The Best 32 Channel NVR Camera System

Lorex, GW Security, Amcrest, Foscam, Zmodo and Q-See are few of popular surveillance vendors that offer various bundles of full high definition (full HD) 1080p (2.0MP), 4MP or even 4K 32 channel DVR or correctly is the NVR camera system. Many people are still stuck with the term DVR instead of NVR even though the technology between the two is different. Which bundle of NVR camera system is suitable to meet your business need?

For 32 channel NVR system without the IP cameras kit, click this link High speed 32 channel NVR system.

Why 32 Channel

Larger number of cameras in surveillance system is ideal for industrial, plants, campuses, or residential that require monitoring large number of spots. Businesses are mostly growing by times. You never know should you purchase 16 channel surveillance system, someday when you require more spots to monitor your NVR camera system is out of channel to add more cameras. That is why should you see that it is likely you need more spots to monitor in the future in line with your business is growing, choosing the 32-channel NVR is reasonable than 16-channel DVR system that is currently suitable to your business needs. See also high performance GW Security 16 channel NVR system.


In a large environment that requires large number of cameras, you should have a good planning whether you should choose DVR or NVR camera system. DVR is commonly related to analog CCTV camera and connection between camera and the DVR is BNC. You have to run individual BNC cable each of the camera direct to the DVR. While in the NVR system, each of your camera can connect to everywhere within the local network (LAN) of your computer networking. Your IP camera doesn’t need to connect directly to NVR system. Even though some models of NVR device come with built-in 4, 8, or 16 port POE switch you can connect each of your IP camera with POE (power over Ethernet) feature directly to the NVR.

IP camera with POE support is preference since each of the camera requires a single UTP CAT5e cable to transfer the video data and to inject the power to the camera. This is a good thing that you can position the camera in location where no power outlet is available. So you can run only a single CAT5e network cable for data and power. This is contrarily when you select DVR where each of the analog camera requires both BNC and power cable.

Best 32 Channel DVR

Each of surveillance vendors offer you various DVR / NVR bundle including 16, 24 or 32 with kit including IP cameras. And five of them which are currently offer high performance 1080p up to 4K NVR camera system are GW security, Lorex, Q-See, Amcrest and the economical version is offered by Zmodo.

Camera resolution

Have a look at the following figure to show you how image resolution is different and to show you how image quality between 720p, 1080p and  5.0MP image resolution.

4K resolution camera charts

Analog camera normally offers you up to 960H (960 x 480p), see examples of DVR system offered by Amcrest and Lorex security system with 960H resolution. Other low end 32 channel DVR system offer lower resolution of 2CIF, CIF or D1 resolution.

So make sure which camera resolution is suitable to fit to your business, is 720p enough or higher resolution up to 4k resolution is what you require.

P2P support

P2P (peer to peer) is technology that helps you forget the complicated of configuring router and DDNS to allow you remote viewing the video via your mobile devices anywhere you are in the world as long as you can access the internet with the palm of your Android and iOS mobile devices. And off course your 32 channel DVR / NVR camera system is connected to your local internet network.

Many home IP cameras are featuring P2P technology for easy deployment and setup the remote viewing with mobile devices such as Fujikam Vimtag 361. Few models of 32 channel DVR / NVR system supports P2P technology including GW Security.

1. Zmodo 32 Channel Kit

Let’s start with Zmodo 32 channel DVR with 24x 720p sPOE Camera plus 8x wifi camera. For businesses that do not demand high resolution recording, Zmodo offers 32 channel NVR system kit with 32 cameras combining sPoE cameras and wireless cameras.

The system comes with three simplified POE (sPoE) 8-port switches to allow you connect 24x sPOE cameras to the system. and the other 8x wireless cameras connect wirelessly to the system via your existing wireless network either wireless router, wireless gateway or wireless access point.

Zmodo 32 channel NVR system kit
Zmodo 32 channel NVR system kit


  • It’s a hybrid solution combining both sPOE cameras and wireless cameras
  • 32 channel NVR system with basic and intelligent recording mode
  • No motion detection it records footage @0.2 fps, with motion detection it records 20 fps
  • SATA hard drive up to 6TB for storage
  • Cloud storage service is also available
  • Included three 8-port sPoE switches
  • All cameras resolutions is 720p with 81 degree field of view angle (FOV)
  • Two groups of sPOE cameras (24x) and 8x wireless camera
  • Ready with all complete installation requirement including USB power supply for wifi cameras, sPOE cables and still more


  • Only up to 720p resolution
  • No audio in cameras

See that all the cameras resolution is only 720p HD with bullet model cameras and 81 degree field of view angle. This 32 channel DVR kit is ideal for retail stores, offices or apartments.

