Top 8 Channel Wifi Security Camera

If the requirement of deploying several security cameras in small to medium businesses with lower budget exists, consider easy to install wireless outdoor security camera system. If four channel is not enough, consider 8 channel wireless security camera system that comes with 8 wireless outdoor / indoor camera.

8 channel wifi NVR

8 channel wireless security camera system is common and available lots of models from lots of vendors in the market ranging from low budget up to high budget products. For low budget you may find wireless NVR system with included lower resolution cameras, higher resolution cameras are typically more expensive. For small businesses, 720p or 1080p resolution is appropriate good enough to be viewed using mobile devices.

For medium to large businesses, you may consider higher resolution high bandwidth NVR system such as GW Security, HDView or Amcrest 32 channel 4K NVR system, or smaller 16 channel high bandwidth NVR system such as 16 channel Lorex vs LaView vs GW Security NVR system. You can connect high resolution camera such as 5MP camera with varifocal lens or any IP camera with zoom.

Best Value models

Most wireless NVR systems apply Auto-Pair technology and test all the included wireless IP cameras to connect to the NVR system so all the cameras are plug and play out of the box. Easy for do it yourself installation, easy to do for ordinary users. Just like most home wireless IP cameras such as best value Reolink C2 wireless home dual band camera or affordable Yi Home 1080p wireless camera.

Here are top 5 best value 8 channel wireless security camera system that come with 8 wireless outdoor / indoor cameras. Choose one of the best value to meet your business need.

1. Hiseseu 8 Channel wifi camera system

If you have never heard of a security camera product with the Hiseeu brand, then we present products that are so popular on Amazon so far in 2019 and 2020 – 8 channel wireless security camera systems. In this module consists of 8 channel wireless nvr systems with 8pcs bullet models wireless cameras.

This product is designed with a very thorough and neat, sturdy body of the NVR unit as well as the included wireless cameras with sturdy metal casing and water and dust resistant, suitable for outdoor or indoor needs

Hiseseu 8 channel wireless security camera system kit
Hiseseu 8 channel wireless security camera system kit


  • 8 channel 1080p wireless security camera system with 8pcs of wireless camera
  • It comes with preinstalled 3TB Hard disk space for playback up to 30 days
  • It comes with EseeCloud app for remote view using your Android or iOS mobile devices


  • 8pcs of bullet model wireless camera with 1080p resolution, comes with flexible three axis ratation to fit your viewing angle need
  • Auto day and night with 3pcs IR LEDs range up to 65ft
  • IP66 weatherproof with metal housing
  • For home users this kit is very easy to setup, DIY installation

This 8 channel wireless security camera system kit is tagged around $420 in Amazon. So far in 2020 this surveillance kit is rated well, one of best value 8 channel wireless security camera system kit in the market.

2. Firstrend 8 channel wifi camera system

Another model that is also very popular in the market today in 2019/2020 is the Firstrend 8 channel wireless security camera system. Compared to Hiseseu that we discussed above, the Firstrend in this module comes with a wifi camera with a lower resolution – 720p (although there is a 1080p version).

When compared to Hiseseu above the price difference is around $ 90, and you can get a 1TB lower hard disk space (2TB) than Hiseseu, and also the camera resolution is only 720p. This camera system model is auto pair and plug and play, very easy for most people.

Firstrend 8 channel wireless security camera system kit
Firstrend 8 channel wireless security camera system kit

NVR System

  • 8 channel Auto pair NVR system kit with preinstalled 2TB disk space
  • Connect to VGA/HDMI monitor to view and playback
  • Support Sync-playback,Video Backup and Motion detection with Email alert or App alert
  • QR Code scan for easy setup and configuration of remote viewing with your mobile devices


  • Comes with 8pcs of wireless 720p cameras
  • 3.6mm fixed lens with 72 degree viewing angle
  • Support night vision with IR-Cut smart system range up to 65 ft
  • IP66 rated weatherproof for outdoor

So far this Firstrend 8 channel wireless security camera system kit is rated excellent with affordable price around $350 in Amazon.


OOSSXX offers various combinations of wireless NVR system and 8 cameras, and in this bundle the system consists of full HD 8 channel wireless NVR system with pre-installed 2TB hard disk for local storage.

The NVR is embedded with Hisilicon 3520DV300 high speed processor with powerful Linux OS, designed with two antennas for better range coverage. All the included 8x 1080p resolution cameras are weatherproof ideal for either outdoor or indoor placement.

