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IP Camera Optical Zoom is one of important IP security camera features, an IP camera with varifocal lens to allow you control the zooming in and zooming out object in the distance without sacrificing the image quality such as noise result like it does in digital zoom. Zooming in with optical zoom retains the pixels density.

Various models

IP Camera with optical zoom feature is typically more expensive than fixed lens camera due to mechanical complexity in producing the camera. On the other hand, digital zoom is done via the software in the camera to compress the distance of the object by cropping certain area and then enlarge the image size, this will contribute the noise result of your image quality.

So that’s why IP camera with motorized optical zoom is preference for zooming in, ideal for getting image detail for distance objects.

The price tagged for IP Camera optical zoom depends of multiplication of the optical zoom factor, ranging from 4x up to 30x optical zoom and more for high end lenses.

  1. Reolink RLC-411S

One of best affordable IP camera with optical zoom you may consider is Reolink RLC-411S. With 4MP (2560×1440 pixels) resolution or as known as 2K resolution camera, RLC-411S is tagged with lower price than other similar camera available in the market today.

Reolink currently introduces various models of IP camera and NVR / DVR systems with competing price compared with other similar products from other vendors including Amcrest, Foscam or Lorex. For example Reolink C2 wireless home camera which features 4MP and dual band wifi adapter and 3x optical zoom is tagged with only $99.99.

reolink rlc-411

Reolink RLC-411 4x Optical Zoom 4MP

Reolink RLC-411 is built with 2.8 mm ~ 12mm varifocal lens with 4x optical motorized zoom providing variations of field of view angle ranging from 36~100 degree.


  • Bullet model IP camera with 4x optical zoom
  • 2K resolution (2560×1440 pixels) / 4MP super HD, sharp images and video results
  • Varifocal 2.8 mm ~ 12mm lens with motorized zoom
  • Field of view angle ranging from 36~100 degree
  • Support night vision with 36pcs IR LEDs ranging up to 100 ft distance
  • POE support with CAT6 UTP cable for power and data cable
  • Real time motion detection and alerts, customized and schedule motion detection
  • Remote view with free mobile phone apps
  • Supports P2P and QR Code scan hassle free remote configuration
  • Built-in storage 16GB memory card for local storage; Reolink NVRs


  • No audio

Remote access has never been easy and with P2P technology and QR Code scan your camera supports, the complexities of remote configurations would be gone.

The price of this IP Camera Optical Zoom product is tagged with affordable price of around $120.00 in Amazon. Click the following links for current price and customer rating as well as more spec details of this product.

Click here to learn more details Reolink RLC-411

  1.  GW Security 5MP GW5128MIP

With the same optical zoom factor as Reolink, GW Security offers GW5128MIP bullet model camera with higher resolution of 5MP (2592 x 1920 pixels) with similar varifocal 2.8~12mm lens with 4x motorized optical zoom.

This camera gives you variations of field of viewing angle ranging from 22~115 degree. You can control the zooming in and out local and remotely through NVR with mobile devices using free GWCamView mobile app. Moreover, remote configuration is easier with P2P and QR Code scan technology. See also 5MP IP camera with zoom lens.

GW Security GW5128MIP

This camera is typically connected to large channels of high resolution NVR system such as high bandwidth 32 channel NVR system including GW Security, Amcrest and HDView NVR system or you can connect to 16 channel 4K NVR LaView system.


  • High resolution of 5MP (2592×1920 pixels) @15 fps; 4MP @ 20 fps, 3MP @ 30 fps; 2MP @ 30fps
  • Built-in 2.8~12mm varifocal lens, providing 4x optical motorized zoom, auto focus lens
  • Variations of field of view angle ranging from 22-115 degree
  • Support night vision with 30pcs 850nm IR LEDs ranging up to 120 ft distance
  • Remotely Zoom In & Out through NVR, Computer, Phone or Tablet
  • Motion detection and alerts
  • P2P and QR Code scan technology for easy remote connection
  • ONVIF universal agreement
  • IP66 rated weatherproof for outdoor placement
  • POE support with optional power port


  • Only 1080p Resolution
  • No audio
  • No memory storage

This IP camera Optical zoom product is one of the best in 5MP with 4x optical zoom and is tagged with higher price than Reolink, the price is around $220.00 in Amazon.

Click the link below to learn more details about the product, current price in Amazon and customer rating.

Click here for GW Security GW5128MIP

  1. A-Zone AZ-HD51F-210x

A-Zone few models of reasonable price PTZ IP camera with optical zoom including A-Zone AZ-HD51F-210x. Unlike the first two models above with bullet model design, A-Zone AZ-HD51F-210x is designed with PTZ model. It’s middle speed PTZ dome camera with full HD 1080p resolution and is featuring 10x motorized optical zoom lens.

