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Secuplug vs Foscam vs Lorex PTZ HD Camera

Secuplug offers PTZ HD Camera with 1080p resolution and is an outdoor middle speed PTZ IP camera with 10x optical zoom. This product is tagged with cheaper price than those similar products available in the market such as Amcrest and Foscam. What this product does Secuplug is an affordable 4.5 inch mini size PTZ camera with metal construction housing which is ideal for outdoor with IP66 rated weatherproof. PTZ Secuplug 1080p is like other PTZ HD camera with capability of...


Best IP Camera With Optical Zoom

One of features that must be possessed by a PTZ camera is the ability to zoom either using optical or digital zoom. The zoom capability of a PTZ camera is indeed required knowing this camera must be able to explore the entire area including getting object details closer with zoom-in capability. With zoom-in  means compressing long distance closer. Optical zoom provides image quality that is much more vivid and sharper than digital zoom. Because the image is taken by means...


Top 5 IP Camera Optical Zoom

Overview IP Camera Optical Zoom is one of important IP security camera features, an IP camera with varifocal lens to allow you control the zooming in and zooming out object in the distance without sacrificing the image quality such as noise result like it does in digital zoom. Zooming in with optical zoom retains the pixels density. Various models IP Camera with optical zoom feature is typically more expensive than fixed lens camera due to mechanical complexity in producing the...