Amcrest vs Reolink $100 Wifi Security Cameras

The first 5 products of wireless home security cameras have been discussed previously including Yi Home 720p which is the cheap camera under $40; Kamtron 1080p camera with good rating and Annke 1080p cameras that feature combination of PIR and motion detection to reduce false motion detection trigger.

Annke 1080p with Progressive PIR body temperature detection or sensor provides more precise detection than just standard motion detection. You won’t need PIR detection for video camera doorbell such as Ring Video and camera doorbell.

Click here for the first Top 5 wireless home security cameras.

Amcrest vs Reolink Wifi Cam

Now the last two products which are popular with its higher resolution than the last three products are Reolink C2 wireless PTZ camera and Amcrest IP3M-HX2 Ultra Shield camera. At the date this article is written the price tagged for Reolink C2 is $99.99 and Amcrest IP3M-HX2 is tagged with the price around $89.99. prices are fluctuated by days, could be down or up.

Dual band wifi

Both Reolink and Amcrest are embedded with dual band wifi adapter you can connect to dual band wifi network which is lately mostly used by wireless routers based on wireless AC standard. Selecting 5GHz band is better for cleaner band ideal for video streaming and online gaming. While 2.4GHz band in general is prone to signal interference ideal for internet browsing, media social and email.

Reolink also offers bullet model camera with dual band wifi connection – the Reolink RLC-411WS dual band bullet camera. On the other hand, Amcrest also offers another model of home wireless security camera – the Amcrest IP3M-941 full HD security camera system.

reolink c2 4mp camera
Reolink C2 dual band 4MP wireless PTZ camera

For multiple wifi outdoor cameras, you may consider affordable top 5 wireless 8 Ch NVR camera kit such as OOSSXX; Zosi or Smonet 8 channel wifi camera system.


The first difference is the built-in camera lens, see that Reolink C2 is built from varifocal lens ranging from 2.8mm up to 8mm providing 3x motorized optical zoom you can control remotely using mobile devices.

Optical zoom provides much better image result in zooming in distance objects as opposed with digital zoom. In some high grade PTZ outdoor camera you can find that they are typically featuring 20x and more optical zoom. You can mention Imporx and Q-See auto tracking cameras which come with 30x optical zoom.

amcrest 2k shield camera
Amcrest IP3M-HX2 2K Shield Camera

Amcrest comes with fixed lens, it provides a single wide field of view angle (140 degree). For varifocal lens, Amcrest offers Amcrest IP2M-850 with 20x optical zoom.


Reolink C2 is mini dome PTZ camera which has capability of panning up to 355 degree horizontally and tilting vertically up to 105 degree. Amcrest IP3M UltraShield is fixed with single field of view angle, it’s wide 140 degree view angle.

For business class cameras, you may consider Outdoor PTZ camera with zoom such as GW Security and Q-See.

Take a look more details each of the products by clicking the links under the table for more spec and manufacturer’s details, current price and rating in Amazon.

Table 1 Reolink C2 vs Amcrest

ModelReolink C2Amcrest IP3M-HX2
LensVarifocal lens 2.8~8mmFixed lens 2.8mm f2.4
Field of view angleRanging from 48~92 degree140 degree
Recording resolutionHigh res 4MP (2560×1440)High res 3MP (2304x1296p) @30 fps
Zoom3x optical zoomN/A; intelligent digital zoom
PTPanning up to 355 degree horizontally


Tilting vertically up to 105 degree

Night vision supports8x IRLED range up to 40 ftYes; IR LEDs range up to 32 ft
Wifi connectionDual band wifi with 2×2 MIMO antennasDual band wifi
StorageMicro SD Card up to 64GB or Reolink NVRMicro SD Card; Amcrest NVR; or Amcrest Cloud ; Onvif NVR
Two way AudioYesYes

See that the prices between the two wireless home security cameras are almost the same, slightly different actually. Sometimes prices are changing by times, click the link below for current price and more spec details.

For large scale business class NVR system, you may consider Lorex or GW Security 32 channel camera kit. GW security offers better compression format technology H.265. For enjoying your photography hobby take a look at Dji Phantom 4 photography drone.

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