Top Rated Ip Security Camera System

When you have low budget for homes or small business security system, typically people looking for affordable top rated IP security camera system. The requirement of 4 channel camera system is appropriate for homes or small retail stores such as what I will present in this article Yimodo and A-Zone, however for more cameras you may consider 8 channel camera system.

Both kits DVR system are wired system with wired coaxial cable for connection, should you prefer wireless NVR system you may consider Top 5 8-channel wireless NVR system kit such as  OOSSXX, Zosi and Smonet 8 channel. They are categorized in top rated IP security camera system with wireless environment.

Top rated IP security camera system

There are lots of security camera vendors offering affordable 4 channel or 8 channel camera security systems which are currently receiving top rated in some online retail stores. 4 camera system is sometimes appropriate for homes you may place one camera at the porch, one at backyard and one at each right and left side of home.

For more cameras requirement you may consider 8 channel camera system such as best seller Funlux 8 channel NVR or Zmodo 8 channel wireless Camera system. The last two systems are NVR system instead of DVR.

Now, take two models of DVR system which are currently getting excellent customer rating in Amazon. Here are top rated IP camera security systems – Yimodo 4 channel and A-Zone 8 channel camera system kit.

Yimodo 4 Channel Kit

DVR system is very easy to deploy by using coaxial cable for connecting camera to DVR, no complicated IP address configuration for each of the connected camera. Yimodo 4 channel security camera kit consists of HD 1080p DVR system with pre-installed 1TB disk storage and 4x weatherproof outdoor bullet model day and night vision cameras with HD 720p resolution.  This Yimodo system kit receives very good rating in Amazon, one of top rated IP security camera systems in DVR 4 channel system kit.

To watch the connected video camera through DVR system you may connect to HDMI TV or VGA monitor and the good thing is that you can view live and playback video via mobile devices either iOS or Android based mobile.

Yimodo 4 channel – top rated camera system


  • HD 1080p Yimodo 4 channel DVR system with pre-installed 1TB disk storage
  • 4-in one DVR system which supports Analog, HD-TVI, CVI or AHD Camera
  • Video output via VGA or HDMI interface
  • Motion detection and push email alerts
  • Easy to remote setup with QR code scan using SgsEye Apps for Live View and Playback on Smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop
  • Customizable area for smart playback
  • Comes with 4x bullet model weatherproof outdoor 720p camera
  • All camera support night vision with 18 PCs IR LED range up to 115 ft (36 m)

Yimodo 4 channel camera system kit is up to Aug 2017 the price is tagged around $230.00, 4 channel 4-in one DVR system with 4x bullet model weatherproof outdoor cameras with 2000TVL resolution (720p).

Yimodo kit becomes one of top rated IP security camera system with excellent rating, one of best value camera system with 4 channel DVR. Click the link below for more detail information about the product including current rating, price.

A-Zone 8 channel

When 720p camera resolution is not appropriate to meet your home environment, you may consider higher resolution camera. A-Zone offers you various DVR camera system kits with higher resolution camera. A-Zone  offers 8 channel DVR security camera system kit comes with pre-installed 1TB storage with included 4x 1080p cameras. Or you may also consider the same model with 8x camera – A-Zone 8 channel AHD DVR system kit.

A-Zone 8 channel kit includes 8 channel 1080p DVR system and 4x cameras. This system is an advanced AHD (analog plus network HD) with DVR/ TVI/ NVR/ CVBS/ CVI 5-in one system to allow you produce clear image video quality.

All the included cameras are 2.0MP (1080p) resolution, day and night vision and well metal body constructed with IP67 weatherproof rated.

A-Zone 8 channel camera system kit


  • 1080p AHD 8 channel DVR system with preinstalled 1TB hard disk storage
  • Advanced AHD with 5-in one system (DVR/TVI/NVR/CVBS/CVI)
  • QR Code scan with P2P technology for easy remote view configuration by Android or iOS smart phones
  • VGA and HDMI interface
  • Preinstalled 1TB SATA disk, 1 SATA port up to 4TB HD storage
  • Support 1x panning and tilting camera
  • 4x bullet model IP67 weatherproof camera with 1080p HD resolution
  • Supports night vision with 36 IR LEDs and range up to 100 ft (33 m)
  • Motion detection and email alerts

When you compare with Yimodo as listed above you see that the included A-Zone cameras are higher resolution (1080p). A-Zone 8 channel kit is currently becoming one of top rated IP security camera system with affordable price, it is tagged with slightly higher price than Yimodo.

Click here for more detail A-Zone 8 channel kit

Both products are ideal for homes or retail shops with 4 cameras. With slightly more expensive price, A-Zone is more beneficial with more channel (8 channel) you can add more cameras later when required and higher resolution camera (1080p).

Reolink 8 Channel

Another reasonable price that becomes top rated IP security camera system you may consider is 8 channel Reolink surveillance system kits. You have found Yimodo and A Zone are 1080p NVR system kits, that’s should be enough but should you prefer higher resolution system with reasonable price you may consider Reolink RLK8-410 – an 8 channel 4MP security camera system. not just the NVR system is 4MP resolution but the included cameras are also 4MP outdoor POE cameras.

Reolink 8 channel 4MP NVR system

All the included cameras are built with solid aluminum casing and feel sturdy, ideal for outdoor placement.


  • 8 channel 4MP NVR system, Supports 4MP/3MP/1080p or 720p video live view or day and night recording
  • Built-in 8-port POE switch
  • VGA and HDMI video output
  • 1x SATA slot up to 4TB, preinstalled 2TB HD and e-SATA external port
  • 4x outdoor POE 4MP (2560x1440p) cameras @30 fps
  • 0mm lens with 80 degree field of view
  • WDR and 3DNR noise reduction

This product is tagged with reasonable price knowing that the NVR system with built-in POE switch, high 4MP resolution and the included 4MP cameras, this bundle becomes popular and one of top rated IP camera system in Amazon. You may also consider the best value 16 channel offer by Reolink.

To learn more spec details click here Reolink 8 channel NVR kits

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