Top Rated Wireless Fisheye IP Cameras

If you find in the office installed a business class fish eye camera such as Geovision to monitor the whole room 360 degree field of view, you’ll be surprised how crisp and sharp the image results is.

However you’ll find that the price of this business grade fish eye camera is very costly. Now you can find similar camera offered by Amazon in a reasonable price, while the quality is more than worth it’s price and is the good thing is that it becomes top rated IP cameras, top rated fisheye video camera in the market.

Fisheye video camera

For wireless outdoor cameras system with DVR system you better consider one of top rated wireless outdoor cameras kit with NVR. For wifi indoor you may try one of fisheye cameras as listed in the following paragraphs.

Most wireless fisheye video camera is easy to setup via your Android or iOS mobile devices using free app to allow you setup and monitor the live view and playback either local or remotely via internet when you’re away.

360 degree

Unlike bullet or dome model cameras in general which usually have wide field of view angle at most 130 degree such as Amcrest IP4M-1026W, fisheye camera can cover the whole room 360 degree panoramic view ideal for monitoring your baby or pets in homes or even in offices.

Top rated fisheye video cameras

Most top rated wireless home cameras come with two way audio you can talk in two direction via your mobile devices either local or remotely via the internet when you are on the go.

Now have a look at the following top 5 fisheye video camera products for homes or offices available in the market today.

1. Uokoo 960p Fisheye

The width of this round shape fisheye camera is around 2.8 inch with 1.3 inch thick, black or white color. It supports motion detection like other wireless home cameras or business grade POE outdoor dome security camera.

Resolution is 960p enough to view via your smart phone, motion detection is also supported and you can insert micro SD card for local memory for playback local or remotely. Customers appreciate this product, cheap and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with quality of the view.

Uokoo fiseye video camera
Uokoo fiseye video camera


  • 1/3 inch lens with 960p resolution fisheye 360 degree panoramic view
  • Supports night vision
  • Single band 2.4Ghz wifi
  • Two way audio supports
  • Motion detection up to 23 ft distance
  • Memory micro SD card slot available
  • Remote view with supplied mobile app

This Uokoo fisheye video camera product is affordable for home users, even some people are satisfied with quality instead of purchase more expensive Arlo Q Plus. This product is tagged with price as low as $60.00 in Amazon.

2. Samhity 960p Fisheye

Unlike Uokoo which is designed for indoor, Samhity fisheye video camera is built with solid housing construction with IP66 rated waterproof so you may place it outdoor that might be exposed to water drop.

The wifi connection is good and the image results is great as well. You will find the motion detection to work very well as soon as you install the memory card to store the recording, up to 64GB for maximum storage.

Samhity fisheye video camera
Samhity fisheye video camera


  • HD 720p resolution fisheye video camera
  • Supports night vision, 360 degree panoramic view
  • Single 2.4Ghz band wireless
  • Two way audio for two direction communication
  • TF Card memory storage available up to 64GB
  • Supports multi user platform for viewing
  • 254 compression format
  • Motion detection supports

This Samhity fisheye video camera is tagged with lower price about $50.00, very compact and light with great result. No wonder the customer rating is currently 4.9 out of 5 stars.

3. Clefilter 960p Fisheye

The last two products as listed above receive excellent customer rating with nearly perfect 5 stars (4.9), and the Clefilter doesn’t want to be left behind. Clefilter fisheye video camera is one of top rated wireless ip cameras in Amazon, so far it receives 5.0 star rating (Oct 2017).

Dome model hidden fisheye video camera
Dome model hidden fisheye video camera


  • HD 1280x960p fisheye video camera 360 panoramic view
  • 1/3” fisheye 960p @25 fps
  • Infrared night vision, automatically light on when dark
  • Built-in wireless module single 2.4GHz band
  • TF card storage up to 128GB for local recording storage, motion detection recording
  • Two direction communication with built-in Mic and speaker
  • E27 power port

Clefilter fisheye video camera is tagged with higher price than few models of similar cameras, setup is easy, quality and features are amazing and it works as advertised.

4. Ekir Fisheye Camera

When you find that all the above cameras are built with resolution of 960p, Ekir offers you higher resolution of full HD 1080p sharper and richer image detail than 720p or 960p cameras. The model is almost the same as other fisheye video camera products discussed earlier, ceiling mount for better view with 360 degree panoramic view.

So far up to 60 customers thank to the product, awesome camera, simple app to operate, great night vision, easy to control the camera direction and so forth. And the good thing is that all customers give 5 star rating.

Ekir 1080p fisheye video camera
Ekir 1080p fisheye video camera


  • High resolution full HD 1080p fisheye video camera
  • Excellent night vision with 360 panoramic view
  • Easy to operate using your mobile device
  • Two way audio communication with built-in Mic and speaker
  • Support SD Card slot for local storage
  • Motion detection

You may try this great and reasonable price products for homes or office. Customers all appreciate with the performance and result of the image.

5. Clefilter Bulb camera

Another fisheye product offered by Clefilter in the form of bulb camera. Both dome and bulb model cameras become top rated Clefilter fisheye video cameras in Amazon. The power port is also E27 with the light holder as well.

Clefilter bulb camera is like a hidden camera, it’s a day and night vision camera with motion detection and alerts. You will find it is easy to access, image detail is sharp with 860p resolution, the quality is also excellent as advertised.

Bulb IP camera - fisheye video camera
Bulb IP camera – fisheye video camera


  • HD 1280x920p resolution @25 fps with bulb model fisheye video camera
  • 4mm fixed lens 1/3” progressive scan CMOS
  • Very clear night vision with IR-Cut structure
  • Light adjustable
  • Two way audio with built-in mic and speaker
  • Remote view with 360 Eyes app, easy to access using mobile devices
  • E27 power port

Clefilter bulb model fisheye video camera becomes one of top rated wireless home IP camera you need to have a try with reasonable price.

Take one of these top rated wireless home security cameras for a try, a reasonable and affordable price you may try.

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