Thermal Body Temperature Cameras

Every individual needs to take care in the new normal era amid the covid-19 pandemic so that cross infection can be prevented. To keep your business running while still implementing health protocols, it is better to have enforcement efforts using a body temperature screening in the form of a thermal body temperature camera.

Thermal body temperature camera

This camera is used to screen each individual before entering a room / office or any business facilities in normal body temperature, not suffering from a fever. This is to prevent the possibility of cross virus infection to other individual within the business facility. Few features you need to consider in selecting the best thermal body temperature camera will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

Non contact

One of the efforts to keep social distancing between individual to avoid the possibility of cross infection is to use a non-contact thermal body camera, the camera must have a certain safe distance without any contact.

Face recognition

The ability of the thermal camera with face recognize feature is a plus, so that a company with hundreds or thousands of employees can be registered in a database and can be compared to the face recognition of every individual who enters a business facility while at the same time giving an alert whether someone has an authorize entry or not.

Real time Alert

The thermal camera is also expected to provide real time alerts or such a warning sound when someone detected has a body temperature above normal. And it’s also good if you can recognize that the screening individual has an authorize entry or not.

Depends on what your business policy to support the health protocol you need to find suitable camera to meet those requirements.

Best Thermal body temperature cameras

The following products list of thermal body cameras you may consider to choose which one is suitable to comply with your business policy.

1. Linovision MobilePro

If your business needs is thermal body temperature camera that doesn’t require face recognition database but face detection feature, just the thermal screening camera that is able to detect elevated body temperatures, then a thermal camera spec with a non-contact feature and face detection is sufficient. And of course there is an alert or some kind of alarm when detecting someone who is passing through the camera at a distance of about 2 meters is detected with high body temperature above normal.

linovision mobilepro thermal body camera
linovision mobilepro thermal body camera

Linovision is a non-contact camera that screens a person, or several people concurrently and displayed on a tablet, or an HDMI monitor, with a mounting stand so that it is easily installed at the entrance or queue at terminals, metro, or hospitals etc. and with is powered by battery that can last for 8 hours continuously.

Although this thermal camera is very flexible and can be handheld, but it is highly recommended to be mounted on a tripod so that it no longer requires direct contact with someone who is being screened. Take a look at the following video introduction (courtesy by Linovision)

The good thing with this thermal body temperature camera is handheld, you can use it when pandemic is over as the heat detection in a plant or offices.


  •  A portable thermal body temperature camera with handheld feature or mounted on a tripod
  • Thermal imaging resolution: 80x80px with 7.5mm fixed lens
  • Fast 20ms fast screening with no-contact with temperature range between 32.0℃ ~ 42℃ (89.6 ℉ ~ 107.6 ℉)
  • Easy to use, no contact thermal body camera with ±0.5℃ (0.9 ℉) from 2m (6.6ft) away
  • An alarm with beep warning when detecting someone with body temperature above 37.9℃ ( 99.1℉)
  • Powered by Lithium battery with direct charging and can last up to 8 hours nonstop operation
  • Support Bluetooth connection to PC/Tablet/phone and optional HDMI output


  • No face database support

With its handheld feature easy to use, non-contact and is battery powered with rechargeable Lithium battery that can last up to 8 hours nonstop, Linovision MobilePro becomes one of best thermal body temperature camera amid pandemic and new normal with affordable price for businesses. This product is tagged around $1,199.00 in Amazon.

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2. Visionera 2100

If your business needs require a thermal screening camera with face recognition capabilities and integration into the face database, then one of the products you may consider is Visionera 2100 or 3000.

Visionera 2100 is one of the thermal body temperature cameras with face recognition feature that you can use to support your business policies that comply with health protocols in new normal amid pandemic. The whole process of measuring body temperature without the need to contact the camera device, and even do not need a guard who serves this body temperature screening process, it’s a full no-contact process.

Visionera 2100 thermal body temperature camera
Visionera 2100 thermal body temperature camera

The whole process in real time, immediately gives results whether the body temperature condition of a person who passes this camera is normal or above normal or is experiencing a fever. If the temperature is above normal, there will be an alert or warning, the signal lights will light up with the sound of your pre-recorded voice.

