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The Best 32 Channel NVR Camera System

Lorex, GW Security, Amcrest, Foscam, Zmodo and Q-See are few of popular surveillance vendors that offer various bundles of full high definition (full HD) 1080p (2.0MP), 4MP or even 4K 32 channel DVR or correctly is the NVR camera system. Many people are still stuck with the term DVR instead of NVR even though the technology between the two is different. Which bundle of NVR camera system is suitable to meet your business need? For 32 channel NVR system without the IP cameras kit,...

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GW Vs Amcrest 16 Channel DVR Security System

In a large environment, wired surveillance system is sometimes preferred knowing that wired connection is more reliable than wireless connection even though you need to run complicated cable installation between each of the camera to the DVR or NVR system. On the other hand, wireless security camera system is easier to setup no need to running complicated wired cabling because data is transmitted via wireless connection. Please note that in the following article we are talking about NVR (Network video recorder) not...