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GW Security vs Lorex Security Cameras

GW Security released many products to compete with the mainstay products from large vendors in the market including Lorex or Hikvision, and of course the price is a little more economical than Lorex or Hikvision. GW Security vs Lorex This time we will compare few mainstay products of GW Security with Lorex products with almost the same features and specs. Lorex has complete documentation, compare it with GW Security with very poor documentation on its website. This time, we will...

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GW Security GW8571-MIP 4k Security Camera

GW Security introduces new models of 4k security camera products including GW Security GW8517-mip with built-in varifocal lens. How good it is compared with Amcrest ip8m-2493 and Lorex lne8974? GW8571-mip So far GW Security introduces various models of 5mp outdoor camera products either using built-in motorized optical zoom lens or fixed lens. Today GW Security offers new lines of ultra HD resolution camera as known as 4k security camera including GW8571mip we’d like to discuss here, GW8555mip bullet model, GW8536ip...