And the ability to recognize faces is very accurate with a database of up to 10,000 faces records in memory storage from this terminal module. There are two models of this system module, besides Visionera 2100 there is also a Visionera 3000 model that can be integrated with an automated entrance system.

Have a look at the following video product introduction:

Both of these models, either Visionera 2100 or 3000 series are ideal for use in the process of queuing into office business facilities, apartments, hotels, schools / colleges, malls or factory facilities.


  • Artificial Intelligent thermal body temperature camera module with built-in thermal imaging sensor module with full non-contact measurement process
  • The host is based on Android 5.1 OS with built-in latest face detection and face recognition system with fast measurement within 100ms with ± 0.3 ℃ accuracy  
  •  Living body temperature measurement with face recognition and up to 10,000 faces ID database with latest deep learning face recognition technology
  • Alert / warning with pre-recorded voice is provided when detecting individual with body temperature exceeds certain threshold   
  • Mask identifications, advice individual to wear mask to enhance safety
  • Can be integrated with automated entrance system (Visionera 3000 series)
  • Comes with free tripod stand

Visionera 2100 is one of best thermal body temperature camera in the market for screening people in queue to support new normal amid pandemic. This product is tagged around $2.499.00 in Amazon, price is fluctuating – click the link below to see current price and learn more details what this product is about.

Click here to learn more detail Visionera 2100

3. Quanmin QM-AI Camera-0501

The more economical model offered by the Quanmin Smart face recognition QM-AI Camera-0501 thermal body temperature camera with a price difference of almost $ 900 cheaper than Visionera 2100. What this product does?

Quanmin QM-AI Camera-0501
Quanmin QM-AI Camera-0501 Thermal body camera

More records but slower process

Quanmin QM-AI is also a non-contact thermal body temperature camera with face recognition. If you compare this product with the above Visionera 2100 you can find that this Quanmin QM-AI supports up to 100,000 face recognition records, ten times more than Visionera can support. However, the face recognition time takes longer up to <500ms, while Visionera takes around <100ms.

Does this difference in detection time mean so much? If people in a queue to enter a business facility, of course between 100ms and 500ms will not feel different because the queuing process will not be as fast as half a second especially between individual queues there is a physical distance policy of about 2 meters which requires time to move forward can be more than half a second. So technically in the field the speed difference in the facial recognition process does not seem the difference between the two product series between Quanmin and Visionera.

Have a look at the following video product introduction;

Visionera is powered by Android, but this Quanmin product is powered by Linux OS. For application this product to corporate or offices you can integrate this product with the ID Identifier using the USB port.


  • High performance Non-contact thermal body temperature camera powered by Linux OS and comes with 7-inch IPS HD display
  • Comes with 2MP (1920×1080) effective pixel camera with minimum illumination up to 0.01Lux for color view
  • Supports up to 22400 faces database and 100,000 records with face recognition time <500ms
  • Supports human tracking exposure in strong backlight environment with 80dB WDR
  • Supports one Wiegand input or Wiegand output for card ID identification reader  
  • Up to 10 multi languages English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian

This product is tagged with the price around $1,600 in Amazon, cheaper than Visionera, one of best thermal body temperature camera with affordable price in the market. Click the product link below to learn more spec details and current price in Amazon.

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4. Hikvision DS-2TD2617B-6/PA

If the two products above Visionera and Quanmin are very suitable for the needs of the people in queue where one by one people pass through the thermal body camera for temperature screening, what if used for the needs of the entrance of the airport lounge or shopping centers entrance with the crowds of people who simultaneously enter building?

Hikvision DS-2TD2617B-6/PA thermal body camera
Hikvision DS-2TD2617B-6/PA thermal body camera

You need a thermal body camera that supports tens of face recognition at a time. Hikvision DS-2TD2617B-6/PA is one of the thermal body temperature camera products that support intelligent face recognition and mask detection up to 30 faces at a time.

This is very expensive product for large businesses such as airport, or enterprise or corporate. See more details discussion about the use of this product in the comparison between Dahua and Hikvision thermal body temperature cameras to select which one is best thermal body temperature camera to support businesses and corporations.  

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