Top Rated Wireless IP Cameras for Homes

Currently there are few models of affordable home wireless IP cameras with high customer rated in some online stores.

Home cameras with top rated

Some of products with top rated IP cameras are introduced by new vendors including Kmeets, and Sotion.

Panning & Tilting

Mostly home wireless cameras are designed with dome model with panning and tilting capabilities and some of them with zooming capability (PTZ features). Combined together with the lens field of view angle, your camera provides endless 360 degree field of view angle covering the whole room.  The PTZ features are typically remotely viewed capable via mobile devices with free app.

This PTZ feature is similar with standard outdoor PTZ camera for businesses such as Imporx 30x auto tracking camera, however without the optical zoom feature. See also top 5 camera with optical zoom.



Home users prefers something with plug and play feature, easy to setup and connect to home internet network in place. Most home IP cameras are ready with either Ethernet or wifi connection. Wifi connection is preferred with easy to connect without wires and secured with latest wireless encryption.

  1. Wansview 1080P WiFi Camera

You might not hear this Wansview HD 1080p wifi camera, but you probably familiar with Amcrest, Foscam, Hikvision and still more. It is surprising that Wansview HD 1080p wireless home camera becomes one of best value, top rated wireless IP cameras which up to Jul 2018 receives 4.3 star out of 1,2k customers.

This camera is ideal for baby monitoring, pets, nanny or any indoor monitoring. You can control the panning and tilting via your mobile devices by sliding your phone screen like normally you work with your phone.

Wansview 1080p wireless PT camera (~$50)


  • High resolution of full HD 1080p wireless home camera @25 fps
  • Supports night vision with powerful IR LED light range up to 7m (20 ft)
  • Real time two way audio with built-in speaker and microphone
  • PTZ features with 350 degree panning and up to 76 degree tilting with 4x digital zoom
  • Smart motion detection and alarm
  • Memory micro SD card storage up to 128GB
  • Includes both wifi adapter and Ethernet port for connection to home network

This camera is tagged with affordable price of around $49.00 in Amazon and  the customer rating is excellent, 4.3 stars out of 1.2k reviewers.

Click here to learn more details Wansview 1080p camera

  1. SOTION 1080P

Another to rated wireless IP camera model is offered by Sotion. Sotion 1080p is high resolution cameras for home. It also supports two way audio with built-in speaker and mic. it’s a good look model like those desktop model wireless home cameras such as Amcrest IP3M-941 3MP wireless home camera or any other top 5 affordable under $100 wireless camera.

Sotion wifi camera comes with high resolution 1080p @25 fps with 90 degree field of view angle with the addition of panning capability of up to 355 degree horizontal and tilting up to 110 degree, you can cover almost the whole room.

Sotion 1080p wifi home camera


  • Wireless PTZ camera with 1080p @25 resolution
  • Field of view angle is 110 degree
  • Supports 5x digital zoom
  • Panning capability up to 355 degree and ranging 20~100 degree tilting
  • Advanced two way audio for two way communication
  • Supports night vision up to 30 ft (10m)
  • Intelligent motion detection and alert / alarm
  • Comes with free Sotion app for managing camera via mobile device local or remotely
  • Supports wireless security WPA/WPA2

Sotion 1080p wifi camera is currently tagged with higher price around $70.00 in Amazon and the good thing is that this camera becomes one of top rated wireless IP cameras in Amazon with 5.0 rated out of 60 reviewers for some times.

Click the link below for more description, current price and rating in Amazon.

Click here for Sotion camera

  1. Kamtron 1080p

Kamtron becomes one of top rated wireless IP cameras for homes with panning and tilting capability like those two models as discussed above. Kamtron 1080p wireless home camera is one of best and top rated wireless IP cameras in the market with above 4 customer rated in Amazon. like Kmeets and Sotion, Kamtron is full HD 1080p resolution wireless camera with fixed lens.

This product is also capable of delivering two way audio with stereo sound quality.  See that both Kamtron and Kmeets as well as Sotion offer the same features.

Kamtron 1080p wifi home camera


  • Wireless home camera with 1080p resolution @30 fps
  • Supports H.264 compression format
  • Fixed ¼” 3.6mm lens with 62 degree field of view angle
  • Panning up to 350 degree horizontal and up to 100 degree vertical you can control remotely via mobile devices
  • Night vision support with 1x Super IR LED with range up to 20 ft(6.8m)
  • QR Code scan support for remote view with free MIPC View app
  • Local storage micro SD Card memory up to 64GB
  • Two way audio supports with built-in speaker and microphone
  • Motion detection and alerts support

Currently this product receives high customer rated 4.3 out of 5 stars in Amazon and is tagged with $65 price almost the same price as other competing wireless home camera under $100 products such as Annke 1080p camera and NexGadget wireless 1080p camera.

 To learn more details click here for Kamtron 1080p camera

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