Top Rated Baby Video Monitor

What do you expect from a baby video monitor? Of course, the camera’s ability on the baby’s side can be controlled by the baby monitor on your side easily which includes the ability to be able to communicate in two directions, you can listen the baby’s voice while talking to baby in your native language.

Besides that there is the ability of a baby camera to be panning and maybe tilting and zooming in / out will be better that can be controlled via the baby monitor. The image quality of the camera that can be displayed by a baby monitor must be sharp and clear, the higher the resolution of the camera the better it is displayed by a monitor that supports it.

Best rated baby video

Next we’ll see some models of baby video camera that get the best rated on the market including camera quality and ease of use and have several facilities to support baby monitoring while you are away from the baby. See also top ten baby video monitor.

1. Afdge Baby Monitor

This product is one of best baby video monitors, it’s cool and up to August 2019 gets a high rated customer rating with 5.0 out of 5.0 star. This product consists of a camera on baby’s side in your baby room and a monitor where you need supervision while away from the baby in another room. Between baby video and monitor can be as long as 650 ft distance, you are far enough away while you are busy doing your work away from the baby while still being able to monitor and even talk to the baby.

Afdge Baby Video Monitor


1. Baby video camera with baby monitor can work as far as 650 ft away with wifi connection, no need of wifi infrastructure, it has two way wifi connection.

2. It comes with preset lullabies you can control by holding down the music for 3s to sound the nursery rhymes

3. Easy to place the baby camera with 360 degree rotatable design. There is a hook that you can use to hook it to the wall or anywhere you can find any hook where you are working   

4. The ability of night vision is also very helpful, no need to bother going back and forth to the baby’s room which can wake the baby just monitor it from your place while also being able to monitor the room temperature.

This product is tagged with affordable price around $60 in Amazon.

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2. Besthing Baby Monitor

Another model which is also getting a favorable customer rating is offered Besthing baby video camera. The price is a little bit more expensive than the product we have discussed above.

The baby camera can be placed flexibly, can be rotated on its axis endless 360 degree and can also tilting up and down up to 60 degrees and can be placed and mounted on the wall also in the best position to monitor the baby.

Besthing Baby Video Camera


1. the quality of the 3.5 inch lcd monitor is very sharp and clear as if it were the original color of your baby.

2. just like most baby video monitors in general, this has the ability for two-way communication between your camera (with built-in microphone and speaker) and monitor, lullabies are also available. Connection is using WiFi with a 2.4 GHz radio band with secure encryption only for baby videos and monitors

3. This baby video camera is also equipped with night vision capability with 6pcs invisible infrared LEDs so it doesn’t interfere with the quality of your baby’s sleep at night and you can still see clearly on the monitor.

4. Baby video camera can be manually rotated up to 180 degree up to 120 degree tilting for better viewing angle.

4. This product can be expanded up to four cameras with one monitor.

Besthing is now becoming one of best baby video monitor in the market and this product also gets the best rated with a very satisfying rating of 5.0 and is priced at around $ 80.

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3. Vava Baby Video Monitor

Now we take one of the competitors who are getting high customer ratings on Amazon – Vava baby video monitor. One of the advantages of this product is that the baby monitor is equipped with a large capacity battery up to 4,500mAh. This battery can last up to 10 hours with display mode.

Vava baby video monitor

Not just that, the monitor size is 5″ wider than the monitors from other models such as Besthing which has been discussed above as well as the infant optic dxr-8 product, both of which only come with 3.5″ monitors. See also Samsung vs infant optic baby monitor.


1. IPS monitor screen 5 ”40% wider than most other baby monitors with a resolution of 720p (720 x 1280)

2. Baby video monitor with large battery capacity up to 4500mAh can last up to 12hrs for audio-only mode or up to 24hrs with display mode. Can be installed up to 4 cameras within your home with single monitor

3. Wifi range between the camera and monitor can be between 480 ~ 900 ft, from your baby’s nursery to the farthest yard outside of your home with a solid wifi signal @ 2.4Ghz band

4. The auto-pilot mode feature allows the camera to scan your baby’s room to reach your baby instantly with 270 degree motorized panning and 108 degree tilting capabilities, no need to setup any app, in addition the 2x and 4x zoom capability easily

5. Two-way communication between your baby on the camera side with your monitor side with 7 audio levels that you can adjust with the LED indicator

No wonder if this Vava baby monitor becomes one of best baby video monitor and gets a top rated with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 with satisfaction in image quality, value for money, battery life and also night vision. Click the product link below to shop on Amazon and learn more details.

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Besides the baby video camera, you can also use a home wifi camera that can also use two-way communication but does not use a baby monitor. You can monitor it through your smart phone from anywhere, even across geographies as long as there is an internet connection.

See Morvelli home wifi camera with 1080p resolution.

To support your home or business surveillance system you may consider Dahua vs Reolink vs Hikvision Varifocal Lens Camera, security camera with optical lens. Or you may also like Reolink vs Lorex Security Camera System.

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