x optical zoom. How good it is compared with Lorex lnz44p4b? Amcrest IP4m-1053 This product is one of premium products offered by Amcrest, high resolution 4MP high speed dome PTZ camera with 12x optical zoom in addition of 16x digital zoom to allow you clearly read the face or license plate. You can install this POE outdoor PTZ camera on a pole tower outdoor to cover the whole property including surrounding neighborhood....


Lorex LNZ44P12B vs Amcrest PTZ Speed Dome Camera

Lorex introduces Lorex Lnz44p12 4mp / 2k resolution @30 fps POE outdoor PTZ camera with 12x optical zoom. Lorex Lnz44p12 When you are satisfied with the image result of 1080p resolution PTZ camera with tens of optical zoom, you will feel as twice as satisfied as image detail result with 4mp PTZ camera. with 4MP image sensor lens delivers double the detail of 1080p resolution camera. Lorex Lnz44p12 is made of 4mp image sensor lens, delivers as twice high resolution...