A-Zone AZ-HD51F-210x Speed dome PTZ camera

A-Zone 1080p PTZ middle speed dome camera features sharp night vision with 6pcs IR LEDs range up to 150 ft, far enough to reach the farthest corner of your front yard.


  • 4.0 inch Mini middle speed dome PTZ camera
  • Full HD 1080p (1920×1080) @30 fps resolution
  • Varifocal lens 5.1mm~51mm
  • 10x motorized optical zoom
  • Night vision with 6pcs auto control IR LEDs range up to 150 ft(50m)
  • Panning endless 360 degree, speed 0.02~45 degree /s and tilting 93 degree speed 0.02~30 degree / s covering the whole 360 degree area
  • P2P and QR Code scan technology for remote view
  • Full features of PTZ and recording modes
  • POE support
  • IP66 weatherproof with metal body construction
  • Lightening protection with transient voltage 6,000V


  • No audio
  • No local memory storage

A-Zone middle speed dome PTZ camera with 10 optical motorized zoom is ideal for homes or small businesses to cover the whole 360 degree area of your property, very sharp and clear with 10x zoom in. the price is reasonable around $230.00.

Click here to learn more details A-Zone 1080p speed dome PTZ camera

  1. Anran 1080p PTZ camera

Another model of IP camera with zoom is offered by Anran. With POE outdoor camera you still need to run UTP network cable from the camera to the network or NVR unit, with Anran PTZ camera you don’t need the hassle of drilling the wall and running the network cable to the ceiling. Anran comes with built-in Wi-Fi connection to your wireless network.

Anran 1080p wireless PTZ 4x optical zoom

Resolution is the same when you compare it with A-Zone which is full HD 1080p with 4x optical zoom. However the frame rate speed at 1080p resolution is only 15 fps, not as real time as 30 fps.


  • Wireless PTZ camera with zoom
  • Full HD 1080p resolution @ 15 fps
  • Varifocal lens 2.8mm~12mm with 4x motorized optical zoom
  • Night vision with 6pcs IR LEDs range up to 160 ft(53m)
  • Panning up to 355 degree horizontally and tilting up to 90 degree vertically
  • Two way Audio interface In/Out
  • Memory card slot with included 16GB
  • P2P and QR Code scan technology for easy remote view
  • Wireless connection @2.4Ghz band
  • IP66 rated weatherproof


  • Require power connection, with POE you don’t need to provide power connection but with wireless connection you still require power supply to the camera
  • 15 fps @ 1080p resolution, not real time speed

Anran PTZ with 4x optical zoom is tagged with reasonable price around $260.00 in Amazon.

Click here to learn more Anran PTZ 1080p camera

  1. Sunba 601-D20X PTZ camera

The first two PTZ IP camera with optical zoom discussed above are medium speed dome PTZ camera with zoom, Sunba 601-D20X is a 5” high speed dome PTZ camera up to 300 degree/s panning and up to 120 degree/s tilting and with panning capability 360 degree endless.

sunba speed dome camera

Sunba 601-DX20 Speed dome camera

The resolution is the same as the other two PTZ cameras above but the optical zoom is higher, it is 20x optical zoom PTZ camera. This PTZ camera is one of most popular outdoor PTZ camera in Amazon.

Main features

  • Professional 5-inch speed dome PTZ camera
  • 0MP 1080p full HD resolution @30 fps or @25 fps
  • with SONY CMOS sensor 4.7~94mm
  • 20x motorized optical zoom
  • IR-Cut True Excellent Night Vision with 4 Osram lights long infrared distance up to 350m (1.148 ft)
  • High Speed PTZ: Pan 0.01- 300 degree/s, Tilt 0.01 – 120 degree/s ; Degree Range: Pan 360 degree endless, Tilt -10 – 90 degree (10 degrees upward tilt ability)
  • Supports P2P for remote viewing
  • Onvif Supported: Blue Iris Compatible
  • POE supports
  • IP66 rated weatherproof with aluminum shell housing

Sunba 601-D20X is one of best Sunba IP camera Optical zoom products you may consider for your businesses. You may also like Sunba Auto tracker PTZ camera – the Sunba 805-DG20x auto tracking camera.

Click here to learn more detail Sunba 601-D20X

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You may connect those IP camera optical zoom feature to any one of popular 4k security camera system kit or high bandwidth best 32 channel NVR system such as GW Security.

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