Top 8 Best Cam for Zoom

It has been more than a year since Covid-19 was officially declared by WHO as a pandemic. And the world order is changing in response to this pandemic which requires most people to stay at home including all schools activities and more work from home for most office jobs.

One of the most needed devices today for working from home and for all online meeting activities including video conference is a webcam. Although almost all laptops are embedded with small camera which is typically placed on the monitor, with the small components the performance of the embedded camera is not as good as an additional web camera that is placed on the laptop or desktop monitor or even on a TV.

Best Cam for zoom

One of most popular software and app today for online video call, video streaming and online school activities is “Zoom”. There are lots of benefit with zoom, you can easily setup; use and manage zoom as modern communication, as single platform for meeting, phone, webinars, chat and still lots more.

What features your webcam need to have to support your zoom meeting? Typically your webcam need at least 720p resolution @30 frame per second (fps), a good quality microphone, plug and play for easy to setup, easy to install and light addition is better for better image detail. See also security camera with floodlights – Foscam f41 vs Amcrest vs Arlo floodlight camera.

The following are top 5 affordable products, best cam for zoom you may consider to buy.

1. Nexigo N930AF Webcam

Nexigo releases a wide variety of webcams at 1080p resolution, and a couple of them come with 2k resolution and soon will come higher resolution (4k @30 fps) products. Nexigo gives you many options for your cam for zoom needs, and the prices offered are also affordable compared to similar products from other vendors. One of the popular ones is the Nexigo n960af series.

Nexigo N930af 1080p Webcam
Nexigo N930af 1080p Webcam


  • External webcam with 2MP CMOS and resolution up to 1080p @30 fps with autofocus and light correction
  • 75 degree diagonal view angle
  • Autofocus can be disable to let you set the focal length to certain distance you need
  • Comes with built-in Omni-directional microphone with voice cancellation to reduce ambient noise for high performance video conferencing, zoom meeting, video streaming and online gaming
  • USB webcam with 2m (6.5 inch) USB cord and easy to setup with plug and play, no required driver
  • Comes with flexible mounting clip you may attach on desktop, laptop monitor, smart TV and Tripod
  • Compatible with any OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu) and video meeting / conferencing software     
  • Privacy cover is also available to cover the lens when not in use for security reason and lens protection against the dirt and debris


  • No zoom feature
  • Doesn’t come with ring light

When you are not satisfied with the video quality of embedded camera on your laptop or desktop, Nexigo N930AF is an affordable webcam you may consider, this product is one of best cam for zoom with affordable price around $54.99 in Amazon (#ads).

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2. Logitech C920 Pro HD Webcam

Logitech has released few models of webcams you can easily find in the market all over the world and Logitech C920 Pro HD is one of popular product and widely available in the market all over the world. If you compare with Nexigo, this product is designed with the same full HD 1080p resolution @30 fps real time frame rate.

Logitech c920 webcam
Logitech c920 webcam

Unlike Nexigo n930af that comes with single microphone, Logitech c920 comes with two Omni-directional microphones with noise cancellation for clear and stereo audio ideal for video conference with zoom, online game etc.   


  • External webcam with flexible clip on monitor, HD 1080p /720p resolution @30 fps for crisp and clear image detail with five elements glass lens
  • Auto light correction with Right-Light 2 technology
  • 78 degree diagonal field of view angle, ideal for either solo zoom meeting or groups of people in a large meeting room
  • Comes with built-in dual Omni-directional microphones with noise cancelling
  • USB webcam with plug and play and 5ft (2m) USB cord for easy placement on the laptop / desktop monitor or tripod.
  • Comes with advanced Logitech capture software,
  •  Works with any OS and any video conference, zoom software
  • Comes with 3-month XSplit VCam license to customize backgrounds and avatars.


  • No zoom feature
  • No ring light but comes with RightLight technology for auto light correction
  • Doesn’t come with privacy cover

There is something different when you compare it with Nexigo as discussed above that this Logitech c920 webcam comes with XSplit VCam license to customize backgrounds and avatar. Off course you need to subscribe this license when 3-months free license is finished. The demand for this product is very high amid pandemic, one of best cam for zoom. The price is a bit more expensive compared with Nexigo, around $80 in Amazon (#ads).

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3. Casecube W8 webcam

Unlike other webcams including Nexigo n930af and also Logitech bcc920 as discussed above which are not equipped with additional light, Casecube is designed with a ring light, a bright LED light with three brightness levels that you can choose by simply pressing the ring light.

Logitech provides the RightLight technology feature that adjusts light automatically to response the available ambient light to get the best light level, Casecube allows you to simply press the ring light with a level you can choose to get the best brightness level.

Casecube 1080p webcam
Casecube 1080p webcam


  • Full HD 1080p resolution @30 fps webcam with auto focus
  • Comes with 5.2ft USB cord and is USB plug and play for easy installation to Windows, Mac, Android Smart TV, Xbox etc
  • Can be flipped down 90 degree for privacy security instead of privacy cover
  • Easily clipped on top of monitor with 360 degree rotation and 90 degree flip down
  • Dual microphone with noise cancellation to reduce background noise
  • Supports all video conference software including Zoom, Skype etc
  • Three level of Ring light brightness to adjust ambient light for better image result


  • No privacy cover but need to flip down the camera for privacy, anti-peep
  • No zoom

Casecube is tagged with standard price around $50 in Amazon. So far this webcam for zoom product is rated excellent compared with other products.