8 channel wifi nvr system
OOSSXX 8 channel wifi NVR system

NVR system

  • Full HD 1080p resolution 8 channel wireless NVR system
  • Powered by Hisilicon processor and Linux OS firmware
  • Comes with preinstalled 2TB (upgraded up to 6TB)
  • Wifi NVR with 2x external antennas and auto pair technology
  • P2P technology for easy to configure remote access


  • 8x bullet wireless cameras with 1080p resolution
  • Flexible placement with rotation axis
  • 6mm lens
  • Night vision range up to 80 ft (25m)
  • IP66 weatherproof

OOSSXX in this bundle is wireless outdoor security camera system with the included 8 wifi cameras are all weatherproof, you can place the cameras in a good place no matter it is exposed by harsh environment such as rain, wind they are ideal for restaurant, garage, shop, hotel, homes or offices. The price for this security bundle is tagged around $600.00.

Click the following link to learn more spec details, current price and rating in Amazon:

Click here for more details OOSSXX

4. Zosi

Another 8 channel wireless security camera is offered by Zosi with included 8 cameras too. In this bundle Zosi offers 8 channel wifi NVR system with 960p or 1080p resolution. However, unlike OOSSXX that comes with included 1080p camera Zosi offers lower camera resolution (960p) and the  preinstalled hard disk is only 1TB instead of 2TB.

Remote configuration for connected cameras is also easy with the P2P technology feature that Zosi offered. In addition, the NVR features three LAN ports you can connect the wired camera. these ports are not POE ports for POE camera. You can connect any outdoor POE camera to the three LAN ports but you still need to provide power to the camera.

Zosi 8 channel wifi NVR system

NVR features

  • 8 channel wifi NVR with 960p / 1080p resolution
  • 2 external wifi antenna
  • It comes with preinstalled 1TB HDD
  • Auto pair technology
  • Built-in 3LAN ports in addition of Internet port
  • P2P technology


  • 8x 960p wifi camera
  • 2 axis rotation for better placement
  • Night vision with 3 array LED range up to 100 ft
  • Motion detection and email alerts
  • IP66 rated metal housing

If you compare this wireless outdoor security camera system with OOSSX as discussed above you can find that Zosi offers lower resolution wireless camera, and the preinstalled hard disk is also only 1TB. On the other hand the price different is not too much, only $20 which Zosi is tagged with the price around $580.

Click here to learn more Zosi and buy in Amazon

5. Smonet

The first two models of 8 channel wireless security camera OOSSXX and Zosi systems are designed with 1080p resolution, the third model is Smonet with 960p resolution. The NVR system comes with pre-installed 2TB hard disk and it can host up to 4TB storage.

Installation is easy, auto-pair technology makes it easy to DYI because all the cameras were tested and paired before shipment.

smonet 8 channel nvr
Smonet 8 chanel wifi NVR system

NVR Feature

  • 8 channel 960p wireless NVR with Linux OS
  • Comes with pre-installed 2TB and can be upgraded up to 4TB
  • 2 external antennas
  • Remote view


  • 8x Wifi camera with 960p resolution
  • 4mm lens
  • Night vision with range up to 65 ft
  • Motion detection and alarm alerts
  • weatherproof

The price tagged for this Smonet bundle is around $60 cheaper than SSOOXX bundle ($540). With included 8 wireless cameras all the three wifi NVR systems above are ideal solution for lower budget wireless outdoor security camera system.

Click here for Smonet wifi NVR kits

6. Lorex Wire-free Camera

If Zosi and Smonet and also all the above products we have discussed, all the included cameras require power adapter so that they require a power outlet where you will place the camera. Of course this will be difficult when you have to put the camera in a location where there is no power outlet, or difficult to install a power outlet in that location. For this reason, you need a wire-free camera system.

Lorex 6 channel wire-free system
Lorex 6 channel wire-free system

There are several wire-free camera systems available in the market today, and I think Arlo was the first wire-free camera system available in the market and now you can find similar products including Reolink Argus 2 with color night vision, Amcrest, Lorex and still more. Lorex offers 6-channel, instead of 8 channel wifi camera system with 4pcs (or you may take 6pcs) wire-free camera.


  • HB927 Lorex 6 channel recording system with 1080p HD resolution
  • Supports up to 6pcs of compatible Lorex wire-free camera with pairing system
  • Includes 1TB storage Hard disk with H.264 compression, up to maximum 8TB
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Live display 1,4,6 channels up to 20fps

Camera (LWB4901)

  • 1080p resolution with fixed lens and super wide 140 degree view angle
  • Built-in microphone and speaker for two way audio
  • Powered by 2-cell 5200mAh battery
  • Single 2.4GHz wifi band up to 450 ft range
  • IP66 weatherproof
  • Active deterrent with motion triggered LED light and remotely triggered alarm

Compared with Zosi and Smonet, it is easier for you to place the camera at area where no power outlet is available, no need of power cable due to battery powered. To learn more spec details about the recording unit and the wire-free camera click the product link below.

Click here to shop Lorex wire-free system

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