Top 5 Under $100 Wireless Home Security Cameras

The requirement of home monitoring system is not so complicated with wireless home security camera when you already have wifi network in place either single or dual band wireless network. Today mostly wireless routers product are dual band based on recent wireless AC standard such as Linksys EA8500, TP-link Archer C9, Netgear Nighthawk X4s or any wireless ac routers from other vendors. They are good for your HD security camera system.

Unlike business class IP cameras, wireless home security camera is tagged with lower price and many models are tagged with the price under $90. Business class IP camera are tagged with higher price ranging from $100 up to $700 and even much higher. You can say Imporx 30x auto tracking camera is tagged around $600, and some models are tagged with lower price such as SecuPlug and Lorex PTZ camera. For homes, affordable wireless HD home security camera is appropriate.


Top 5 products

Bunch of wireless home security cameras in the market so far and some of them are receiving bad rating in some online stores. And here are 5 products, affordable HD security camera system with price under $100.

Let’s start with Yi Home, Kamtron and Annke in this page and continued to the next page for Reolink and Amcrest.

  1. Yi Home

Yi is one of affordable Chinese products in wireless home camera which becomes popular in the market today. This camera is designed with desktop form factor you can place on the shelf or on the wall. You can rotate up to 180 degree rotation to fit the view angle.

Small design and is HD 720p resolution with crystal clear images, 111 wide view angle with maximum f/2.0 aperture. It also support night vision with 940nm infrared sensor for clear image.

Yi Home 1080 camera (~$50)


  • HD 720p resolution @20 fps with f/2.0 aperture full glass lens
  • 111 degree wide view angle and 4x digital zoom
  • Support night vision with 940nm infrared sensor
  • Motion detection and alerts to you smart phones (Android or iOS)
  • Two way audio supports
  • Support local storage SD Card up to 32GB
  • Easy to setup with free app

Yi Home is affordable 720p HD security camera system tagged with price under $50 at a moment, and it is one of best cheap home wifi camera in the market. You may also consider the dome model with higher resolution of full HD Yi Home 1080p wifi camera.

Click here for more details Yi Home 1080p instead of 720p


  1. Kamtron

Another affordable product with higher resolution you may consider is Kamtron wireless home camera. Kamtron 1080p is featuring Panning and Tilting (PT), you can pan horizontally up to 350 degree and up to 100 degree tilting vertically.

If you compare with Yi Home as shown above it is designed with dome model, however it’s field of view angle is only 62 degree.

Kamtron 1080p wifi home camera (~$66)


  • 1080p @30 fps wireless home camera
  • Easy to setup with mobile devices
  • Field of view angle 62 degree
  • Night vision support range up to 20 ft
  • Panning 350 degree horizontal and 100 degree vertical
  • Support QR Code scan for easy configuration
  • Motion detection and email alerts
  • Two way stereo audio
  • Local storage SD Card up to 64GB

Kamtron with 62 degree field of view angle plus panning capability of up to 350 degree meaning that the camera can cover the whole 360 degree coverage. If you compare with Yi home, Kamtron HD security camera system is tagged with higher price almost twice as much as Yi home.

Click here for Kamtron details, current price and rating in Amazon

Similar product you may also consider is NexGadget 1080p camera with good rating in Amazon is tagged with low price as well.

  1. Annke HD camera

This product – the Annke HD wireless home camera is currently receiving successful customer rating above 4 stars. Like Kamtron, Annke is capable of panning and tilting control with your mobile devices.

Recording and viewing resolution is 1080p with night vision support up to 10 meters. The field of view angle is slightly wider than Kamtron. And is also capable of panning up to 360 degree horizontally and is capable of auto tracking any object passing by, it is also tilting up to 90 degree vertically.

Annke 1080p PT wireless home camera (~$80)


  • Wireless home camera with 1080p resolution
  • Works with Alexa and Google assistant for smart home could be used with the Echo Show and Fire TV and Google Home
  • Free 30-day Nova Cloud storage and options for 4 premium plans in addition of local TF card memory
  • 360 degree auto tracking for moving objects
  • Accessible by PC, Macs, and mobile devices
  • Compatible with third party surveillance platform including Blue Iris and TinyCam
  • Motion detection and alerts


The good thing with combination of PIR and motion detection reduces false alarm without missing any moment.

Annke wireless home camera is  tagged with more expensive price than Yi Home HD security camera system and is almost the same price as Kamtron.

Click here for Annke wifi camera, current price and rating in Amazon

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For business class requirement you may consider NVR system with kits, such as Lorex and GW Security 32 channel kit. For small businesses, you may consider affordable A Zone 8 channel DVR system or Zmodo 8 channel wifi camera system.

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