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Top 5 Most Popular Webcams for Conference Rooms Which One Meets Your Business Need (2021)

If during this pandemic you spend more time for working from home, naturally you need a real-time communication needs to your colleagues in remote office. You need a webcam product which will be frequently used for video conferencing using Microsoft meet, zoom or other VC applications. Even though your laptop at home comes with embedded camera, the resulting quality is far from expected when you compare it with high quality external webcam with good microphone. See also best cam for zoom meeting – the most popular general use webcam for zoom or any other VC software.

Webcams for conference rooms

Unlike the need for a webcam for online zoom meetings where each participant uses their own laptop from home, the need for a webcam for conference room is different because it involves a group of people in a small to large rooms who need to be accommodated to participate in the video conference. Which one is best cam for conference room to meet your business?

Features to consider

Unlike the webcam for zoom at home, the webcam for the conference room must meet the requirements that allow the quality of the video conference to have good performance, at least there are few things you need to consider.

1. Internet Bandwidth

Video conferencing takes up a fairly wide bandwidth, so you have to make sure that the internet service plan from your provider is wide enough for streaming and downstream needs. Technically the zoom application requires a minimum of 1.5Mbps either upstream or downstream, not to mention the needs of other applications such as browsing, email, and other database application widely used by lots of people in your office.

2. Video Recording Resolution

Video resolution plays an important role in providing good and perfect image quality, not producing low-resolution images with lot of noise. At least the resolution of the webcam used is full HD 1080p @ 30 fps, although 720p is sufficient, but for your business representation needs, use a webcam with 1080p resolution or higher.

However, at the opposite end of your video call must also have the same video quality regarding the bandwidth. If on the other side of your call can only perform 720p video call, then don’t force to call with 1080p or even 4k resolution.

The frame rates per second matters; at least you need to configure your webcam to deliver video at real time frame rate @30 fps (frame per second). The faster frame rate up to 60fps or 90fps is better for smooth performance even in dynamic scenes.  

3. Field of View angle

In a large indoor video conference meeting involving several meeting participants surrounding a meeting table, your webcam’s field of view angle should cover everyone in the large meeting room. Or if possible your webcam can feature PTZ (panning, tilting and zooming) capabilities that track anyone speaking in the meeting.

4. Microphone

Make sure that your webcam has a good quality of built-in microphone; at least it has such kind of noise reduction technology (aka noise cancellation feature) to reduce noise from other background voices that can cause severe background noise. There few models that give you option to add external high quality microphones with certain range of audio pickup with noise reduction.  

Best 5 Webcams for Conference Rooms

Here are the top 5 best cam for conference room products from various vendors. Each vendor has several product series and we choose one of the flagship products they released to the market with excellent rated in some online stores.

1. Logitech Connect

There are couple of medium class webcams offered by Logitech are Logitech Conference Cam BCC950 and Logitech Connect which are ideal for small conference room up to 5 participants.   

Logitech Connect which is offered more expensive than Logitech bcc950 series is preferred for businesses. When you compare bcc950 series which supports 1.2x HD Zoom, the Logitech Connect series supports up to 4x HD zoom, as well as viewing angles up to 90 degrees compared to bcc950 with only 78 degrees view angle.

Logitech Connect - webcams for conference rooms
Logitech Connect Cam

With bcc950 series which requires an extender stem for seeing eye-to-eye meeting, the Connect model is designed with a cylinder model with a height of about 300 mm, almost the same height as the bcc950 with extender stem. Both models are typically used on the table. What this Logitech Connect does?


  • Full HD motorized webcam for conference room with cylinder tower and tabletop model for easy eye-to-eye seeing. Ideal for small group of up to 5 people home office
  • Sharp and clear 1080p @30 fps video with premium glass lens, 90 degree view angle and zoom in up to 4x digital zoom HD
  • Comes with Bluetooth full duplex speakerphone and two Omni-directional microphones and 360 degree wideband audio
  • Dialing via Smartphone is easier by simply pair connecting via Bluetooth / NFC
  • Powered by rechargeable battery for up to 3 hours video call and up to 15 hours audio call and AC power supply is also available
  • USB plug and play to Windows or Mac computers and supports all VC software
  • Rightlight 2 technology to challenge various lighting conditions for best image
  • Comes with remote control for panning, tilting and digital zooming
  • Frame rate only up to 30fps, for dynamic participants @60 fps is better

Logitech Connect series is ideal for small offices with small number of people, up to 1080p @30 fps with 360 degree wideband audio and Bluetooth speakerphone and 4x digital zoom. Compared with bcc950 series, this Connect series is tagged with much higher price, but it is one of best cams for conference room up to 5 participants.

