Top Rated Keekon Wireless IP Cameras

People provide excellent rating is typically based on how good the performance and quality of the product and the bucks they spend to the product. When they are satisfied with the performance and quality while the price is reasonable, excellent rating is given. That works for Keekon wireless cameras, two models of Keekon camera become top rated wireless IP cameras in Amazon.

Keekon KK04-KK05

Two models of Keekon camera with 1080p recording resolution, KK04 and KK05 with slightly different housing model for indoor placement. Both camera offer night vision with 2 array of IR LEDs (KK05) or 10 PCs IR LEDs (KK04) to provide night vision range up to 26 ft (~8m).

Wide view angle

The CMOS image sensor is a little bit different in size, Keekon KK05 offers wider image sensor (1/2.7” 3.6mm) than KK04 (1/3” 3.6mm). Field of view angle is also slightly different, KK05 is 90 degree viewing angle while KK04 is 80 degree viewing angle. However both cameras offer the same resolution of 1920x1080p.


Like other competing products have been around in the market so far like NexGadget 1080p camera, or Amcrest IP2m-841, or Yi Home dome 1080p, Keekon wireless IP cameras come with PT (panning and tilting) capabilities. Both models is capable of panning up to 355 degree horizontal and tilting vertically up  to 90 degree.

 Remote view

Keekon offers easy to configure P2P technology remote view configuration with QR code scan to reduce complication of remote view configuration using your mobile devices.

Both models of Keekon wireless IP cameras are almost having the same features except couple of features as just discussed above.

Keekon KK04 wireless home camera

Keekon baby camera

  • Full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution
  • Wide field of view angle – 90 degree (KK05) / 80 degree (KK04)
  • Support night vision up to 8m (27ft) with 2x arrays of IR LEDs (KK05); 10 IR LEDs (KK04) with IR cut filter
  • Two way audio with built-in Mic and speaker
  • Infra red motion detection support with email alerts
  • Local storage with micro SD Card up to 64GB
  • Supports QR Code scan, P2P and PnP for easy setup and configuration
  • Wireless 802.11b/g/n with WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption

So far Keekon KK04 becomes one of best, top rated wireless IP cameras (with perfect 5.0 stars – Sep 2017) for home in Amazon retail stores. While KK05 is slightly lower rating (4.8 star).

Keekon KK05 1080p wifi camera

To learn more spec details, current price or purchase the product link in Amazon, click the link below:

Keekon wireless IP camera is one of best and top rated wireless IP cameras in Amazon with affordable price under $80. You may compare with any other popular under $100 wireless home camera.

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