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4. Burxoe 1080 Webcam

One of the most popular and affordable webcams for zoom is the Burxoe 1080p. With a price below $ 40 this product is in high demand in the market and is 4.5 star excellent rated, very light to put on your laptop screen, good quality camera and best value for money.

Comes with 1080p resolution @ 30 fps is the same as Nexigo n930af or Logitech c920 Pro HD above, also equipped with a separate privacy cover that you can attach to the lens when the camera is not in use for your privacy reason against any internet hack.

Burxoe 1080 Webcam
Burxoe 1080 Webcam


  • USB 2.0 plug and play webcam with full HD 1080p resolution @30 fps real time, 2MP image sensor and high-quality 5-layer glass lens
  • Wide view angle up to 110 degree, ideal to capture your whole family in family video call with zoom or any other VC software, adjustable view angle and 360 degree rotation
  • It comes with privacy cover and free tripod
  • Comes with built-in microphone with noise reduction for clear voice quality up to 10 meters
  •  Works with any popular video conference software including Zoom, Skype, Xbox one etc


  • No zoom feature

Burxoe is an affordable webcam below $40, one of best cam for zoom with low price and is excellent 4.8 rated in Amazon. Not bad to try this gear for family video call with laptop.

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5. Samcom 1080p Webcam

Another similar product that is popular with affordable price in the market is Samcom 1080p webcam with flexible rotatable panning and tilting. If you compare Samcom with Nexigo and Logitech as discussed above, this product has the same 1080p resolution @30 fps, with autofocus and is also USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 webcam but with shorter USB cord.

Samcom 1080p webcam
Samcom 1080p webcam


  • External webcam with dynamic resolution full HD 1080p @30 fps with automatic light correction
  • Wider 97 degree view angle ideal for groups of video conference meeting in large room, or zoom application
  • Comes with built-in stereo and 3D automatic noise reduction microphone, up to 5m sound  absorption for clear call and zoom conference
  • Flexible rotating base clip you can rotate up to 360 degree horizontal and up to 180 degree vertical
  • Compatible with major video conference software and systems, all major OS platforms including Windows, Mac, Android etc
  • Plug and play with USB 2.0 / USB 3.0, with 1,5m USB cord
  • Comes with privacy cover and 360 degree adjustable tripod


  • No zoom feature
  • No ring light for light addition

Samcom 1080p webcam is tagged with cheaper price (around $40 in Amazon) compared with Nexigo N930AF and Logitech c920 series, one of best cam for zoom with excellent customer rated in Amazon.

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6. Tolulu Webcam

Tolulu webcam, probably you just heard this webcam brand not like as popular as Logitech or Nexigo which produces various models of webcam, because Tolulu only releases one webcam model. One thing that makes this product in demand is the cheap price below most other webcam products on the market.

Tolulu webcam
Tolulu webcam


  • USB plug and play webcam with full HD 1080p resolution @30 fps
  • High quality 5-layers of glass lens
  • 110 degree Wide view angle, ideal for groups of family video call or video conference meeting
  • Built-in microphone with noise reduction feature
  • Auto Low light correction and high dynamic range (HDR) technology for best image performance
  • Clip mount with tripod ready hole and free tripod
  • Privacy cover


  • Fixed focus, no manual focus adjustment. However the deep of field is wide enough.
  • No Zoom

This Tolulu webcam is tagged around half the price of some models of popular Logitech or Nexigo, around $35.00 in Amazon.

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7. Gesma Wecam

Similar model as Tolulu above you may also consider Gesma webcam with the same affordable price, same resolution, and also come with built-in microphone. Unlike Tolulu with wide 110 degree view angle, Gesma gives you 90 degree view angle.

Gesma webcam 1080p
Gesma webcam 1080p


  • Full HD 1080p @30 fps Plug and play webcam with USB connection, no driver installed
  • Support H.264/H.265 compression format
  • 1/3inch 2MP image sensor  
  • Fixed lens 3.6mm, Wide 90 degree view angle with fixed manual focus adjustment
  • Built-in Omni-directional Microphone with 3D noise reduction; up to 8m pickup radius
  • Support major video conference software including Skype, Zoom etc and most OS including Windows, Mac, etc
  • Mount clip to monitor, laptop or desktop


  • Manual focus
  • No privacy cover

Gesma webcam and also Tolulu webcam are tagged with lower price than most popular webcams, two of best webcam for zoom in the market with affordable, around $35.00 in Amazon.

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8. Amcrest AWC201-B

Amcrest which is popular with any kinds of security camera also introduces compact design webcam with affordable price like most webcam in general. The view angle is almost as wide as Logitech and Nexigo as discussed above.  

Amcrest awc201 1080p webcam
Amcrest awc201 1080p webcam


  • USB plug and play webcam with 1/3” 2MP CMOS image sensor
  • Fixed lens 3.6mm, 70 degree view angle
  • Full HD 1080p resolution @30 fps
  • Built-in high sensitivity stereo microphone with noise reduction for clear audio streaming  
  • Built-in Privacy cover for security reason when not in use
  • USB 2.0 with 5.5 ft cable length
  • Comes with a mounting clip and ¼ tripod thread


  • No zoom
  • No autofocus

This Amcrest AWC201 webcam is tagged around $36.99 in Amazon.

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