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2. Meeting Owl Pro

With almost the same design as Logitech Connect, Meet Owl webcam offers smarter features. There are two types of Meeting Owl webcam, the standard Meeting Owl with 720p resolution and the Meet Owl Pro which offers 1080p camera resolution and two times louder room sound via 360 tri-speaker and smart microphones.

Meeting Owl Pro Webcam for conference room
Meeting Owl Pro Webcam

The most interesting and smart thing about Meeting Owl Pro is that the camera will focus on whoever is speaking in the meeting with panning and zooming features as if you are face to face with the speaker in the meeting.


  • USB plug and play Smart webcam for conference room with 1080p resolution @30 fps, powered by Owl Intelligence System
  • Tabletop design covering 360 degree panning and smart digital zooming
  • Automatically shift the webcam to focus whoever speaking in the meeting
  • 8pcs Smart microphones with radius audio pickup up to 18ft (5m) and comes with 360 degree triple speakerphone 
  • Ideal for medium sized room up to 15×20 ft
  • Works with all popular video conferencing software including Zoom, Skype, WebEx etc
  • Wifi connectivity with MIMO and WPA2 security encryption 
  • Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 605 processor
  • Cannot cover all the meeting participants in one screen
  • No zoom in feature
  • More Expensive

Meeting Owl Pro is ideal webcam for conference room with smart features you will love, however the price is more expensive compared with Logitech Connect as discussed above. however today you may find the price is dropped up to $999.0 compared with the first time it was released which was tagged around $1200.  

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3. Tenveo VA2000

Tenveo released few models of webcam for conference room and one of them is discussed here – the Tenveo va2000 model.

If the two products offered by Logitech and Meet Owl as discussed above are suitable for the needs of small meeting rooms with up to 5 people, the Tenveo va2000 is good for meeting rooms with capacity of up to 25 participants, large enough for offices meeting room ranging from 40 sq m up to 100 sq meters.

When you compare with Meet Owl Pro that doesn’t come with zoom feature, Tenveo va2000 is equipped with Varifocal lens with 3x optical motorized zoom feature so when you zoom in the image quality is still sharp and clear, no noise as demonstrated by webcam with digital zoom.

Tenveo va2000 webcam for conference room
Tenveo va2000 webcam

When compared to Logitech Connect which supports up to 4x digital zoom, Tenveo va2000 is equipped with Varifocal lens with 3x optical motorized zoom feature so when you zoom in the image quality is still  sharp and clear, no noise as demonstrated by webcam with digital zoom.


  • Professional USB 2.0 plug and play webcam for conference rooms with high resolution up to 1080p @30 fps
  • Designed with varifocal lens f=3.0 mm ~ 10.0 mm with 3x optical motorized zoom
  • Field of view angle 128 degree (wide angle) up to 37 degree (Tele angle)
  • Ideal for large meeting room up to 25 people, as large as 40 sq m up to 100 sq m.
  • Feature PTZ, panning up to 350 degree and tilting up to 90 degree and up to 3 optical zoom    
  • Comes with high quality speakerphone and Omni-directional microphone with noise cancellation for 8~10 people and range up to 20ft (6m)
  • Works with most VC software including Zoom, Microsoft Lync, Skype etc and works with Microsoft, Mac etc
  •   Comes with remote control
  • Frame rate only up to 30 fps, doesn’t support up to high speed video streaming up to 60fps
  • No smart auto track feature who is speaking on the meeting like Meet Owl

Tenveo va2000 with 3x optical motorized zoom, and panning up to 350 degree is ideal covering the entire meeting participants in the large meeting room of up to 25 sq m. This product is tagged with the price around $498 in Amazon (#ads), best cam for conference room with 3x optical motorized zoom.

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4. Logitech Meetup

One of popular Logitech’s products for conference rooms is Logitech Meetup, one of the Logitech Rally webcam series for smaller room. Unlike Logitech Connect with a tabletop model, Logitech meetup is a two bar with camera in the middle bars you can place under your large TV screen so that it can cover the entire meeting participants in the room.

Logitech meetup webcam
Logitech Meetup

Unlike the Meet Owl Pro, which cannot cover all meeting participants on one screen, the logitech meetup covers all participants as if you were in a meeting room as normal. And meetup can provide up to 5x digital zoom to let you close up speakers in meetings.


