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Top 10 Baby Video Monitors and Cameras

Are you parents who want to always keep an eye how funny your baby’s playing or sleeping in his / her room while you have to keep working in another room in your home? Installing the video baby monitor is the solution.

Why Baby Monitor

Baby video camera is a simple DIY video camera installation even by moms, no technical stuffs you need to understand. Just plug to the power and follow the step-by step instruction and you will soon in business. It’s not like complicated jobs as installing large scale 32 channel camerasystems with network cabling installation and manual setting of lots of camera, baby monitor caerma is simple setup.

Various Models

This article shows you top 10 baby video monitors or baby monitor cameras you can choose from the online store to suit your need.

Most the products listed here are those products that are independent cameras that don’t need to connect to the internet. Should you prefer IP cameras that can be monitored remotely from the internet, you may consider any models of home wifi cameras such as Reolink C3 wifi camera or Amcrest 2K Shield camera.

You may read some reviews from online stores to understand how they are satisfied with the product they use so far, how the strength and weakness of the product reported by the customers.

1. Infant Optics DXR-8

Most popular top 10 baby video monitors is Infant Optics DXR-8 that comes with interchangeable optic lens to suit your environment. It reminds me with the DSLR camera that can mount various types of optical lens either wide angle or zoom types lens. You can remotely pan the camera up to 270 degrees, and tilt the camera up to 120 degrees.

Baby video monitors by Infant Optics
Infant Optics DXR-8

Main features

  • Interchangeable Optical Lens to suit the best viewing angle and zoom
  • Comes with 3.5” full color LCD monitor with antenna and LED for activated sound – can support up to four cameras
  • You can easily Pan, Tilt and digital zoom the camera remotely
  • Comes with optical zoom lens and wide angle lens (sold separately)
  • Infrared night vision
  • Two way audio, room temperature sensor and more.
  • Dual USB charger and long life battery, 10 hours for power-saving mode and up to 6 hours continuous screen on
  • Transmit up to 700 ft line of sight

This product becomes best seller #1 in Amazon with average customer rating 4.3 out of 5 star, excellent rating for baby monitor cameras. The price is around $180 is worth for keeping an eye of your lovely baby to be in safe and convenient environment.

Click here for spec details (DXR-8) and price in Amazon

2. Nanit Plus Baby Monitor

Most baby monitors including Infanct Optic are placed on the side of the crib so that you can only get your baby’s view from the side. For this reason, Nanit provides a solution with Nanit Plus offered with an additional stand that allows you to place your camera from the top of your baby so that it provides a view from the top.

Nanit plus baby monitor with stand
Nanit Baby Video Monitor

Main features

  • Cristal clear Baby monitor with additional Stand to allow you get the view from the top of your baby’s crib
  • Use your mobile devices for talking to the baby, a two way communication feature
  • Nanit comes with sleep tracking and guidance, it is equipped with statistics from the highlights of the way your baby’s sleep so you can rewatch in seconds how your baby sleep all night
  • Secure connection with 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentications secure account
  • Supports Alexa and includes one year of Nanit Insights sleep tracking and video history.

This product is very popular in the market today, and is tagged with higher price around $380 in Amazon compared with others. Watch this Nanit video introduction to get insight of the product.  


3. VAVA baby monitor

One of the most high-rated baby monitor products in Amazon is this product released by Vava, and for those of you who want to make sure the product you buy gets a long months of warranty, this is the product you need to buy.

Compared to Infant Optic with interchangeable lenses or Nanit which is equipped with Stand Floor, this baby monitor product uses desktop baby camera that you can place on a table, not equipped with a stand floor for top viewing like Nanit.

vava baby video monitor
Vava baby video monitor

Main features

  • Larger 5.0inch 720p resolution full color monitor, much better than smaller size monitor for more detail
  • Support night vision with grayscale infrared images
  • Featuring 2x, 4x zoom and an autopilot panoramic mode for scanning you baby’s nursery
  • Comes with built-in 4500mAh rechargeable battery for lasting 12hrs display mode
  • Wifi connection between Vava camera to the monitor as far as 400~900 ft away
  • Other features including 7 level Voice & Sound Activated LEDs Alert System, Two Way Talking, Room Temperature Monitoring

The good thing with this VAVA baby monitor is that VAVA provides 18 months warranty plus bonus 12 months free warranty for total up to 30months warranty just require register the products in the website

4. Motorola Baby Video Monitor

Motorola released few models of baby video monitors and one of the most popular in the market is the Motorola MBP50-G2. This product consists of two baby cameras and a 5 inch monitor the same size as Vava. Model sitting on a table with remote PTZ capability (panning tilting and zoom) you can control via your mobile devices..

Motorola MBP50-G2 baby video monitor
Motorola MBP50-G2 baby video monitor

Main features

  • Twin model of baby video monitor to allow you view the whole room of your nursery
  • Comes with 5 inch color monitor with split-screen view as the parent’s unit to allow you view the real feed
  • Support night vision with infrared and room temperature display
  • Featuring two way communication with built-in very sensitive microphone and speaker in the camera
  • Comes with 5 lullabies

Motorola Video Baby monitor (MBP50-G2) is tagged with the price around $190, cheaper than Nanit as discussed above. To learn more detail take a look at the following video product introduction.  

Now you can compare the three Motorola products above with the following other baby monitor cameras by VTech VM321.

5. VTech VM321

The VTech VM321 model is nice like a toy, white beige color creates a calm nuance. Like others, this product come with default one camera unit and LCD monitor. Two way communication capability and 5 preset lullabies are plus features. Wifi range is longer up to 1000ft distance like other wifi coverage of the wireless routers.

video baby cameras by VTech
VTech VM321

This video baby monitor is affordable for most parents with the price around $150 for camera and parent unit.

Main features

  • One camera and one 2.8” high resolution full color LCD monitor
  • Day and night camera, automatic IR night vision
  • Best view of the baby by adjusting camera lens for better camera angle
  • Longer wifi coverage with 2.4 GHz frequency band for video and audio transmit up to 1000ft distance
  • Beep alert in monitor for temperature drop or rise, lost camera connection, low battery
  • 6-level sound indicator
  • 3 languages (French, Spanish and English) with preset to English
  • Can support up to four cameras each parent unit

Unlike the Motorola models, the screen of this VTech VM321 model can be split up to four cameras in one screen view. The drawback is that it doesn’t support Pan-Tilt and zoom capability like others. You can only adjust the camera position in some degrees angle vertically. So far the rating is good enough, 3.9 out of 5 star average customer rating in Amazon.

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