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Amcrest IP8M-2493 vs Hikvision vs Lorex 4K security Camera

Amcrest offers new 4k security camera – Amcrest IP8M-2493. How it is compared with Hikvision 2CD2185FWD-1 and Lorex LNE8974 4K security camera. Amcrest IP8M-2493 When you find that your HD 1080p or 2K security camera doesn’t provide you high quality image detail, you require ultra HD camera – a high resolution 8MP (aka 4K) security camera that connects to high bandwidth 4K security camera system kits. 4k resolution Amcrest introduces IP8M-2493 ultra HD 8MP or 4K security camera delivers high...


Top 4K Security Camera Outdoor

When the high resolution of 108p is not enough to meet your business, you may consider upgrading your camera security systems with high resolution 4K security camera such as Lorex LNB8111 or Hikvision 4K security cameras. 4K resolution The terms of 4K resolution can be divinized in two ultra high definitions resolutions: 3840 x 2160 pixels or 4096 x 2160 pixels. When you compare 4K resolution with full HD 1080p resolution, you find the resolution is 4 times the pixel...