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Hikvision vs Lorex POE Outdoor Cameras

Hikvision and Lorex are the two major vendors in security cameras today with a variety of camera models both for consumers and businesses. Probably you often find that Hikvision camera products are much more expensive than lorex products, although not always true. Hikvision vs Lorex The following paragraphs we will discuss featured products for the dome, bullet and PTZ camera models from Hikvision and compared to similar products from lorex which roughly have the same features as Hikvision. And we’ll...


Lorex LNE8964AB vs Hikvision Turret 4k Camera

In a company with a very high level of security, a very tight security system is needed and one of the supporting devices is a high-resolution camera which is very reliable to work at night besides at day time. Including the ability of the camera to provide color images and color footage at night with longer distance range. For this reason, Lorex introduced a series of highly reliable security cameras with high resolution and long range at night and more...


Lorex vs Hikvision 8 Channel NVR System Kits

Choosing which 8 channel poe nvr system kit to suit your business need is sometimes complicated. Targeting the best system is wasting time since you are aiming the moving target, see that the new products introduction always comes by time with newer technology. Just choose the best system to meet your business need. Lorex vs Hikvision Take two of 8 channel poe nvr system kits that are available lots in the market to help you decide which one is best...