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Most Popular Conference Room Camera Products Which One Best to Meet Your Business Call (2022)

best webcam for conference room

One of the conference room camera features is wide view angle that allows the webcam to cover all meeting participants in the meeting room. There are various models of webcam for conference room available in the market today. Which best webcam for conference rooms is suitable to meet your business?

Conference Room Camera

Even though the pandemic is over and back to the new normal, the need for webcams for conference video calls between branch offices and head office still required, especially for companies with many branch offices. Although webcams for individuals for workers at home have been reduced because they have to work in the office, the need for conference room cameras still exists. This becomes the trend way how the companies run their business in this digital era.

Features to consider

Unlike the webcam for zoom at home, conference room camera must meet the requirements that allow the quality of the video conference call to have good performance, smooth no jitter, and good sound quality, at least there are few things you need to consider.

1. Internet Bandwidth

Video conferencing takes up a fairly wide bandwidth, so you have to make sure that the internet service plan from your provider is wide enough for streaming and downstream video. Technically the zoom application requires a minimum of 1.5Mbps either upstream or downstream, not to mention the needs of other applications such as browsing, email, and other database application widely used by lots of people in your office.

2. Video Recording Resolution

Video resolution plays an important role in providing good and perfect image quality, not producing low-resolution images with lot of noise. At least the resolution of the webcam used is full HD 1080p @ 30 fps, although 720p is sufficient, however for your business representation needs high resolution video calls up to 4k is much better. There are few models of webcam for conference room support 4k streaming, so you can use high quality video conference apps that support up to 4k resolution for better video conference session end to end.  

It’s better that each end of the offices use the same conference room camera, the same video call equipment and applications for smooth video conference meeting.

The frame rates per second matters; at least you need to configure your webcam to deliver video at real time frame rate @30 fps (frame per second). The faster frame rate up to 60fps or 90fps is better for smooth performance even in dynamic scenes. 

3. Field of View angle

In a large indoor video conference meeting involving several meeting participants surrounding a meeting table, your webcam’s field of view angle should cover everyone in the meeting room. Or if possible your webcam can feature PTZ (panning, tilting and zooming) capabilities that track anyone speaking in the meeting.

4. Microphone

Make sure that your webcam has a good quality of built-in microphone; at least it has such kind of noise reduction technology (aka noise cancellation feature) to reduce noise from other background voices that can cause severe background noise. There are few models webcam equipments that give you option to add external high quality microphones with certain range of audio pickup with noise reduction.  

Best Webcams for Conference Rooms

Targeting the best product is like aiming the moving objects. Assess what your business requirements; find suitable conference room camera equipment that meet your business.

Here are top rated best webcam for conference room products from various vendors. Each vendor has several product series and we choose one of the flagship products they released to the market with excellent rated in some online stores.

1. Nexigo N990 2nd G

One of the 4k webcams offered by Nexigo is the n990 which is a conference room camera with video resolution up to 4k (8.5mp), one of the webcam for conference room that is tagged at an affordable price. In addition, this product is also very suitable for online learning.

Nexigo n990 4k Conference room camera
Nexigo n990 4k Conference room camera

One of the beneficial features is the PTZ capability of this camera, and supports two preset positions that you can configure to make it easier for you to position the camera just by controlling via the remote control. For example, the first preset position is the camera facing the meeting participants and the second preset is the camera position facing the whiteboard during presentation.

Equipped with two built-in microphone for audio and if necessary when the camera is placed in front to provide a wide view angle to cover all participants at the meeting table, you can use external microphones with extension cable to be placed close to the meeting participants to get better and clearer sound quality.

You can place this webcam on the table in the middle of meeting participants like meet owl cam (we’ll discuss later), or in front of the large screen, even you can mount it on the wall or ceiling. See also meet owl and logitech meetup webcam for conference room.

  • Affordable conference room camera with ptz feature and supports video resolution up to 4k (8.5MP) and features 5x digital zoom at 1080p resolution, maximum frame rate #30 fps
  • Panning up to 170 degree left and right side, total up to 340 degree horizontal panning and tilting from -35 degree up to 85 degree. It also comes with two presets position you can customize and select via remote control
  • Comes with built-in dual stereo microphone with noise cancellation and supports two external microphone interface
  • Fixed focus, manual focus

Nexigo n990 conference room camera features 4k video resolution with ptz features, and the good thing is that this product is tagged with affordable price compared with similar product in the market. This webcam for conference product is one of best video conference camera products with affordable price.

You can click here to read more details Nexigo n990 Amazon (#ads)

Now, let’s take another product which is also ideal for huddle conference room.

2. Meeting Owl Pro 3rd G

If the physical appearance of nexigo n990 impresses a ptz camera product in general, this meeting owl webcam for conference is different and does not impress a webcam in general considering its odd and unique physical appearance. Meeting owl webcam is indeed different physically.

There are two versions of meeting owl webcam, the standard meeting owl with 720p resolution and the meeting owl pro which offers 1080p video resolution and two times louder room sound via 360 tri-speaker and smart microphones.

