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Amcrest IP3M-943 Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Amcrest introduces new IP3M-943 wireless outdoor security cameras, high resolution of 3MP image detail with night vision feature and IP67 weatherproof. What this product does Amcrest IP3M-943 is released in two colors, IP3M-943W in white color model and IP3M-943B in black color model. 3MP resolution This IP camera is designed with fixed lens to deliver video recording with high resolution of up to 3MP (1296p) @20fps or 2MP (1080p) @30fps. The resolution is higher than the previous model Amcrest IP2M-842...

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Amcrest Vs Hikvision 4MP POE Outdoor Camera

Amcrest introduced IP4M-1025SE POE Outdoor camera, it’s a high resolution 4MP bullet model camera and is IP67 weatherproof. Hikvision on the other hand offers various models of outdoor POE camera including DS-2CD2042WD-I. How good is Amcrest outdoor POE camera compared with Hikvision? In this article: Amcrest IP4M-1025 bullet model camera Amcrest Vs Hikvision 4MP camaera Comparison table Amcrest vs Hikvision For comparison between DVR/NVR system, click here for Comparison 16 channel Amcrest vs Hikvision system. Amcrest IP4M-1025SE IP4M-1025SE is one...