Click the link below for more manufacturer’s description, current price and rating in Amazon:

Click here to learn more Zmodo 32 channel kit

For higher resolution requirement the following systems are popular and best 32 channel DVR / NVR system offered by each of the vendors including GW Security, Q-See, Lorex, and Amcrest.

2. Q-See 32 Channel NVR Kit

For the resolution of up to 2k @30 frame rate per second (fps) you may consider Q-See 32 channel DVR system. You may also connect 4k security camera products to the NVR system, however the frame rate is limited up to 15 fps @4k resolution.

Compare with Zmodo as discussed above, you see that Zmodo can record up to only 720p resolution @30 fps, Q-See allows you record up to 2k resolution @30 fps real time. All the included cameras in the bundle are 4k resolution cameras @ 15fps, larger image detail than 720p offered by Zmodo.

Q-See 32 channel NVR system kit
Q-See 32 channel NVR system kit


  • Q-See’s new 32 Channel 4K (8MP) Surveillance System
  • Recording resolution up to 4K @15 fps, 2k @30 fps all channel
  • Built-in 16-port POE switch
  • 265 compression format
  • 4x SATA disk storage up to 6TB, pre-installed 3TB disk
  • 24x bullet models outdoor cameras
  • Resolution up to 4k @15 fps, 1080p @30 fps
  • 265 compression format
  • Night vision with 36 IR LEDs (850nm) range up to 98 ft


  • Lower frame rate @15 fps 4k resolution
  • No audio

The bundle price including 32 channel DVR system plus 24x bullet model outdoor cameras is around $3.950.00 (Apr 2018) in Amazon. click the link below for more detail description and current price in Amazon.

Click here to learn more details Q-See 32 channel

Similar model you may also consider is offered by Amcrest, see the following item below.

3. Amcrest 32 channel NVR system kit

Amcrest offers NV4432E-HS 32 channel DVR system kit with built-in 16-port POE switch and it also delivers 4k resolution @30 fps all channel. However, when you compare Amcrest with Q-See you can find that Amcrest supports up to 24TB disk storage while Q-See supports only up to 6TB storage.

The number of  included cameras offered by Q-See is 8 cameras more than offered by Amcrest, both models of camera are the same bullet model, outdoor rated and 4k resolution @15 fps.

Amcrest 32 channel system kit
Amcrest 32 channel system kit


  • 4k resolution 32 channel NVR system
  • Built-in 16-port POE switch
  • 32 channel video connection up to 4k (8.0mp) @30 fps
  • Maximum throughput up to 80Mbps
  • Storage 4SATA disk up to 24TB, preinstalled 4TB disk storage
  • 16x Amcrest ip8m-2496 outdoor POE security cameras
  • 4k resolution @15 fps
  • 8mm Fixed lens with 112 degree field of view angle
  • 2 IR LEDs for night vision, range up to 131 ft
  • IP67 weatherproof with metal housing


  • Camera resolution is up to 4k @15 fps, slower frame rate
  • No audio for Cameras

We’ll see later the spec comparison table for all listed items to help you understand the differences between the products.

Click here for Amcrest 32 channel NVR system kit

4. GW Security 32 Channel Kit

Zmodo 32 channel DVR kit discussed above is up to HD (720p) resolution, Amcrest and Q-See offer higher resolution up to 4k @15 fps, GW Security offers slightly features difference. In this module, GW Security introduces 32 channel NVR system kits with included 5mp outdoor cameras and you can also connect 4k security cameras.

In this kit GW Security offers GW5532NP 32 channel NVR system with pre-installed 8TB hard disk storage and the system can record up to 4k resolution @30 fps all channels, faster than the system kit offered by Q-See or Amcrest.

Like Zmodo NVR system which doesn’t come with built-in POE Switch, GW Security in this bundle doesn’t come with built-in POE switch but it comes with separate 24x 10/100Mbps POE switch to allow you connect up to 24x POE cameras. It’s different with Zmodo which the switch is simplified POE switch for connection with sPOE cameras.

Zmodo comes with 32 cameras, GW Security and Q-See come with 24x outdoor cameras.

GW Security 32 Channel with 32x Dome varifocal cameras
GW Security 32 Channel with 32x Dome varifocal cameras


  • 32 channel NVR system GW5532 with H.265 compression support
  • Recoding resolution up to 8.0mp (4k) with input bandwidth ~320Mbps
  • 2x SATA slot up to 16TB hard disk storage
  • Pre-installed 8TB hard disk
  • P2P technology for simplicity of remote viewing
  • Comes with 24x dome model outdoor POE cameras
  • GW5071 5mp camera resolution: 5mp @ 15fps, 4mp @ 20fps, 3mp @ 30fps, 2mp @ 30fps
  • Manual Varifocal lens 2.8~12mm
  • 265 compression format
  • Night vision with 30 IR LEDs range up to 100 ft


  • No audio supports for cameras
  • Up to only 1080p @30 fps
  • Manual adjustment of varifocal lens camera

With this GW Security kit you have larger image detail cameras up to 5mp @15 fps, or 1080p @30 fps. This product is tagged with higher price around $4.700.00 in Amazon, price is always fluctuating. Click the link below for current price.