  • Supports high resolution up to 4k (8MP) webcam @30 fps with super wide 120 degree view angle
  • Ideal for huddle rooms and small meeting rooms
  • Comes with smart motorized PTZ lens with ±25° panning and ±15° tilting you can control via remote control
  •  Supports up to 5x digital zoom
  • Comes with 3 beamforming elements Omni directional microphones with pickup range up to 4m (13ft)
  • Expansion microphone you can extend up to 14ft distance
  • Patent pending speaker with anti-vibration enclosure adjustable up to 95dB
  • Table mount, wall mount and optional TV mount
  • More expensive than Logitech Connect, however less expensive compared with Meet Owl
  • No smart feature such as auto track

When you compare with the first time this product was released, the price of Logitech meetup today drops much probably there few models in the market with similar design but with much lower price offered by unpopular brands.

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You may also like to read more details comparison between the two popular products Meet Owl vs Logitech Meetup  webcam.

5. Jabra Panacast

There is a unique webcam model offered by Jabra Panacast. Unlike most webcams that come with a single camera lens, the Jabra Panacast comes with three lenses in one webcam. With three camera lenses, you will get a pleasant meeting experience so that there is no room that is not covered, including the notes on the white board in the room.

Jabra Panacast webcam
Jabra Panacast webcam

There two popular models, the Jabra Panacast we discuss in this article and Jabra Pancast 50 with richer features, however the price is double as much as standard Jabra Panacast.  

Like the Logitech Meetup, Jabra Panacast you can mount it under the TV screen, above the desktop or laptop. To support your business, for branch offices that need to perform video conference call with the heart quarter office, this Jabra series is recommended to get a 180 degree panorama in 4k resolution.


  • Unique three lens webcam for conference room to cover the entire meeting participants
  • Panoramic 180 degree view webcam with high resolution up to 4k with intelligent autofocus dynamic real time stitching technology
  • Three modes of resolution 4k @30 fos; 1080p @30 fps and 720p @30 fps
  • Adjustable view angle you can choose from Jabra Direct: 90°, 120°, 140° and 180°
  • 2-built in Omni directional microphones, and optional Jabra speakerphone is available
  • Whiteboard content digitally online
  • You can mount under TV, on top of monitor or laptop
  • Up to only 30fps, doesn’t support faster @60fps

 If you compare with Logitech Meetup, this product is cheaper. Jabra Panacast 50 is the more features version with 8x built-in microphones.

Read more details and shop Jabra Panacast in Amazon (#ads)

You may also like to read more details comparison between Logitech meetup vs Jabra Panacast.

Another model below is also good to consider, webcam with 20x optical zoom.

6. PTZOptics-20X-SDI GEN-2

If you thing that Meeting Owl Pro is tagged with expensive price, you will be surprised with the webcam for conference room product below that is tagged with nearly twice as expensive as Owl Pro, the PTZOptics-20X-SDI GEN-2, one of best cam for conference room products with optical zoom.

What makes this product different?

When you compare this PTZ Optic 20x with Logitech and Owl Pro you can see that they are not featuring optical zoom but digital zoom. This product comes with high quality varifocal lens with 20x optical motorized zoom.

PTZ Optic 20x webcam for conference room
PTZ Optic 20x webcam

You will get the same sharp and clear image quality without noise either zooming in or zooming out from wide angle or Tele angle for person in distance. This would be very ideal for large conference room with lots of people in the meeting. The good thing is that this webcam features wide dynamic range (WDR) that helps the camera challenging the bright and shade parts within the frame.


  • USB 3.0 plug and play webcam for conference room with full HD 1080p resolution @60/30 fps 
  • High quality varifocal lens ranging from f4.42 mm ~ 88.5 mm; aperture f1.8 ~ f2.8
  • 2D and 3D noise reduction with ‘low noise CMOS sensor’ and WDR supports
  • 20x optical motorized lens zoom, ideal for distance objects clearly
  • Field of view angle 3.36° (tele) to 60.7° (wide) horizontal view angle; 1.89° (tele) to 34.1°(wide) vertical view angle
  • Video output HDMI; USB 3.0, IP streaming or CVBS Simultaneously  
  • This PTZ Optic 20x is ideal for web-based conferencing and and collaboration software solutions including Zoom, Skype, WebEx and still more
  • Opens source webcam control for professional custom control
  • Supports POE


  • Doesn’t come with speaker and microphone, but 3.5mm audio input 
  • Big gear, highly technical, not ideal for tabletop webcam but wall mount, ceiling mount or pole mount
  • Very expensive for small to medium conference room

You may connect this POE webcam to any of NVR system with built-in POE switch such as 32 channel Lorex and GW Security NVR system together with other security cameras.

For small to medium size conference room, this webcam is too much, however for stage or concert hall this gear is appropriate. Click the link below to shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

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