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Best Affordable 16 Channel HD DVR

Which one is the best 16 channel DVR surveillance system to meet your business requirement between the following popular and high rated 16 channel surveillance system and kit, Amcrest, Lorex and CIB. Why full HD Recording resolution of High Definition (HD) or full HD digital video recorder (DVR) is appropriate resolution for clear and sharp detail viewed via smart phones or any models of Android or iOS based mobile devices. Most modern DVR or NVR systems today are capable of...

16 channel 1080p DVR - NVR 0

Best 16 Channel DVR Lorex Vs LaView Vs GW

For small businesses, 16 channel 1080p DVR or NVR system is more than appropriate to meet your business need instead of 720p resolution. Now which one is best 16 channel DVR or NVR system to meet your business when you come to three of best products offered by Lorex, LaView and GW Security? In this article: Overview Lorex NR900 Series – NR9163 LaView LV-N9916C6E GW Security GW5516NP Comparison table Overview Many people are wondering which system is better, DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR...