Top 5 IP Camera With Zoom

In the previous article in part #1 of Top 5 IP Camera with zoom we have discussed three best value IP Camera optical zoom including Reolink RLC-411S with 4MP and 4x optical zoom; GW Security 5MP dome model camera with 4x motorized optical zoom and the PTZ model Sunba 601-D20X that comes with 20x motorized optical zoom. Both cameras are wired models, you may also consider affordable wireless outdoor PTZ camera such as Dericam wireless PTZ camera. For home indoor, try this affordable Reolink C2 dual band wifi PTZ camera.


Part #2 Optical Zoom Cam

In part # 2 of top 5 IP camera optical zoom we presented three best value IP camera with zoom and this article we present two outdoor PTZ camera with zoom i.e. Q-See and GW Security. Both models of PTZ camera is designed with panning up to 360 degree endless horizontally to cover the whole are by rotating the camera remotely via your mobile devices.

Mostly all outdoor PTZ camera from most vendors are designed with 360 degree endless panning capability including new Amcrest IP2M-850 and Lorex.

Here are the last two models of IP camera with optical zoom.

  1. Q-See QCN8035Z PTZ Camera

Unlike Sunba as highlighted in the previous article with 20x motorized optical zoom, Q-See QCN8035Z PTZ camera comes with higher optical zoom factor, 30x optical zoom. However, resolution between the two PTZ cameras is the same, 2MP (1080p).

Q-See QCN8035Z  is one of best IP camera with zoom, built with varifocal lens ranging from 4.3~129mm focal length providing field of view angle ranging from 2.34~65 degree. With 30x optical zoom factor, panning endless 360 degree and tilting up to 90 degree capability this camera is ideal for covering large area with long distance coverage.

Q-See outdoor ptz camera

Q-See QNC8035 PTZ with 30x optical zoom


  • Full HD (1080p) resolution with discreet dome design
  • Varifocal lens 4.3~129mm with 30x motorized optical zoom
  • Field of view angle ranging from 2.34 degree up to 65.1 degree
  • 16x digital zoom for total of 480 zoom factor
  • Supports Q-See Series QC IP NVR’s that are compatible with QCN HD IP Cameras.
  • POE supports
  • IP67 rated weatherproof and durable metal body housing for vandal proof
  • Only works with QCN solutions or as a standalone unit

The camera will switch to black and white recording in ambient light, it doesn’t have IR LEDs so still require ambient lights at night to allow video recording in black and white. The system allows the camera to capture images as clear as possible regardless of surrounding light conditions. Q-See QCN8035Z IP camera optical zoom is one of best POE outdoor PTZ camera you can find in the market.

Click here to learn more detail Q-See PTZ camera

  1. GW Security GW400IP PTZ

The last two products discussed above are designed with full HD 1080p resolution, very sharp for businesses with large area to cover with their multiplications of optical zoom lens. if 1080p is not enough to support your businesses, you may require higher resolution of 4MP camera or higher.

GW Security GW400IP is one of best IP camera with zoom and the resolution is 4MP (2592x 1520 pixels) with varifocal 4.7~94mm auto focus lens, providing 20x optical zoom. In addition of panning horizontally endless 360 degree, this IP camera with zoom is ideal for covering your large business area. For homes or offices indoor you may also consider fishy eye camera with 360 degree panoramic view such as Geovision GV-FE5302 fisheye camera.

gw security with 20x optical zoom

GW Security PTZ camera with 20x optical zoom

The good thing with GW Security IP camera optical zoom is that it supports the latest H.265 compression technology to save your network bandwidth.


  • High resolution of 4MP (2592 x 1520 pixels) @30 fps
  • Varifocal 4.7~94mm Auto Focus Len with 20x optical zoom factor
  • Support latest H.265 compression technology to save your network bandwidth and increased storage space up to 65%
  • Endless 360 degree panning horizontally and up to 90 degree tilting vertically
  • Supports night vision with 12pcs IR LEDs array, distance up to 500 ft (150m)
  • 128 preset position
  • IP66 rated Weatherproof and solid housing aluminum construction

For a full spec details and features, click the following link to learn more manufacturer’s description, current rating and price in Amazon.

Click here for GW Security 4MP PTZ camera

This GW Security IP camera with zoom is ideal for connecting to high bandwidth 32 Channel NVR systems including GW Sec urity, Amcrest or HDView.

See also another model offered by Amcrest – the Amcrest ip2m-853 ptz camera vs Lorex with 12x optical motorized zoom.

You may also like dual lens dash cam for your vehicle Auto Vox M3 or KDLinks R100 Ultra HD dual dash cam.

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