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Most Popular Best Webcam for Zoom that Fit to Everyone’s Budget

It has been almost two years since COVID-19 has become a pandemic, forcing people to limit their activities outside the home. For office workers, working from home is an option and a must to keep working on office tasks. Now the situation has started to return to new normal, but the need for working from home is still high.

One of the most needed devices today for working from home and for all online meeting activities including video conference is a webcam. Although almost all laptops are embedded with small camera which is typically placed on the monitor, with the small components the performance of the embedded camera is not as good as an additional web camera that is placed on top of the laptop screen or desktop monitor or even on a TV. See also top 5 webcams for conference room.

Webcam for zoom

One of most popular software and app today for online video call and online school activities is “Zoom”. Zoom is more in demand not without reason. At least there are several reasons why zoom is more desirable than other video call applications.

1. Easy to use

With your zoom as an online worker at home, teachers and students and even professionals can use zoom very easily, you can use it from any device ranging from a small Smartphone, laptop, or from a desktop computer. To start the meeting with zoom is quite easy by just one click button.

2. Rich features

As opposed to other popular video call applications, zoom gives you easiness to use virtual background, emojis, recording the meeting, and allows you to break out rooms, screen sharing, audio transcription, and the use whiteboard, and still more features you may like.

3. Good security control

User’s security protection is getting better for zoom attendees today; admin can see and admit the invitees, recording meeting with alerts you may concern, and end to end security encryption.

Top 3 best webcam for zoom with affordable price

The following are top 3 affordable products, best webcam for zoom you may consider to support your online meeting with zoom. All of the three products below have the same following spec and features below:

  1. External webcam with flexible clip on monitor, HD 1080p /720p resolution @30 fps
  2. Comes with built-in dual Omni-directional microphones with noise cancelling
  3. USB webcam with plug and play USB cord for easy placement on the laptop / desktop monitor or tripod
  4. Works with any OS and any video conference, zoom software

The most popular product is logitech c920 series, and the competing product with lower price is nexigo 1080p series, while depstech 1080p is the cheapest product with top rated in Amazon.

1. Logitech C920x Pro HD Webcam

Logitech has released few models of webcams including Logitech c920s, c922, and c925 and Logitech c920x Pro HD series is one of most popular product and widely available in the market globally and the price is not too dear. This webcam is ideal for zoom with its crisp full HD 1080p resolution @30 fps, the real time frame rate. You can also configure for lower resolution up to 720p @30 fps to fit your internet bandwidth at home.

Logitech c920 webcam
Logitech c920 webcam

If you are not a pro in the field of computers, the logitech c920 series does not give you difficulty in installation because once you plug it into the usb port of your computer, the system will recognize it without having to download drivers. You may start joining zoom and you can find the image quality is very crisp.

  • Comes with five elements glass lens for crisp and clear image detail
  • Auto light correction with Right-Light 2 technology
  • 78 degree diagonal field of view angle, ideal for either solo zoom meeting or groups of people in a large meeting room
  • 5ft (2m) USB cord for easy placement on the laptop / desktop monitor or tripod.
  • Comes with advanced Logitech capture software,
  • Comes with 3-month XSplit VCam license to customize backgrounds and avatars.
  • No digital zoom feature
  • Doesn’t come with privacy cover

The good thing with this logitech c920x webcam comes with XSplit VCam license to customize backgrounds and avatar. However, you need to subscribe this license when 3-months free license is gone. The demand for this product is very high amid pandemic, one of best webcam for zoom. Click the product’s link below to learn more details and read the reviews in Amazon (#ads).

Click here to SHOP Logitech C920 in Amazon

See also most popular Logitech Brio with 4k resolution.

2. Nexigo N930AF Webcam

Unlike Logitech which was founded in Switzerland in 1981, Nexigo is a brand that was born in America with its first webcam product in 2020 was N60 which is so popular to date. And this company continues to innovate with products ranging from webcams, dashcams, accessories and many more.

Nexigo releases a wide variety of webcams at 1080p resolution such as n60 and n960, and couples of 2k webcam such as n940 and n650, and new released come with 4k resolution such as n950 and n970. One of most popular nexigo products with affordable price, one of best webcam for zoom is nexigo n960 which becomes main competing most popular logitech c920 series. See also most popular Logitech vs nexigo 4k webcam.

Nexigo N930af 1080p Webcam
Nexigo N930af 1080p Webcam

Today you can find full range of nexigo webcam for zoom from 1080p resolution up to 4k webcam for video call application that can support high bandwidth up to 4k resolution such as video conferencing, remote education and still more.

For zoom app, nexigo offers few models that support up to 1080p @30 fps including nexigo n660, nexigo n930 and nexigo n680 with ring light. One of the popular ones is the Nexigo n930af series with autofocus and comes with privacy cover.

  • Features autofocus and light correction, and this autofocus can be disable to let you set the focal length to certain distance you need
  • 75 degree diagonal view angle
  • 2 m (6.5 inch) USB cord
  • Privacy cover is also available to cover the lens when not in use for security reason and lens protection against the dirt and debris
  • No zoom feature

When you are not satisfied with the video quality of embedded camera on your laptop or desktop, Nexigo N930AF is an affordable webcam you may consider, this product is one of best camera for zoom with affordable price around $54.99 in Amazon (#ads).

For lower price click here to SHOP Nexigo n930af in Amazon

3. Depstech 1080p

Under normal circumstances the prices of the two products above, the logitech c920 series and the nexigo n930af are still above $60 in most online markets. However, when the deal season is running you can be lucky to get a price under $50. Or you can wait for the Amazon Prime big deal in July every year, if your needs are not urgent. However, if you are urgently buying a webcam for zoom at a price below $50 you may consider depstech 1080p. What this depstech does?

Depstech webcam for zoom
Depstech webcam for zoom

Like the two products above logitech c920 series and nexigo n930af that most webcam for zoom products are designed to support up to 1080p resolution, so is depstech. The good thing is that the camera is built with high quality Sony image sensor with 6-layer glass to deliver crisp and sharp 1080p #30 fps video streaming.

It also supports Skype, Youtube, or Yahoo, and other video call applications in the market so far. You don’t need to download the driver; it will be recognized by the system as you connect it to the usb port of your computer with Windows or Mac OS.     

  • Comes with Sony CMOS image sensor with 6-layer glass lens with wide view angle
  • Features Lighturbo tech for auto brightness with intelligent exposure adjustment function
  • Automatic low light correction & HDR with Bluart technology
  • Comes with privacy cover and tripod
  • No digital zoom feature

If you compare this depstech webcam with logitech c920 series, see that logitech lens is designed with 5-layer glass while depstech is 6 layers. All the three products don’t come with ring light for illuminating the surrounding but they come with each of light correcting technology.

With the above pros, depstech becomes one of best webcam for zoom with low price that fits to everyone’s budget. Click the product’s link below to read more details this cheap product in Amazon (#ads).

Click here to SHOP this low price depstech 1080p webcam

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