You can place this webcam on the centre of the meeting table and all the meeting participants surround the webcam.

Where will this webcam face if it is in the middle of the participants? This webcam is equipped with a fish eye lens that can view 360 degrees of the entire room and will auto focus on whoever is speaking in the meeting room. Nexigo n990 as discussed above cannot focus automatically but manually, while this  meeting owl conference room camera will auto frame and focus automatically on the speaker in the room.

Meeting Owl Pro Webcam for conference room
Meeting Owl Pro Webcam
  • Tabletop design smart webcam for conference room with 1080p resolution @30 fps covering 360 degree whole room featuring smart digital zoom and automatically shift the webcam and focus to the meeting speaker
  • 8pcs Smart microphones with radius audio pickup up to 18ft (5m) and comes with 360 degree triple speakerphone 
  • Ideal for medium sized room up to 15×20 ft
  • Wifi connectivity with MIMO and WPA2 security encryption 
  • Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 605 processor
  • No zoom in feature
  • More Expensive

Meeting Owl Pro 3rd generation is ideal webcam for conference room with smart features you will love, however the price costly compared to nexigo n990 as discussed above. If you are lucky you may get better deal in Amazon today, click the product’s link below. 

Click here to SHOP Meeting Owl Pro in Amazon (#ads)

3. Logitech Meetup

One of most popular brand in webcam products is logitech. Logitech introduces various lines of webcam ranging from most popular c920 series, streamer webcams and premium series of conference room camera products. One of popular Logitech’s products for conference rooms is Logitech Meetup, one of the Logitech Rally webcam series for smaller room. Logitech meetup is a usb two bar webcam with camera in the middle bars you can place under your large TV screen so that it can cover the entire meeting participants in the room.

Unlike the meeting owl pro which cannot cover all meeting participants in one screen as normal, the logitech meetup covers all participants as if you were in a meeting room as normal. If with Meeting Owl you can’t zoom in, logitech meetup offers 5x digital zoom feature, making it easier for you to close up the speaker.

Logitech meetup webcam
Logitech Meetup

Logitech meetup conference room camera is designed with 4k resolution same as nexigo n990. It also support limited ±25 degree panning and ±15 tilting and covers up to 120 degree view angle. You can place it under your large screen TV to cover the whole room, or you can mount it on the wall.

  • Supports high resolution up to 4k (8MP) webcam @30 fps with super wide 120 degree view angle, ideal for huddle rooms and small meeting rooms
  • Comes with smart motorized PTZ lens with ±25° panning and ±15° tilting you can control via remote control and supports up to 5x digital zoom
  • Comes with 3 beamforming elements Omni directional microphones with pickup range up to 4m (13ft) and you can extend up to 14ft distance with expansion microphone
  • Relatively costly, almost the same price as meeting owl
  • No smart feature such as auto track

When you compare with the first time this product was released, the price of Logitech meetup today drops much probably there few models in the market with similar design but with much lower price offered by unpopular brands. Logitech meetup conference room camera is very popular for businesses, and becomes one of best webcam for conference rooms in the market today.

Click here to read more detail Logitech Meetup in Amazon (#ads)  

You may also like to read more details comparison between the two popular products Meet Owl vs Logitech Meetup  webcam.

4. Jabra Panacast

There is a unique webcam model offered by Jabra Panacast. With nexigo n990 and logitech meetup, you have only one lens camera and with meeting owl you have fish eye lens webcam. with this Jabra Panacast, it is completely different. Jabra Panacast comes with three lenses in one camera. With three lenses, you will get a pleasant meeting experience so that there is no room that is not covered, including the notes on the white board in the room.

There three popular models, the Jabra Panacast we discuss in this article, jabra panacast 20 and Jabra Pancast 50 with richer features, however the price is double as much as standard Jabra Panacast. 

Jabra Panacast webcam
Jabra Panacast webcam

Like the Logitech Meetup, Jabra Panacast you can mount it under the TV screen, above the desktop or laptop. To support your business, for branch offices that need to perform video conference call with the heart quarter office, this Jabra series is recommended to get a 180 degree panorama in 4k resolution.

  • Unique three lens conference room camera to cover the entire meeting participants with panoramic 180 degree wide view angle with high resolution up to 4k with intelligent autofocus dynamic real time stitching technology
  • Three modes of resolution 4k @30 fos; 1080p @30 fps and 720p @30 fps and adjustable view angle you can choose from Jabra Direct: 90°, 120°, 140° and 180°
  • 2-built in Omni directional microphones, and optional Jabra speakerphone is available
  • Whiteboard content digitally online
  • Up to only 30fps, doesn’t support faster @60fps

 If you compare with Logitech Meetup, this product is cheaper. Jabra Panacast 50 is the more features version with 8x built-in microphones. Click the product’s link below to view how they review the product in Amazon (#ads).

Click here to learn more details Jabra Panacast in Amazon (#ads)

Jabra panacast conference room camera series are getting popular with their three-lens camera design for whole room angle view, one of best webcam for conference rooms for businesses in the market today.

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