Click here to learn more detail GW Security and buy in Amazon

You may also consider another GW Security 32 channel system kits that consists of GW7832N: 32 Channel NVR with pre-installed 8TB Hard Drive plus 32pcs GW8837IP: 8MP IP camera and 2 x GWSW1602G: 16 Ports PoE Switch.

Click here for more spec details GW Security 32 channel kits

5. Lorex 32 Channel NVR system kit

Both Zmodo and GW Security discussed in point 1 and 3 don’t come with built-in POE switch. Like Q-See, Lorex NR9326 NVR system is 32 channel DVR system built-in with 16-port POE switch so you only need to purchase separate 16-port POE switch for full 32 channel video input.

It also supports high resolution up to 4k ultra HD (8.0mp) resolution each channel @960 fps all channels, H.265 video compression is also supported for lower bandwidth network to reduce network latency.

In this bundle, Lorex offers 32x 4mp outdoor bullet model cameras that support color night vision (CNV) technology to allow you watch and record color night vision instead of black and white recording as long as there is still ambient light up to 150 ft (40m). however in total darkness it switches to black and white recording up to 90ft range.

Lorex 32 channel system kit
Lorex 32 channel system kit


  • High bandwidth 32 channel NVR system with built-in 16-port POE switch
  • Recording up to 4k resolution @30 fps each channel
  • 265 compression technology
  • Storage up to 12TB 2 SATA HDDs
  • Comes with 32x bullet model LNB4421 outdoor cameras
  • 4mp resolution camera, 1080p @30 fps real time
  • Fixed lens with 83 degree field of view angle
  • All cameras are H.265 supported and feature HDR and DNR
  • Color night vision at ambient light up to 130 ft range and up to 90 ft in full darkness


  • No audio support for cameras
  • Up to only 1080p @30 fps

See that both GW Security and Lorex offer the same resolution 1080p @30 fps real time frame rate, higher resolution 4mp at lower frame rate.

Click here to learn more Lorex 32 channel NVR system kit   

Spec Comparison tables

All the five bundle as listed above can be summarized in the following spec comparison tables, the NVR tables and camera comparison table.

Table 1 represents NVR features in general including resolution, built-in POE switch and storage capability and either with preinstalled disk or not included.

Table 1 32 channel DVR / NVR

ModelResolutionBuilt-in POE switchStorage
Zmodo~720p resolution @20 fps each channelN/AUp to 6TB
Q-See~4k resolution @15 fps each channel16-port4x SATA disk up to 6TB 3TB preinstalled
Amcrest NV4432~4k resolution @30 fps each channel16-port4x SATA disk up to 24TB 4TB preinstalled
GW Security GW5532~4k resolution @30 fps each channelN/A2x SATA disks up to 16TB with 8TB preinstalled
Lorex NV9326~4k resolution @30 fps each channel16-port2x SATA disks up to 12TB with 6TB preinstalled

Amcrest NV4432 offers largest disk capacity the system can support, up to 24TB ideal for businesses. With built-in 16-port POE switch you still need to purchase separate 16-port POE switch to connect full 32 cameras.

Table 2 shows you features comparison between the included cameras in the product bundle. Zmodo comes with standard 720p resolution @20 fps, GW Security comes with 5mp @ 15fps (1080p @30 fps real-time frame rate). The other three products Amcrest, Q-See and Lorex offer 4k resolution @15 fps. See also top 4k outdoor security cameras.

Table 2 camera’s feature comparison

ModelResolutionField of view angleNight vision
32x Lorex LNB44214.0 mp @15 fps; 1080p@ 30 fps83 degreeColor night vision range up to 130 ft
24x GW50715mp @ 15fps, 4mp @ 20fps, 3mp @ 30fps, 2mp @ 30fpsManual adjustment of view angle for 2.8mm~12mm focal length30 IR LEDs range up to 100 ft
16x Amcrest ip8m-24964k @15 fps112 degree2 IR LEDs, range up to 131 ft
24x Q-See QTN8086BA4k @15 fps72 degree36 IR LEDs (850nm) range up to 98 ft
24x Zmodo sPOE camera720p @20 fps81 degreeAdjustable night vision sensitivity
8x Zmodo wireless camera720p @20 fps81 degreeAdjustable night vision sensitivity

Now, you will judge which best 32 channel DVR camera system kit is suitable to meet your business need. Zmodo is suitable for businesses that do not require high resolution image detail, while the other four products are capable of recording up to 4k resolution.

Regards, KG

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