Top Rated Dual Lens Front and Rear Dash Cam

Dual lens dash camera is a two channel video recorder for vehicles, one channel is the front view camera to records what’s happened in front. And one another channel is facing the rear view of the vehicle. Commonly this model is known as the front and rear dash cam, one unit camera is facing the front view and is mounted on the windscreen, or on the rearview mirror. The other unit camera is facing the rear view, it is typically installed on the license plate to help you backing up the vehicle.


Top rated dual lens dash cam

What features you should know about dual lens dash cam? Most users prefer higher resolution the camera can record, full HD (1080p) resolution or higher resolution (2K). the night vision capability for backup camera is essential to help you get a clear vision at night for reversing the car and some models give you night vision with the guide lines to help backing up.

G-sensor is an automatic recording when a collision or crash is detected and then the recorded file is locked in order not to be overwritten as a proof for future dispute. You need memory card for footage storage which is typically 8GB ~ 128GB depends on maximum capacity the car recorder unit can support.

Here are few models with top or high customer rated in Amazon.

  1. Falcon Zero F360 X

Falcon Zero F360 X is newer model of previous Falcon Zero F360 series, a dual lens dash cam with high resolution of 1080p for both cameras. It’s a dash cam with rearview mirror model with both cameras are on the right side of the DVR unit. Both cameras are 180 degree rotatable to allow you rotate it to the front or rear view, and both are 120 degree wide view angle.

falcom f360

Falcon Zero F360 X Dash Cam


  • Real rearview mirror with 3.5 inch color TFT LCD screen
  • Auto record DVR once you turn on the vehicle and shuts off when it is turned off
  • Dual lens dash cam with 1080p high resolution both cameras
  • Both cameras can swivel 180 degree each and are 120 degree wide viewing angle
  • 32GB SD Card and it features loop recording
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Supports night vision
  • Falcon Zero 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty – SD Card Included

The good thing with Falcon Zero X dual lens camera is that you can using both cameras to face in relative the same front view and adjust to achieve the whopping 240 degree field of view angle. Normally most dash cam such as Auto Vox M6 front and rear dash cam have maximum of field of view angle about 170 degree.

So far Falcon Zero F360 X receives excellent rated in Amazon, one of top rated dual lens dash cam in the market. Click the below link for more detail and current price.

Click here to learn more details Falcon Zero

  1. Cansonic Ultra Duo Z1

Cansonic Ultra Duo Z1 is one of best and top rated dual lens dash cam in Amazon. when you compare Cansonic with F360 X you can find that there is apparent differences between the two products.

Falcon Zero is designed with rearview mirror model you need to clip on the original rearview mirror. On the other hand with Cansonic you attach the camera unit on the windshield using suction pad.

The other significant difference is the twin cameras. Falcon comes with twin similar cameras with the same resolution, focal length and field of view angle. Cansonic comes with two different cameras, the wide angle camera in the left side and the telephoto zoom camera in the right side of the recorder unit.

Cansonic Z1 dual lens


  • Dual lens 160 ft telephoto zoom lens and wide angle lens with 180 degree rotational lens
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • WDR HDR low light sensor to compensate overexposure light
  • Parking mode with crash detection, car keying and car scratching detection
  • G-sensor support
  • Memory card up to 128GB SDHC, memory is not included
  • 2 inch high resolution LCD screen
  • Support speaker and microphone

Cansonic dual lens dash cam is very popular product, one of top rated dual lens dash cam with excellent customer rating and is tagged with slightly higher price than Falcon. Click the link below for more description and current price in Amazon.

Click here for Cansonic Z1 Ultra Duo

  1. KDlinks R100

With Cansonic you need to attach to the windshield, and should you feel distraction with this you may choose the rearview mirror model. KDlinks R100 offers the front and rear dash cam with easy to install unit. It comes with two sets of rubber straps you can safely clip to the rearview mirror.

Unlike the two models above, Cansonic and Falcon that comes with dual lens attach to the DVR unit, KDLinks R100 is designed with wide angle camera lens on the DVR unit and another camera – the backup camera attached on the rear license plate.

kdlinks r100

Kdlinks R100 front and rear dash cam


  • Front and rear dash camera with rearview mirror model
  • High resolution 1290p front camera plus 1080p rear view camera @30 fps
  • Both cameras offer 140 degree wide view angle
  • Large 5 inch IPS screen with high end anti-glare mirror
  • Records automatically with continues loop recording
  • Comes with 16GB SD Card, supports up to 128GB
  • Auto-off shut off when it doesn’t detect movement in 5 minutes
  • Superior night vision with WDR
  • G-sensor for accident auto detection

Many folks prefer rearview mirror model dash cam instead of attached to the windshield. KDlinks R100 is one of  the best front and rear dash cam products in the market with excellent customer rating.

Click here for KDLinks R100

  1. OUCOMI Dual Lens Car Dash Cam

Another best rated dual lens dash cam is offered by Oucomi. OUCOMI dual lens dash cam is designed with one lens facing to the front view and the other one is facing to the rear view. The resolution is different, front view lens with 1080p resolution and rear view lens is 720p resolution.

The other thing that makes it different with the other three products as discussed above is that this product comes with built-in GPS, still function even if your vehicle is off.

Ouconi dual lens dash cam


  • Dual lens front and rear dash cam attached to the windshield
  • High resolution 1080p front view lens and 720p rear view lens
  • 5 inch LTPS screen monitor
  • WDR for better performance in low light
  • Built-in G-sensor for auto recording when collision happened and lock the file for future dispute
  • Micro SD card up to 64GB (not included) with loop recording and built-in Lithium battery
  • Built-in GPS and speaker

You can install it easily with the included suction pad and attach to the windshield. You need to purchase separate memory card for recording, price tagged is around $120 without memory. To learn more spec detail and current price click link below.

Click here for Oucomi dual lens dash cam

  1. Auto Vox M6

Like Falcon F360 and KDLinks R100 dual lens front and rear dash cam, Auto Vox M6 is one of best front and rear dash cam with rearview mirror model. when you engage the R gear, this product with 4.5 inch screen will automatically display the rear view camera with parking guide lines to help you reversing the vehicle safely.

Another good feature with Auto Vox M6 is the motion detection that records automatically when it detects motion within 3 meters even when the vehicle is off.

Auto Vox M6 dash cam


  • Dual lens front and rear dash cam with rear view mirror model
  • High resolution of full HD 1080p front view camera and 720p rear view camera
  • High quality night vision backup camera with 6 high intensity IR LEDs
  • 5 inch screen with touch screen operation
  • Auto displaying parking image when you engage the “R” gear
  • Motion detection for auto recording when it detects motion within 3 meters even when you vehicle is off
  • Easy to install and is OEM design

Auto Vox M6 is the newer model of previous Auto Vox M3 with the addition of motion detection feature, however slightly smaller screen size than M6. Click the link below for spec details and current price.

Click here to learn more details Auto Vox M6  

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